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Where to buy Kn95 masks?

In many countries including United states the K95 and KN95 masks are available in short supplies thanks to the sudden uproar caused by Covid 19. The leading consumers of these masks are usually healthcare workers including doctor and nurses who are brave enough to fight at the battle front against this pandemic.

Which is why, it’s important to understand why the preference in this case should be on their side as they’re more deserving of these masks as compared to the general public. Considering these circumstances, people are shifting towards make shift, homemade and surgical masks. But for those of you who can’t completely rely on these weak alternative, finding KN95 masks is becoming harder and harder as each day passes.

Where can you purchase them?

KN95 masks are glue free, odourless and have the ability to adjust according to the shape of your nose bridge. Moreover, these masks can filter 95% of airborne particles (0.3 micron) particles which is something that makes them better than usual surgical masks.

KN95 masks can be usually purchased from the neatest departmental store or pharmacy. No sort of prescriptions are required for the purchase. The catch here is that, several places near your locality might’ve already ran out if all the supplies by now. Ever since the whole quarantine situation picked up the pace, people actually started hoarding up masks inside their houses.

Now you might be asking why woukd someone do that? That’s because people will use this emergency situation to sell the masks on double or triple rate. Yes you’re thinking absolutely right, it’s a shameful and attrocious act of taking advantage of people’s needs and the harmful situation but you gotta do what you gotta do. So, if you plan on purchasing the masks after being disappointed by your nearest pharmacies, you can always purchase them online on shopping sites. Here are some website links that might redirect you. The delivery and shipment will obviously take some time soecially if you kive far away but you have to wait and there’s nothing that can be done about that.

The following sites are currently restocking or either have lots of stock, so it actually depends on your kuck whether you’d arrive at the right time or not. The links are as follows:

Why should you opt for KN95?

At present you might be thinking about purchasing these masks while have the Corona situation under perspective. The truth is that, these masks are so much more than that. KN95 masks possess 4 layers protection from pollution as well which is something that you can’t get by other masks. Furthermore, people with pollen or dust allergies can make great use out of these masks. So, not only are these masks an optimal solution against viruses, they’re powerful enough to tackle pollution as well.

Moreover, unlike some other specialized apparatuses, these masks are extremely lightweight. Offcourse you’ll be wearing them on your face so any sort of heavy material can cause discomfort through out the day. In addition to all this, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) actually backup the usage of N95 masks. According to recent updates, due to the lack of the production of these masks in the states and other countries, they’re being imported from China.

How to check authenticity of the mask?

Taking advantage of the situation several shopping sites and markets are selling dupes of the KN95 masks. This is completely attrocious as this act can be life threatening for people as these fake masks won’t be able to protect an individual. Moreover it’s a complete waste of time and money as well.

That’s why it’s important to check whether the mask you’re purchasing is actually upto the mark and real or not. The very first quality of a good kN95 mask is that when water is poured on it, it doesn’t let it pass on. How is this helpful you might be questioning yourself? The water resistant nature prevents cough droplets from passing from the outside to the inside.

Covid 19 is generally caused due to these infected droplets. Moreover, when a water resistant surface is present between your mouth and the outside world, you’ll be safe and sound from these infected droplets even when an infected person coughs around you. This in turn will prevent you from getting infected. A fake KN95 mask is bound to lack this quality, so you can easily find out whether you purchased the right thing or not.

Another way to test out is by checking the number of filter protection layers present inside the mask. Let’s assume you’ve purchased a set of these KN95 masks, you can cut through one of these via scissors and check whether it includes 5 protective interwoven layers or not. Fake masks usually don’t include repitatve layers as lower amount of money is usually spent on the production. The last and most effective way to ensure that you’re the using the right mask is by burning it. You can use a lighter for this purpose, try to light up a used mask. An authentic KN95 mask burns without creating any sort of flickers.

Once you purchase the masks, authentic providers will also provide you with details on the method of washing and utilizing the KN95 Mask inside the box. At present the only way to protect yourself from this pandemic is by enduring preventive measures. There is no sort of proper cure available but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take some steps to make sure that you’re preventing this virus from infecting you or your loved ones. Make sure that you’re maintaining safe distance from people and taking care of your hygeine. Don’t forget to utilize masks and gloves when you’re going out. These KN95 masks be harder to locate but not impossible to find.

We hope that this article might be enlightening enough for you in this regard.

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