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Klipsch R-14M Review

Klipsch R-14M
What We Like?
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IMG Woofer

The Injection Molded Graphite or IMG woofer is a component designed to give the R-14m an outstanding low-frequency response with minimal cone breakup and distortion, giving the bass response of the speaker a deeper angle.

The bass becomes noticeable while it keeps a delicate balance with sound clarity. This module is perfect for shelf speakers, where sound quality and clarity are imperative.

LTS Tweeter

The Linear Travel Suspension tweeter made by Kapton industries embedded into the Klipsch r-14m has been added to improve high volume response while it minimizes distortion for a more enhanced, detailed performance.

These tweeters are homogenous throughout all Klipsch speakers and give them their signature natural sound. This tweeter, coupled with the IMG woofers, produce a balanced sound output, which is bass-enriched, stable, and accommodates extreme high and low volumes — making it perfect for its intended user base.

Rear Port

The back-firing ports are placed dynamically on the back of the speakers to reduce vibration, turbulence and in turn, increase the stability of the system.

The 4-inch twin woofers produce a fair amount of movement, and this port helps keep the speakers in place even at very low frequencies.

Tractrix Horn

The speaker also features the trademark Klipsch Tractrix horn. This improves the speaker’s acoustics and gives balance to the sound. This acoustic enhancing technology is used by Klipsch audio to enhance the natural sound; it is an essential element of their sound signature.


One of the key points of selling of the Klipsch r14-m is its affordability. For the specifications it provides, a $100 price tag seems very neat. Most speakers in this price range are smaller and with much less attention to sound quality.


Due to its design and aesthetic superiority, it definitely becomes a major contender in the market.
Klipsch is famous for its sound more than aesthetics, so the overall sound is the best in this market range.
This bookshelf speaker gives the punch of a powerful speaker in a small casing.
The sound range is very versatile, catering to all sorts of preferences when it comes to quality and balance.
The r14-m has a distinct clarity in its sound even on high bass volumes.
The r14-m are compatible with all other Klipsch audio systems.
These speakers become a good investment because of the time they give you.
The pricing aspect of the r14-m is always an added advantage as it gives the user access to a high-quality sound.


They are only suitable for small or mid-sized rooms.
There is not a lot of modification you can do to the looks.
However sleek they may be, users might demand more on design.
The Klipsch r14-m does not support Bluetooth connectivity.
NFC is also subsequently not supported.
Audio amplification. True audiophiles prefer an inbuilt amplifier, to enhance and modify sound frequency levels. This is also not included in this model and is required separately.

Klipsch R-14M


While it might be true that there are some things the Klipsch r14-m lacks in some minor areas, it wins overall. Its sleek design and portable size allow it to fit into any setting a customer might have the size having a significant role in this.

Its mastery in sound gives it an edge over most competitors, the soothing bass and loud volume response give it that edge, and for the price tag, it proudly claims the r14-m can easily be called the best bookshelf speakers, and a must buy for entry level and experienced audiophiles.

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