Optoma HD142x Projector Review 1080p Home Theater

Brilliant colors, fantastic display, a larger view, and crystal clear sound, the new Optoma hd142x throw distance will make you own one right away.

Optoma HD142x Review 1080p Home Theater Projector

Making it an extremely affordable choice for people who wish to elevate their home viewing experience within a limited budget. With this in your house, you will drift away in an experience that is beyond brilliance and wonder.

The Optoma hd142x has been designed with state-of-the-art technology so that at every step of the way, you get to enjoy your favorite stuff without resistance. Non-stop fun all the way!

Optoma HD142X

This advanced projector is the best alternative to an expensive home theater. Not only is it priced low but carries features that are if not better than equally brilliant to that of a complete home theater.

The Optoma hd142x throw distance ratio has been measured to be around 1.48-1.62:1, which is great for equipment available at such low price.

This advanced product has been crafted with great technique to ensure the users n get maximum benefit out of it without having to spend “a lot” on expensive home equipment.

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  • Bright colors and larger than life display for increased viewer satisfaction.
  • Integrated 10W speaker for crystal sound for an experience even better than the home theater.
  • Supports 3D content for more fabulous fun and entertainment. Put on your 3G glasses and be amazed by the wonders it creates.
  • The Bright mode makes viewing convenient and comfortable in broad, so you get to relish your favorite movie or TV series in the day time too.
  • The larger screen supports the native resolution of 1920×1080, delivering quality image without distorting pixels and colors.
  • The MHL connectivity widens the scope of connecting it to various devices, making it live streaming easy and comfortable.
  • Lightweight and portable and so can be carried around conveniently.
  • Easy to install and use.



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  • May cause rainbow effect during viewing which can decrease the entire home viewing experience.
  • No lens shift technology.




For a much clearer view on what this Optomo hd142x projector inhibits, let’s shed some light on it specifications that will blow your mind away.


Measuring at 3.7×11.7×9 inches, this projector may not be as lightweight as one would expect it to be but is easy to carry around.

The portable design allows you to mount it in your favorite corners and sit back to be entertained from your favorite series. This projector may be annoying to look at but comes packed with some fabulous features.

The connectivity ports at the back give you a great range of connectivity options, making online streaming fun and easy. Also, the addition of a USB port allows the users to put in their device and watch their favorite shows without a hassle.

The Optoma hd142x may not be as good looking as other projectors, but the features make it a worthy purchase.

Settings and User Interface

What makes Optome hd142s better than the other models? The addition of new characteristics and parameters is what makes it stand out amongst the rest.

Now you can very comfortably manage the brightness, contrast, and picture settings from a single menu. Just switch to the mode of your choice and choose a configuration as per your requirement without any difficulty.

Also, the four-corner keystones allow you to adjust the image the traditional way and select a different viewing mode, including cinema, gaming, sRGB, and reference, which significantly enhances your viewing experience.

Brightness/ Picture Quality

For a projector priced so low, the picture quality that it offers is commendable. It supports a native resolution up to 1920x1080p without distorting the image, so all you get is a clear, crisp, and bright picture.

Also, it comes embedded with the latest DLP technology and lamp that can work up to 5,000 hours, ensuring excellent quality picture every time.

The brightness of 3,000 ANSI Lumens and a contrast ratio of 23,000:1 allows better viewing, more magnificent colors specs, and comfortable viewing so no matter how long you use it, your eyes won’t hurt.

Gaming Performance

What more could a gamer ask for than a larger screen with amazing colors? A display that supports high resolution, delivering perfect images, bright colors, and hassle-free viewing? The Optoma hd142x is every gamer’s dream come true.

Fitted inside, the lens works up to 5,000 hours without overheating, so all you get is a chance to enjoy your games without any hindrance or pauses. Sound great, right?

Noise and Heat

While watching our favorite movie, we hardly noticed any sound coming out of this advanced machine and got to enjoy our favorite stuff in complete peace and calm.

Less noise and the low heating base are what makes this projector excel from its competition. The fan when switched on barely creates any sound and the latest technology that was used in crafting this fabulous electronic apparatus ensure there is no over-heating, so you can use it for a more extended period and be entertained form your favorite shows non-stop.


Although the Optoma hd142x projector comes with a built-in 10W speaker, which gives an impression of delivering loud music, it fails to do so.

In most cases, the sound produced by the speaker was not very clear and convincing; hence, one might consider buying an external speaker if they wish to gain perfect sound next time.


Affordable with promised quality, the Optoma hd142x projector is packed with an array of beautiful features where each characteristic stands out to make it even a better choice for people with a limited budget.

The black beauty may not be created to look appealing and friendly, but when it comes down to performance, it surely delivers bang on!


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