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Optoma HD143x Review 1080p, 3000 Lumens, 3D Support & more

Optoma HD143X
Optoma HD143x

Optoma HD143x Review 1080p

The Optoma hd143x throw distance is set to travel afar so no matter where are you seated, you now get to enjoy your favorite games and series on the bigger screen. It may look like any other ordinary projector serving purposes, but perhaps you are in for a big shock!

The Optoma hd143x is a versatile projector that has been intelligently crafted to enhance the home viewing experience. This lightweight projector can easily be carried to a friend’s place and plugged-in with your gaming console for fun and entertainment.

The 3D technology takes you on a journey of virtual reality with bright, sharp colors adding more life to the images. The Optoma hd143x throw distance is commendable which allows you to keep a watch on the screen from afar, without experience any distortion or blurred picture.

This projector has a good lag time which ensures you are kept entertained for longer without any hindrance and disturbance.


Sleekly designed and presented in a jet black shade to impress, this lightweight projector is a complete package for home entertaining, catering to your needs of playing games and watching movies.

The Optoma hd143x is portable and comes with various connectivity portals, allowing you to quickly connect it to your desired device and enjoy fast streaming.

The design makes it easy to mount in walls or place on the floor, beautifully blending in well with the surrounding. This one is undoubtedly an outstanding choice!

Display Technology

This newest model of Optoma is embedded with DLP technology that ensures deliverance of quality picture, sharp colors, higher contrast, and high pixels. The picture quality is spot on and supports higher resolution images with distorting the pixels.

Brightness/Picture Quality

A projector priced so low. Trusting it with class and performance is difficult. But the Optoma hd143x has proved to defy all odds with delivering fantastic performance every time. With a brightness of 3,000 Lumens, the viewers are promised to get picture quality that is sharp, clear as crystal and extremely bright.

Even in a room lit with light, you will still be able to enjoy high-quality images. Hence, entertainment is promised each time you put on your favorite show!

Installation and Setting

The Optoma hd143x comes with comfortable keystone setting which can only be found on expensive projectors. This projector tries its best to offer its user the best features at a minimum price.

Also, you have the option to adjust the 3D as per your requirement, which includes changing the color and brightness mode as you would prefer. What makes it even better is that this lightweight and the easily portable projector can be installed with ease.

The user manual is super simple to understand and has no fancy ports to get confused with. Choose a place of your preference and plug it in.

Gaming Performance

For all the hard-core gamers out there, this project is one for you. With a screen that supports 3D, delivers a picture that is super clear and sharp with high contrast, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. It comes with a grand lag time up to 16.4 ms, which means play as many games as you like, without any interruption or fear of over-heating this gadget.

Noise and Heat

Optoma hd143x has been instilled with advanced heating technology which ensures that even after hours of usage, the projector remains cool. Also, the fan inside makes the least noise when switched on, providing you an opportunity to enjoy your movies and games in complete peace.



The 10W built-in speaker is alone good enough to fill a small room with loud music. If you wish to pump up the surrounding with stronger bass and higher sound, you’d want to bring in an external speaker for just that extra thud and noise.

For smaller rooms and inside use, the built-in speakers do a great job but, if you are looking forward to setting it up in your backyard, you would want to purchase an external speaker as well!


As compared to other projectors out there, this one is worth the purchase. Why? The Optoma hd143x has been created with some fabulous features that not only make it great for business use but a fantastic alternative for expensive home theatre and gaming screens.

From hard-core gamers to movie lovers, this one electronic equipment can satisfy a complete family with varying preferences. The colors are bright, contrast is sharp, and the screen is wide, the best qualities you would want to have in a projector that is economical and promises spectacular, long-lasting performance!

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