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How to Pair Jabra Elite 75t to Mobile & other Devices

In this article, we will explain how to pair Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds as quickly and as easily as possible to your device.  Wireless earbuds have revolutionized the way we listen to music and communicate with loved ones. Many users are switching to them because of their mobility factor, which is one of the most important features in any wireless earbud. Jabra has made its name on the top of this revolution, offering a comfortable fit and attractive, easy-to-use design.

Jabra Elite 75T are the latest in Bluetooth earbuds, with a calling upgrade that makes answering and rejecting calls so easy. They fit snugly and securely, with a four-microphone set-up that lets you know when you’re getting a call — whether you want it or not! And the battery lasts for up to 28 hours — which is pretty awesome, considering most others last between 14 and 18 hours.

How durable are these earbuds? Firstly, they’re dust and water-resistant. They also have a one-touch dedicated button to access your favorite voice assistants. Their IP55 rating will keep them safe from harm when you’re using them in the rain or near the beach. And did I mention how lightweight they are? You’ll hardly be able to feel that you’re wearing them at all!

This pair of Jabra Elite 75T earbuds will get you going – all you need to do is pair it with your PC, laptop, or smartphone. And remember, if you buy this earbud, it has to pair with your PC first before anything else!

Now it’s time to guide you how to pair Jabra Elite 75t with Phone as well as laptops or PC. Put it in pairing mode and follow the instructions.

These steps will turn the Jabra Elite 75T into pairing mode:

  • To start, remove the earbuds from the charging case to power them on. You can also quickly turn them on by pressing and holding the left and right buttons.
  • Press and hold the left and right buttons simultaneously on your earbuds for at least 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. You will then see a blue LED flashing.
  • Plug these earbuds in and follow the voice-guided instructions. You might be asked for a password. If so, enter 0000.

Pair Your Smartphone with Jabra Elite 75T

  • The Bluetooth of your smartphone needs to be enabled and connected to the earbuds. To do this, go to Settings > Connected Devices and make sure Bluetooth is on. You can also turn it on from your smartphone’s notification panel.
  • Now, it’s time to pair your earbuds to the phone. Tap on the Connected devices option. Your wireless earbuds should be listed here. Tap on it and wait a few seconds for the pairing to complete.
  • You did it! You paired your Jabra Elite 75T earbuds to your smartphone! Now let us check the steps if you want to do so to your laptop or PC. Let’s get started.

Pair your laptop & PC Jabra Elite 75T

  • To get to the Settings menu on a PC or laptop, open the Start menu and click on Settings.
  • In order to find the Bluetooth and other devices section, first click on Devices.
  • Navigate to the Bluetooth tab and toggle it on. Now click Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  • Now that we’ve paired your Jabra Elite 75T, we can use it on the website. Under Add a device window, click on Bluetooth and then select the Jabra Elite 75T from the list. Click on it and if it asks for a PIN, enter 0000.
  • You’ve now successfully paired your wireless headphones with your laptop or desktop.


I hope these steps can help you pair your Jabra Elite 75T to your preferred device. However, if you’re still having trouble, try a few of these fixes. For example: turn off/on the Bluetooth on your phone, restart your phone or try turning your Jabra device off and on. I hope one of these ideas will help you connect your wireless earbuds to your smartphone, PC or laptop.

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