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What is DLP Projector?


DLP projector is among the type of projectors. Going into history, the first DLP-based projection system was developed by Texas Instruments and introduced by Digital Project Ltd in 1997.

“Digital Light Processing” abbreviation is DLP and the picture is created by reflecting light off a chip that has million small mirrors attached to it. The chip used in this process is referred to as the “Digital Micro-mirror Device”.


DLP technology can be incorporated in a number of video display formats but primarily in video projection systems. The following mechanism is used to transfer DLP engineering images to a screen:

This projector uses a lamp, and the light from it passes by a color wheel that is revolving. It then reflects off a single chip that incorporates micro-sized tilt mirror panels. In the end, the lighted patterns pass via the lens as well as the screen.

The DMD Chip

The DMD is a chip designed so that each pixel has a reflecting mirror. It ensures that there are 1-2 million micro mirrors per DMD and the size of the screen and the way in which the frequency of the mirror tilt is handled. In this step, a high contrast basis for the image is generated.

Later, the color will be applied as the light travels through the rotating color wheel at high speed, the color wheel, and the light source will be reflected off the micro spindle on the DLP chip.

The color arrangement of the projected image is calculated by each micro-mirror, which is connected with a quick color wheel. The reflected light reflects off the micro-mirrors and transmits it onto a big screen for display through a lens.

3-Chip DLP

3-Chip DLPDLPs also use a different DLP chip for each key feature in the home theater or other cinema. This model does not include the rotating color wheel.

The illumination of a source is transferred rather than the colored wheel via a lens generating a stream of red, blue, and green light simultaneously. Subsequently, the separated light sources are projected on each of the color chips and mirrored on the screen. This technique, as opposed to the color wheel process, is rather expensive, so it is hardly available to the general public.

LED and Laser

DLP engineering is expensive, which suggests that it is not appropriate for many customers. There are cheaper options that can be easily used & on top of it. They avoid the use of a rotating color wheel.

Therefore, one of these methods is the LED light supply. Color philters can be used to isolate each colour with the assistance of LEDs. By using this option, you won’t be needing a colour wheel, and on top of it, it generates less heat and consumes less fuel.

Advantages of DLP Projector

After getting all the information about DLP and its types and how they differ for one another, we have the proper knowledge to know what kind of DLP projector we want, and now we will come to the advantages of buying a DLP projector.

There are a lot of factors that a buyer should keep in mind before buying a projector. Someone is looking to find a projector among the list of best projectors for business presentations. But on the contrary, some people are going through articles that provide information about the cheapest 4k projectors.

Coming to the DLP projectors, they have both Best Projectors For Business Presentations and also have the cheapest 4k projectors. So everyone can find whatever they are looking for.

The following are the advantages of DLP projectors.

Sealed Chip

The DLP projectors have sealed chips that help eliminate the possibility of damaging the imaging plate from dust particles. So you won’t have to worry about cleaning the air filter to remove dust spots on the panels.

Some companies represent a DLP projector as a maintenance-free product other than the occasional lamp change and a dusting of the case and lens. Which to be honest is not that big of a deal or difficult to do.

Unique design

The single-chip design has a unique advantage over all other types of the projector. Since there is only one imagining chip, convergence problems, other projectors are device aligned for information of each pixel, but in DLP, there isn’t anything to go out of alignment.

Contrast advantages

DLP is the best projector for business presentations. They have a much higher Full On/Off contrast rating than other types of projectors. So basically, whatever you watch with the help of a DLP projector is quite sharp and enhances the quality of the video that makes it more clear and less straining for your eyes.

Exceptional DLP Image Quality

DLP display technology combines accurate, long-lasting color with high contrast ratios. Whenever you go to watch any movie in the movie theater, the projector used in those theaters uses the DLP technology for Digital Projection.

Crystal Clear Images

The fast speed of the micro mirrors sets DLP display technology apart and is at the heart of what delivers bright, colorful, and crisp pictures and text.

Amazing brightness

DLP technology is used in projectors that display up to 60,000 lumen s. Higher brightness DLP systems are great for large displays and help prevent images from being washed out.

Long-Lasting Image Quality

You might think that all projectors, after some time, may have degradation in their image quality. This does happen in other types of projectors, but you won’t have to worry about it if you buy a DLP projector. So when DLP chips are used over a long period of time, the chips do not degrade, so image quality isn’t affected.


I have mentioned the types of DLP projectors so you can understand it better. Afterward, I have written the advantages of DLP projector, so when you end up buying it, you know what you should expect and look forward to. I hope you find the article helpful because that is all I want. Good Luck!

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