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Klipsch R-15M Review

Klipsch R-15M
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Since 1946 when it was formed, the German company Klipsch Audio has been among the forerunners of the sound equipment industry. They are considered as big competitors in the speaker market.

Nowadays, space is money, and the price of most luxuries increase as the size of said luxury decreases making it more convenient to use.

The Klipsch Audio R-15m bookshelf speakers offer a great low-cost product that is compact, yet powerful enough to satisfy audiophiles. So, let’s go deeper into the review.


Klipsch Audio never compromises on design. The R-15m bookshelf speaker flaunts the signature Klipsch black and copper look.

The external body is a veneer cabinet that encloses the pair. Though the black polymer on the exterior can scuff, this virtually never happens, as the type of wood used hides imperfections with ease.

The r-15m model features a more upright design and one that can fit in a narrow space if necessary, because of its size. With dimensions of 8.2 x 12 inches and at just 10 pounds, it is one of the sets of speakers that can be moved more swiftly.

The front has the signature Klipsch logo adorning the top and the rear sparkles due to the 5.25-inch woofers.

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IMG Woofer: The Injection Molded Graphite or IMG woofer, is a component designed to give the R-15m an outstanding low-frequency response with minimal cone breakup, giving the bass response of the speaker a deeper angle.

The bass becomes noticeable while it keeps a fine balance with sound clarity. This module is perfect for shelf speakers, where sound quality and clarity are imperative.

The size of the woofer is 5.25-inch on each speaker, which gives the user more bass than one could get in a speaker of these specs.

LTS Tweeter: The Linear Travel Suspension tweeter made by Kapton industries embedded into the Klipsch r-15m for a more enhanced, detailed volume performance.

These tweeters are homogenous throughout all Klipsch speakers and give them their signature natural sound.

This tweeter, coupled with the IMG woofers, produce a bass-enriched, stable sound that accommodates extreme high and low volumes — making it perfect for its intended audiophilic user base.

Rear Port: There are two back-firing ports placed dynamically on the back of the speakers to reduce vibration, turbulence and in turn making the set more stable and dynamic.

Tractrix Horn: The R-15m also features the trademark Klipsch Tractrix horn. This improves the speaker’s acoustics and gives balance to the sound. This acoustic tech is used to enhance the natural sound; it is an essential element of the Klipsch sound signature.


Affordable price tags occasionally give an improper first impression in respect to sound quality, and the Klipsch r-15m is proof of that because its abilities far exceed its drawbacks.

The Klipsch R-15m proudly carries a price tag of around $150. The price factors as a big selling point for the R-15m, as it gives excellent specs for a reasonably low price.

The speakers, for the specs given fall in the more reasonable end of the spectrum in the field of world-renowned audio. Klipsch audio keeps its promise of providing amazing speakers at affordable prices.


  • The set is a solid piece of audio technology, with a powerful output, a good bass response.
  • The 5.35-inch woofers provide a very good bass and are good with low frequency volumes.
  • The LTS tweeter provides a loud sound response while complimenting the bass provided by the IMG woofers.
  • The two components are complimentary and give the speaker its versatile sound response.
  • The R-15m has a distinct clarity in its sound even on high bass volumes.
  • The speaks has a deep bass response while having clear highs.
  • If you’re looking into this as an enhancement to your Klipsch ecosystem, this is definitely the best.
  • Durability is a given when one invests in a set of Klipsch speakers, and the R15-m makes good on the promise.
  • The speakers have a long-lasting build, so they make a good long-term investment.


  • Connectivity options are not available in the R-15m.
  • Essential connectivity compatibility such as Bluetooth or NFC is something the R-15m lacks in.
  • Occasionally requires sound to be turned higher than normal for clarity. Because of the large woofers.
  • The low sound range sacrifices clarity for bass, which is a fundamental flaw in this model.
  • The speakers are good for only small-scale rooms, the larger the size of the room gets, the acoustics of the speaker drop.
  • The speaker does not have inherent amplification, so an external amplifier is required for a better output.
Klipsch R-15M

What’s in the Box

  • 2 Bookshelf loudspeakers
  • 2 Detachable grills
  • 8 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • A dual RCA cable to connect the two speakers
  • User Manual
  • Warranty sheet


The Klipsch R-15m is a well-rounded product by the Klipsch Audio company. Yes, it is true that the speaker lacks in a few regions, the low volume clarity is a valid issue, but the speaker makes up for it in every other aspect.

The bold black and copper design and its size allow the R-15m to blend into most settings as per a customer’s requirement. The mastery in sound, and versatility in frequency response is something not many speakers offer.

The larger than normal woofers produce a very soothing bass and the solid overall sound performance overshadows the problems in the system. The price tag attached to the specs is a point that adds to why the Klipsch R-15m is the best bookshelf speaker in its specs range.

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