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Difference Between N95 Masks vs KN95 Masks

These days due to the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus, the use of a face mask has become a necessity for everyone. It is one of the prime safety precautions against COVID-19. Coronavirus is a respiratory disorder and mainly spread with the respiratory droplets present in your cough and sputum. Wearing a face mask helps to safeguard your body from different viruses present in the air.

Coronavirus normally enters your body from mouth or nose, wearing a protective face mask like N95 or KN95 helps to provide a safety barrier for your mouth and nose and shields you from various infectious microbes and viruses. Both of these masks work effectively against viruses. Here we are going to look through a comparison between two of the top safety face masks available in the market right now to enable you in choosing the right face mask.


Both of these masks, kn95, and n95 are composed of highly durable material that offers thickness and protection against viruses. Talking about the kn95 mask, it is equipped with four layers of active carbon fibers. These carbon fibers are easily replaceable. These masks offer layers of filtration to enable users to breathe purified air.

Whereas the n95 mask is made up of completely thermoplastic polyester material. It is very lightweight and does not contain any rubber elements, unlike kn95. N95 has a very close facial fit and offers efficient air filtration. Both of these masks are composed of lightweight fabric. So they are easy to wear in the outdoors and you can carry them anywhere you want.

Air filtration

Kn95 has carbon fiber layers present inside the polyester lining. These layers of carbon fiber act as a filtration unit and guarantee purely filtered air inside your lungs. All the microbes and bacteria are washed off after entering the mask. N95 on the other hand also has activated carbon filtration technology that masks off harmful viruses from the polluted air and lets you breathe in filtered and clean air that clears the risks of various diseases.

Exhalation valve

N95 masks can also be called a breath valve as these masks are equipped with an exhalation valve that helps to maintain proper airflow from mouth to lungs. Kn95 mask, on the other hand, is an airinium urban air mask that has a 0.3-micrometer diameter. This thin layer is highly effective in air filtration and in maintaining smooth airflow to your lungs.


N95 offers a two-strap design with dual attachments that help to provide a secure seal. It has a lightweight built that helps to increase the wear time. It has an advanced electrostatic composition that helps to ease up the breathing process. It also has a foam cushioning present at the nose area to offer comfort and protection. On the other hand, kn95 masks are also very lightweight and are made up of latex-free material. They also have a silicone nose tip that can easily be adjusted according to your requirements. Overall these masks have a fold-flat design that makes them easy to store so you can keep them in your pockets.


Both of these masks, n95 and kn95 are manufactured to filter the air entering your lungs. They are composed of high-quality skin-friendly cotton. Thus these masks are completely harmless. Do not stick to your skin. Provide protection against various germs for prolonged periods. While the kn95 mask is made up of complete cotton fibers, the n95 has polyester attached to the inner lining that can prove allergic to certain people.


The use of these n95 and kn95 masks is not limited to coronavirus or other epidemics only. These are multi-purpose masks that you can use in your daily life to breath clean air. The kn95 mask has a folding design that allows users to carry it conveniently anywhere they like. So you can use these masks for riding a bike or during your skiing adventures to filter yourself from air pollutants. While the n95 mask is more compact and can be used on construction sites or fields to protect your mouth and nose from any sort of dust particles. They are perfect for cycling, mowing, polishing, wood processing, and other outdoor activities.

When to throw out these masks?

To know that your mask has worn out or you need a new one you have to take notice of the surface of the mask. In the case of the kn95 mask, when it gets old, the carbon fibers start to leave their color. You will get black color clots on the inner side of the mask. This will also cause difficulty in breathing. This is a sign that your mask has worn off and you need to replace it. In the case of the n95 mask, if it gets clogged you will suffer breathing problems. You will get short of breath more often. If this occurs discard the mask and buy a new one. Moreover, if your n95 or kn95 masks do not fit properly or are deformed, replace them.

Are these masks washable?

N95 masks are not washable. These masks cannot be clean or disinfected. If your mask gets dirty, buy a new one. On the other hand, kn95 masks are made up of washable cotton material. You can wash these masks by hand. It is not preferred to wash them in a washing machine.

How to wear the n95 and kn95 masks?

For the n95 mask, you have to make sure it has a snug fit and covers your mouth and nose properly. If it is not fit tight, it will not filter any dust. To make it fit properly, you need a direct contact of the mask with your skin.

Remember that the best way to prevent the air from leaking through these n95 masks is by using both of the straps simultaneously. For the kn95 mask, always wash your hands before wearing the mask. Now hold the mask in your hand and place it firmly over your nose, mouth, and skin. Then stretch and adjust the bottom band under your ears. Then stretch and position top band high at the back of your hand. At last, press the thin metal wire in the upper edge against your nose so that the mask fits exactly your face.

How to make sure that the mask fits?

You have to perform pressure checks in case of the N95 and kn95 masks to ensure that it fits your face correctly. For this purpose, place both of your hands completely over the masks and then take a long inhale. If the air leaks around your nose or eyes, this means the mask is loose and you have to adjust it.

Similarly for the exhale, put your hands on the mask and breathe out. If the air leaks out of your mask, re-adjust your straps and the nose piece and exhale again.

Virus and bacteria filtration

Kn95 comes with five protective layers of carbon fibers. Each of these layers is capable of preventing harmful viruses and bacteria from entering your body. Thus the carbon fiber act as a shield against the outside air pollutants and keeps your body fresh with filtered air.

On the other hand, n95 masks are also very efficient in fighting pandemics and viruses. These filter masks reduce the risk of harmful bacteria. They filter out 99% of bacteria, dust, chemical particles, smoke, and pollens.


Both n95 and kn95 work effectively in shielding your lungs from polluted air but to select the right one you have to first understand your usage. If you are looking for a handy mask that you can carry every day to your school, work and outdoors then the kn95 mask is a perfect choice. As these masks have a folding design you can easily store them in your pockets or your wallets. It does not wear out so often.

It has a breathable membrane that does not cause suffocation. But still, due to the light membrane, the fitting can sometimes become quite loose that can cause air leakage. Contrary to it, the n95 mask has a very snug fitting. It is made up of hard material with a rounding pin attached to the nose area that can be pressed for a tight-fitting. But still, these masks can sometimes become a bit suffocating and they also wear out very quickly.

But still, the snug fit design makes these masks highly preferable for protection against dust, fumes, and mist. If these n95 masks are worn correctly, they block almost 95 percent of harmful microbes from infecting your body. Unlike the kn95, these masks do not have carbon fiber layers but these are still very effective in filtering the air.

It can be used in extremely polluted areas and your rough outdoors such as fields, mines, construction sites, etc. it also has very good quality respirators as compared to kn95. So a detailed comparison of both these air-filtering masks is in front of you. Now it is up to you to decide which mask you will prefer for your safety and protection against harmful viruses and epidemics.

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