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How To Fix Headphones When Only Work In One Ear?

Have you bought a new set of headphones or have an old one, and now you are facing a problem of no sound from one ear? Here we are discussing how to fix headphones when only working in one ear. Although it is effortless to buy a new pair of the headset if you had bought one and is not working by its one side, then it’s not a good idea to throw it away.

Instead of this, you can simply repair it or fix the problems to make your headphones just as they were before. Here are some quick fixes and tips you can try with your headphones. By following them you can have your headphones in working condition within only a few minutes that means you don’t have to wait for long hours or days or don’t have to carry them to any shop and you really don’t have to spend much money. So what do you want more than this? Read the troubleshooting steps down below to make your earbuds just as new.

For Wired Headphones

Restart the Connection Device:

This troubleshooting step may work in those devices that had recent software updates. For this reason, some headphones may be stopped working from one side. So how to fix headphones like this? It’s just one minute of work, you just have to restart the device where your headphones are connected. After restarting, plug in your headphones or if they are wireless then connect from Bluetooth after restarting both devices and most probably you may resolve the problem.

Try Headphones Jack Cleaning:

If you are using your headphones extensively, you must carry them outdoors and to some places where they carry dust from the air. This may cause the dust particles to trap inside the audio output settings of your headphone. For this reason, what you have to do is just to clean up the headphones Jack. For this step, take a toothpick covered with a small piece of cotton, dump this cotton in some sort of alcohol and squeeze it properly. Now clean the headphone jack with this to loosen the dirt. After losing the dirt, you can scope it out with the help of some toothpick or again insert a dumped cotton toothpick in it to clean it properly.

Check for the Settings:

If your audio settings are directed only to play the left side then it may cause the right side of headphones not working and vice versa. So, if one side of headphones is not working then you must check your audio features and make sure that they are not set for the “mono” option. If it is, then turn off the mono option and check again that both sides are working or not.
Another setting may account for the “balance levels”. In the setting panel, check the balance levels of both headphone sides. If the balance level is near zero at one side then that is the reason that this side of the headphones is not working. Level the balance of both headphone sides. You can do this setting by connecting your headphones to your PC. But it may depend upon the types of headphones that if the app controls them then you must open the app and check the properties panel for this setting.

Try the Other Pair of Headphones:

In this troubleshooting step, you have to grab another new or properly working pair of earphones. Now connect these earphones to the device. If they are working properly then your headphones have some issues, but if your new set of earphones are still not working with the device then your connecting device has a problem. For this reason, you can check the device’s audio setting and try to connect your headphones again.
If you tried all the above-mentioned strategies and still they are not working for your headphones and you are facing the same problem that, the headset only one side working or your headphones only work on one side then you must have some hardware issue in your headset. If it is so, then you still don’t have to worry because we are here to help you.

Temporary Hardware Fix:

If you don’t have enough time to have a detailed and permanent fix then you must go for this step. There may be the case if you have to deal with your important meeting calls or want to go for some work urgently with your favorite musical track playing nearby you, then you can fix headphones only playing in one ear temporarily with this technique.
Sometimes the vigorous use of wired headphones may cause headphones on one side not working. With extensive use, you may turn or bend the wire that can cause a short circuit in one or two points of the connecting wire. Keep bending the wire from different areas and listen to both headphone sides carefully. Figure out the bending point of the wire where both sides of headphones deliver sound. Now when you have figured out the point at the connecting wire by bending which you have proper sound then tie it up with electrical tape so that it keeps it bend to provide a temporary electrical conduction circuit.

Permanent Hardware Fix:

How to permanently fix the wired headphones you need an electrical conduction checking meter. Put the two positive and negative points on each side of the wire and carefully read the meter that is showing the conduction of the wire. If the conduction of the wire is not showing properly then put these two nodes for the distance of 1 inch at every point of the wire. When with the help of a meter you figured out the point of the broken wire connection, cut it up with the help of a scissor or knife. Now if you have cut the damaged piece of the wire then separate the copper wire, white-colored insulation wire, and the colored wire (that is red in the case of the right earphone and blue or green in the case of the left earphone). You can nude out the colored wires by burning the outer plastic material with the help of a lighter or matchstick. Now twist the copper ground wires together. In the same way, twist the colored wires and wrap them carefully with the help of electrical tape. Make sure you wrap carefully and don’t allow the copper wire to touch the colored ones. Put the black electrical tape around and you are good to drive your headphones.

For Wireless Headphones:

In the case of wireless headphones, you don’t have to deal with tangled messy wires and of course, there is a lesser risk of getting your headphone wires damaged.

Try to Reset:

If one side of your headphones is not working properly then a factory reset might help in the resolution of connectivity issues. For this purpose, press the device power button and keep on holding until in LED light flashes. Now pair your earphones again to the connecting device, this may resolve your issue.

Internal Wires May Be Broken Down:

If your headphones are still not working, despite being fully charged, then try to fix the hardware issues that may include broken internal wires. For this purpose, you need a soldering iron to reconnect the broken wires in the Bluetooth device. Open the Bluetooth device and check for any broken wire, if there is any then reconnected them with the help of a soldering iron. Now return the components again inside the Bluetooth device and turn it on again to test both earphones’ audio output.

Halfway Point Troubleshooting:

If your headphones are working properly when connected to aux cable Jack but are troubling by one side if you connected them wirelessly then there may be the cause of halfway point issue. For the resolution of this issue, insert and remove the aux cable multiple times from different angles to the jackpot and then test your Bluetooth earphones to check whether the issue is fixed or not. This is a very common issue for headphones which are dealing with only one working side. We’re pretty sure that this troubleshooting step will work for your set.

Replacing One Side of Headset:

If you have another headset of the same model with the same issue that one side is not working properly, then you can replace the non-working sides with that of working one of another headphone in the case of wired earphones. But in the case of wireless headphones, you can use the splitter option. For this purpose, you require an earphone splitter to plug that in the aux output of the audio device. Now insert the splitter output jack with two earphone jacks and try to play out the audio and check the sound quality. Although this troubleshooting step will not guarantee the hundred percent quality of the sound it is the last step you can avail of if any stuff is not working with you.




In 90% of cases, troubleshooting steps work like magic in fixing your headphone issues. Still, if your headphones are not working but meeting all the above-mentioned steps, then you must go for technical repair. Although we are sure that you don’t need this as you can fix your headphones easily by yourself. So, if you have a headset that has an issue with one headphone not working properly then before dumping or throwing them away make sure that you have tried these above-mentioned steps.

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