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What Is the Difference Between Short Throw and Long Throw Projectors?

Difference Between Short Throw & Long Throw Projectors

As technology is advancing, we can see new and amazing things becoming a part of the everyday life of people. One of such technologies, is widely used amongst the people, is a projector.

Be it a home or the office; these projectors are getting widely popular amongst the users. As there are several options available in terms of their usability, the customers purchase them instantly.

However, even though they are so widely used, people rarely know the difference between short throw and long throw projectors. They are not aware of the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages that these two different types of projectors come with.

If you are one of them, do not worry as this article will let you know what the distinction between these two kinds of projectors is:

Before understanding the difference between these two projectors, you need to know what throw distance means. By throw distance, an area that is covered by the light in traveling from the lens of the projector towards the surface of the display.

Mostly, this distance, as covered by the light, is around ten feet. Thus, as a standard, the throw distance is that of 10 feet. On the other hand, for the shorter ones, the distance covered by the light is half of the standard.

What Does Long Throw Projector Mean?

The typical long throw projects are undoubtedly the most common ones amongst the customers. Being the standard ones, they are preferred over other options. The long throw projectors require longer distances to create an image. Mostly, a range of around eight to ten feet is typically needed for this project to create a standard image.

On the other hand, they are incredibly affordable as well as resourceful. The fact that you can utilize them both in the offices as well as in your own homes makes them even more relevant and sought after. However, that one thing that might bug you is the formation of shadows that occurs as soon as any person walks in the space that is between the screen and the projector.

What to consider while buying it?

Long throw projectors come in a comparatively smaller price tag compared to the short throw projector. You can buy these projectors, quite easily, within a price range of 100$ as these projectors under $100 are readily available in the market.

People who have vast spaces to manage, they can get these projectors employed, and it will work well to display the image. For a small space, this projector might not be the right option to go for.

Projector Screen Paint and your projector

Ensuring that you choose the right kind of Projector Screen Paint is necessary as it will alleviate your pleasure of using the projector. Selecting the ones with the optical coating will add to the reflective properties of the screen.

Thus, you will be able to see the image in a much better manner. The paint depends on the size of your projector, and that further depends on the amount of distance you need to cover between the projector and the main screen.

What Does short Throw Projector Mean?

Compared to the long throw projectors, the short throw ones are required to be brought closer to the screen where the image is to be displaced. Along with that, the presenter also needs to come in close contact with the screen to have a clear picture.

The most suitable place for this projector to work is a small classroom or a presentation hall, where the distance between the projector and screen is quite less. To create a standard image of 100’’, it is necessary to keep the length as short as four feet. Only then will you be able to observe a clear vision on the screen.

A projector doesn’t always have to be super expensive and end up breaking your bank. There are times when you can land up with a cheap projector, which would work equally well as a costly projector would. By conducting a little research, it is possible to find out the projectors that would perform amazingly well in just a small amount of money.

How does it work?

The short throw projectors are quite convenient because they can put on show images, quite prominent in sizes, even from a minimal distance. Therefore, if you have a small space to arrange your projector, you can do it quite easily with the help of the short throw one. The ratio of image formation that these projectors come with is 0.38:1.

Reduced distance

Mostly, some of the cheapest 4K projectors display the image conveniently from the range of 4 feet. However, if you add to your budget and put in some more money, you can quickly get a projector that would display an equally amazing image within the distance of a mere 2 feet.

Isn’t that amazing? This means that, within a very confined space, you can display the image as conveniently as it gets. However, the shorter the distance, the more would be the cost. For a projector that would show the image in two feet, you may have to pay around 500 dollars or so for it.

Who should have it?

Educational institutions mostly have a rundown when it comes to managing a budget. They have to keep hogging for a fair deal for their equipment. As the short throw projectors require a low-level installation cost, most of the educational institutions go for it. Along with this, the lack of spacious halls also inclines them towards buying these projectors under $1000.

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