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Klipsch AW 650 Review – Indoor & Outdoor Speakers

Klipsch AW 650 Review
Klipsch AW 650 Review
What We Like?
What we don’t like


In the looks department, this model of Klipsch most definitely lacks. Although the UV resistant ABS enclosure and rustproof aluminum grill are very durable, they are nowhere as slick and aesthetically pleasing as most high-end speakers.

Klipsch has however tried to cover for that by making the enclosure paintable which can improve the stylistic prospects of the speaker by allowing it to compliment your home décor.

This setup and design make it weigh more than speakers that are of the same type, for example, Polk’s speakers, which ends up becoming another stylistic downside to the AW-650.

With the dimensions of 15 inches H x 9.5 inches W x 11 inches D and a weight of 9 lbs, it’s a comparatively larger speaker.


What sets apart the good and average speakers is not their design, instead of their specifications and sound quality. So let’s move on to the features section of this Klipsch outdoor speakers review.

Titanium Dome Tweeter

It is equipped with a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter that is connected to a 90 degree by 90-degree square Tractrix horn. This allows the AW-650 to produce clean, clear, and crisp highs.

Simultaneously this also allows it to produce a broad frequency response which ranges from 70Hz to 20 kHz with a sensitivity of 95db. One of the primary reasons behind the amazing sound quality of the Klipsch outdoor speakers AW650 is its tweeter and horn.

IMG Woofer

An Injection Molded Graphite or IMG Woofer is pretty much standard in any good shelf speaker at this point. The purpose of this woofer is to offer a low frequency and a reduced cone breakup.

With 6.5-inch IMG woofers that deliver 340 watts of maximum power, the AW-650 is one of the most powerful shelf speakers around. Due to the IMG woofer, it can project a complete range of bass that will envelop your outdoor area. This increase in the range of bass doesn’t affect how natural the sound is.

All Weather Enclosure

One of the redeeming qualities of the Klipsch AW650 outdoor speakers is its UV Resistant ABS enclosure. Apart from the paintable nature of the enclosure, it is also built to sustain all weathers.

This combined with its non-corrosive grille and an easy draining input cup, these speakers are designed to withstand harsh environments.

Their durability has been tested, and you can rest assured if you decide to buy these speakers as they will withstand all weathers, whether it be the monsoon rains and freezing temperatures or scorching heat of the sun and humidity.

C-Style Mounting Bracket

Equipped with a heavy gauge zinc C-style mounting bracket, the AW-650 can be mounted anywhere outdoor. This improves the accessibility of the speaker as it allows for you to mount it wherever you get the best audio experience from.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Adding to the already ridiculously high durability of this speaker is its hardware is made of stainless steel which offers corrosion resistance as well as added strength. The lifetime warranty this speaker gives you sounds very believable when you assess its features.


If you contrast the price of this speaker with its sound quality and overall advantages, it would seem very reasonable. Depending on the seller you are buying from the price may however fluctuate. On Amazon however, the AW-650 is available for 300$ which is just considering the quality of these speakers.


25 Inch IMG Woofers allows for a drastically increased range of bass which is perfect.
Titanium Dome Tweeter and Tractrix tweeter that ensures clean and clear highs.
Durability that it’s UV Resistant enclosure and non-corrosive grille provides is astonishingly amazing.
Lifetime Warranty which is always a big plus point for any product.
Can be mounted anywhere with its easy to use mounting bracket.


AW650 is its design which is gaudy and simply not aesthetically pleasing.
It is a comparatively heavier shelf speaker, weighing 9 pounds.

Klipsch AW 650 Review
Klipsch AW 650

What is in the box?

  • 2 Black all-weather speakers.
  • 2 Aluminum grilles.
  • 2 Mounting brackets (Installed).
  • 4 Bracket knobs (Installed).
  • 4 Nylock nuts.
  • Owner’s Manual.
  • Product Registration Card.
  • Lock nut information.


The verdict of this critical Klipsch AW-650 review is in favor of said speaker by a long shot. Not only does the AW-650 offer a sound quality to die for, but it also combines that with extremely high durability.

This means that if you choose to invest in this speaker, not only will you get to enjoy clean and crisp sounds that sound natural to the ear, you will also be able to enjoy that for a long time. For most people, sound quality is the most important factor to consider and not the aesthetical characteristics of a speaker.

This speaker is perfect for those people as although it scores low when it comes to style; it more than makes up for it in the sound quality department. Due to this the AW-650 is also sometimes considered as the best Klipsch speaker, which is a feat considering the immense quality of Klipsch speakers.

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