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IPX Rating System: Every Thing Explained in Details

The IPX system means ” International Protection”. In a few cases, it means Ingress Protection. This rating system is a marking that discusses the extent of protection. This protection is given by the enclosure of the device in case of dust, water, and ingress of various other fluids.

Importance of IPX rating system :

In this system, every rating begins with an IP abbreviation. Two or three letters and numbers are also included. When you purchase any like outside Bluetooth earbuds, outdoor speakers, or water resistance or waterproof mobile phone you will usually watch a letter or a number.

For example IPX7 or 1P67. Each letter in the rating contains its own significance and also tells about the degree of protection from the entrance of specific compounds or liquids.

Use of IP rating system :

 This IPx rating system is used to judge how different products are resistant to environmental conditions. ‘Various Camera and Cycling products.

Many cycling and camera items frequently accompany an IPX rating telling the buyer how well a thing will hold up under specific environmental circumstances.

Symbols in IP rating system :

The numbers in the IP( Ingress Protection) system rating are written as IPXX or sometimes IPXXX. The X”s are placeholders for the numbers.

The first X in the rating system implies solid resistance like dust or any other particle. The second X implies fluid resistance like water. The third X is optional on some devices.

First symbol in the IP rating system :

The first symbol letter in this tells about the degree of insurance when specific particles or fluids enter. If your device does not provide any safety against the entrance of dust particles then it will be zero(0). When you get no data on the protection level it means that the device was not tested.

Here you will get the letter as the first symbol in the IP rating. For example IPX4 or IPX7. You can see this in various items when you go to buy water-resistant, waterproof, or splash proof outdoor speakers, projectors, headphones, and any other electronic devices.

Second symbol in IP rating :

The second letter in this rating system tells about the protection level when water enters the device. ( not tell about the entrance of other particles). Here if the device does not show any safety against the entrance of water, then the 2nd letter will be 0 in this rating system. The 0 is replaced by the X in rating if the device is not tested for water resistance.

Third symbol in IP rating :

Most of the devices are not tested for the 3rd letter in IP rating. The third symbol is optional on some devices. It contains the letters (H, F, M, S) that discuss the various different conditions of the device in which the device was tested.

These letters also provide you with important data and information about various characteristics of the device. In these letters, M shows that during the water test, the device was in motion, S shows that the device is standing still during the water test, W represents the conditions of weather and F shows that the device shows protection from oil.

IPX rating system representation :

IPX0 :

IPX0 means that the device does not show any protection against the entrance of various particles.

IPX1 :

IPX1 means device shows the protection against dripping water. The device can easily survive water falling drops in the vertical direction for about 10 minutes. It contains water resistance level 1. The measured amount of drops of water is equal to 1mm/minute of rainfall.

IPX2 :

IPX2 means the device shows protection from the dripping water vertically. In this, the device can survive water falling drops on it by having a level 2 water-resistant rating.

Protects from vertically dripping water. The waterfall is tilted at an angle of 15°. The device has been tested about 4X in 4 different directions. The number of water drops in the device is equal to 3mm/minute of rainfall.

IPX3 :

IPX3 means that the device shows protection from the sprays of up to 60°.

In this, the device can survive the sprays of water containing a level 3 water-resistant rating. The water sprays use a counterbalanced shield with the help of a nozzle.

The shield is confirmed by the IEC. The water sprays at various dIrectIons  to the vertical direction up to 60°. The water contains a pressure of about 50 to 150 kPa. During 5 min testing, the amount of water sprayed is in liters (about 50 liters). For testing, the nozzle sprays of IEC – certified IPX3 / IPX4 is used.

IPX4 :

IPX4 means that the device shows protection from splashing water. In this rating, no matter the direction. The device can survive the water splashes from any direction containing the level 4 water resistance rating.

In this, the same nozzle spray used for the testing that is used for IPX3 but here shield will be removed. Some most famous speakers that contain the IPX4 rating system are VTIN and Resolve Bose Sound link.

IPX5 :

IPX5 means that the device shows protection against the water jets in any direction. In this, there are no direction limitations. This device can tolerate small jets of water. It contain a level 5 water resistance rating. This testing is done for 15 minutes. The water contains a volume of about 12.5l/min.

IPX6 :

IPX6 means that the device shows protection against powerful water jets. In this, the device can survive the powerful jets of water that are projected by the nozzle spray of 12.5 mm in any direction.

It contains a level of 6 water resistance rating. The testing will remain for about 3 minutes and the water volume is 100l/minute. The devices that contain IPX6 and also IPX5 are known for water resistance.

IPX7 :

IPX7  means that the device shows protection against the water up to 3 feet (Around 1 meter). In this, the device can survive the immersion of water of about 1m for 30 minutes without causing any damage. It contains a level of 7 water resistance rating.

The devices containing this rating system are known as completely waterproof. The most famous collection of headphones, earbuds, and speakers having IPX7 ratings include  UE BOOM, JBL Charge 3, and JBL Flp 4.

IPX8 :

IPX8 means that the device shows protection when it is immersed in water over 3 feet. This device can tolerate the water immersion which can be deeper than about 1m.

It contains a level of 8 water resistance rating. The time duration of testing is determined by the manufacturer corporations.  It usually takes more time as compared to the IPX7 rating system. It has no predefined time.


The device that contains IPX9K can survive strong jets of water. In this, the temperature of the water is high about 80C required for testing. Its water pressure is also really high, about 8 to 10MPa.  The volume of water is 14 to 16 liter/minute. It contains a level of 9K water resistance rating.

Final Words:

The huge majority of the sports headphones, projectors, outdoor speakers, and water resistance earbuds and phones available contains  IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, and IPX7 ratings.

Most of the speakers, earbuds, and defensive phone cases are available having the IPX8 rating system. with rating system. The last rating system IPX9K is held for several selected devices (can not be available for sound hardware).

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