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Klipsch KHO 7 Review

Klipsch KHO 7 Review
Klipsch KHO 7
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The German Company, Klipsch has never compromised on the design of its devices, and the Klipsch KHO 7 is no less. The device has been made keeping weather durability in mind. This outdoor speaker comes with features which ensure that it will stay in great condition throughout its usage.

On the front of the speaker, pair has mounted a grille made up of aluminum which is rustproof to ensure that it can withstand even the harshest of weather. This grille is also UV resistant.

The body of the Klipsch KHO 7 is made up of ABS cabinet in the color white. It is also made of good quality material to make sure this outdoor speaker outperforms all others out there in the market. The outer body is also paintable if you want to make it blend with where you are mounting it up.

The Klipsch KHO 7 has been designed not just to perform well when generating sound but also to look good where it is to be mounted.

The pair has been made in such a manner so that it is stylish and blends in well unlike other outdoor speakers found in this price range.


The following are the features for the Klipsch KHO 7 speakers

Easy to use and install: The Klipsch KHO 7 is easy to mount and can be securely attached to any outdoor surface. The C-bracket added in the package box allows further ease. The C-bracket is made up of rustproof aluminum.

Attach the bracket to the area decided using wooden screws and then attach the Klipsch KHO 7 with the nuts included. This allows a secure hold, and it helps prevent any instability or shifting over time.

Tractrix Horn Technology: The trademark of the German company, Klipsch is the Tractrix Horn. This technology has brought high proficiency when producing sound. The sound which is generated has low distortion and great dynamics, which is a great bonus.

The 90 by 40-degree Tractrix Horn technology in the Klipsch KHO efficiency and detail in the sound produced by the speakers.
Durable in all weather: The Klipsch KHO 7 comes with an ABS cabinet which is UV resistant and is also rustproof.

The grille and hardware are made up of rustproof aluminum. This helps it withstand any hard seasons and conditions as well as generates excellent sound throughout the year.

Excellent sound system: The woofer attached in the speaker is a 5.25 inches’ poly cone. Along with this a Tractrix horn 1-inch silk dome compression driver is also attached.

These both features ensure that the sound produced is of exceptional quality for outdoor use as the same great principles as Klipsch’s home theater and cinema speakers.

Warranty: The device comes with a warranty which lasts five years. This is unlike others found with this price tag as this is a mid-range device. The warranty is a bonus on top of an already exceptional device.

The price tag attached to the speaker is of mid-range, and it is an excellent price for the features that are included in these speakers. These features cannot be found in other speakers found with this price.

Most of the customers found these speakers to be an excellent investment for them and have given the German speakers a 5 out of 5 stars.


The Klipsch KHO 7 comes with a warranty of five years
The speakers are weather resistant
The device comes with the company’s trademark Tractrix Horn technology
The sound is produced with low distortion
The KHO 7 is easy to install anywhere
The outer covering of the speakers is paintable


The Klipsch KHO 7 is found to get rust on its grille when installing in coastal areas
The sound generated by the German speakers is found to not be of wide high or low range
The customer care is not very helpful
The speaker is found to be larger than most outdoor speakers
Not as much bass produced when compared to others

Klipsch KHO 7 Review
Klipsch KHO 7

Buying Guide

  • A c-bracket is included to mount the speakers easily
  • A user manual
  • A pair of speakers
  • Some wooden screws
  • A set of nuts and bolts


The verdict of this Klipsch KHO 7 review is that the device pair is a great buy. A great outdoor speaker is rarely found with this price tag. The features available on the device pair is unlike any other found.

The speakers are easy to install and use. The outdoor speakers provide excellent quality performance to the price attached. The Klipsch Company has utilized exceptional features in their outdoor speakers, which are also found in their home theaters. This pair is worth your investment and worth you digging deep into your pockets.

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