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How to Pair Beats Headphones or Earbuds

This article will show you how to pair beats headphones or earbuds. Whether you’re an Android user, an iOS user, or a Windows or Mac user, this is for you.

When it comes to wireless Earbuds & headphones, Beats has a wide variety of options.

It can be a little bit tough to find the power button on Beats wireless headphones. If you’re not sure where the power button is on your particular pair, consult your manual or quick start guide that came with your Beats headphones.

To connect your shiny new Beats Bluetooth headphones to your new device, simply make sure that your new device is discoverable. Connecting your Beats headphones with your phone is easy! Simply press the power button on the earpiece for five seconds and you’ll see the Bluetooth light blink on.

How to Pair Beats Headphones & Earbuds to Android

Here’s a quick and easy guide for how to pair beats earbuds using Bluetooth to your Android device.

  • In order to access the App Drawer on the Android home screen, swipe down the screen. Then go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Wireless and Network.
  • To enable Bluetooth, select Bluetooth and then toggle the switch to the on position.
  • Once Bluetooth is enabled, select “Pair New Device” from the Bluetooth menu.
  • Beats Wireless should be selected from the list of available devices.

Following a successful pairing, your Beats Earbuds or headphones will appear to be connected.

How to Connect Beats to iPhone (Headphones & Earbuds)

Connecting your wireless Earbuds or headphones of Beats to your Apple iPhone or another iOS device can be tricky sometimes. But you can do it by following these instructions:

  • The Bluetooth function must be enabled on your Apple iPhone in order for this to work. To enable it (or to confirm that it is ON or Enabled), then select Settings.
  • If Bluetooth isn’t already enabled, tap it and then the toggle switch to make it active.
  • Once Bluetooth is enabled, the Bluetooth screen displays a list of all of the devices that are currently connected. Beats Wireless can be found in the My Devices section of the list.
  • After your Beats headphones have successfully paired with your phone, they will appear connected.

Now that your headphones are connected to your mobile device, you are ready to go.

How to Connect Beats to Laptop Windows 10 (Headphones & Earbuds)

 If you’re a Windows 10 user and you want to use your Beats Wireless Earbuds, this is how you pair them.

  • Select the Windows icon on your desktop and then select “All Settings” from the menu.
  • Start by typing the “Bluetooth” in the search field of the Windows 10 Settings application. In the search results, look for Bluetooth and other device configuration options.
  • Select Add the Bluetooth or any other device and ensure that the Bluetooth (Plus Sign) or toggle is set to the on position in the Bluetooth settings.
  • Bluetooth should be selected on the Add a device screen.
  • When all of the nearby Bluetooth discoverable devices have been loaded, select Beats Wireless from the list of available options.

You’ll be notified when your device is ready to go.

How to Connect Beats Headphones or Earbuds to Mac

This guide will show you how to connect Beats Wireless Earbuds to your Mac computer.

  • System Preferences can be accessed via by selecting it from the Dock or the Apple menu.
  • Select the Bluetooth option.
  • Select the Beats Earbuds or Headphones which you want to pair them.

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