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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS4?

If you are a gaming lover then it is a must thing for you to grab a headphone and enjoy your gaming experience with the bombastic sound which can only be achieved by a good set of headphones. Because listening through TV is not a good idea for the people who want to grab an outclass experience of their gaming. And for that obviously, you want to buy a Bluetooth headset because hanging with the wire and standing close to the TV is not a comfortable system to deal with.

Although if you bought one headset already then you must know the way that you can connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4. Read down below because here we are going to show you some easy ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4 and can have an amazing listening experience through your ear set instead of TV.

It is quite challenging to connect your Bluetooth headphones with PS4 because all Bluetooth headsets can not directly connect to the PS4 console. But for your next-level gaming experience, you have to connect your headset to PlayStation. Although if your headphones are compatible with PS4, then you are very lucky, and then you have to just follow the first stage mentioned below to get started. But if your headphones are not compatible with that then you don’t have to worry, because we are here to help you to resolve this issue and for that, we have designed the second stage.

Connecting PS4 Supported Bluetooth Headphones

It is always clearly mentioned on the headset box that either it is compatible with PlayStation 4 or not. If you purchased an original Sony headphone then you can easily connect your headset with PS4. For that purpose, you should follow the following steps for the connection of your Bluetooth headset.

Pairing Mode

By putting your headset in pairing mode you can connect to the desired device. For doing this you can read the provided manual in the headphone box for the activation of pairing mode. However, in some devices the power button is used for this purpose; the user has to press the power button and hold it for a few seconds that can lead the headphone in their pairing mode, but the function may be different in some devices. For the indication that your device is now discoverable, your headphones blink with a flashlight to let you know about it. You can go to the properties panel to pair your device with your headphones.

PS4 Setting Panel

In the setting panel discover “Devices” and then click on it and then select “Bluetooth Devices”. For going to the setting panel, you can switch on your PS4 and then go to the sign-in option. After signing in, you will be directed to your home screen display. Here to open the menu click the “Analogue” and on the right-hand side, you will find the “Settings” option.


When your Bluetooth headset is in the pairing mode then on the screen your device name will be shown. For the first time connection, it may take some time to discover your Bluetooth headphone device, so keep calm and patient. when your headphone name popped up on the screen then select “Yes” to register your earpieces. If you see “Headphones are Connected Successfully” or any other success message then congratulations your headphones are compatible with your Playstation and now you are ready to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience without having a bunch of wires around you.

If still, your headset is not showing its name on the screen, even in pairing mode as well, then it might be possible that your headphones are not compatible with PS4. For this case, you can avail the benefits by reading our second stage that includes how to connect unsupported Bluetooth Headphones to PS4.

Connecting Headphones with no label of PS4

If you have tried all the above options for the box of your headphones that has no label of PS4 compatibility, then you can follow this simple tape mentioned below to pair any Bluetooth headphones to your Playstation.

For this purpose, you have to purchase a third-party device that is a “Bluetooth dongle”. It is an inexpensive device that is just like a USB adaptor and you can purchase it from any audio or gaming shop nearby you, or you can order it online. The biggest advantage of this Bluetooth dongle is that from this device you can connect any of your Bluetooth systems with PlayStation either it is compatible with this or not. With this dongle, you will get an output device that has to be plugged into your Playstation in the USB slot mentioned on the front side. This is the main device that transmits the audio signals to your Bluetooth headphones. However, if you want to call or speak to a friend while gaming then you need to have a headphone with a built-in mic. Without the mic, you will be unable to chat with your friend during gaming. Thus it will be worthy to select a Bluetooth dongle device that has a mic within. Usually, some of these devices come with a 3.5 mm microphone in the box.

Bluetooth Dongle Adaptor Setting

Into a USB port present in front of the PS4 insert the Bluetooth dongle. Some of these devices show LED light to make sure that they are connected.

PS4 Setting

Switch on your Playstation and sign in to go to the “Home Screen”. There you have to open the “Menu Bar” and then go to the “Settings”. In the Setting panel, you will find the “Devices” option in which select “Audio Devices”. Now click on “Output Devices” and finally select “USB Headset”.

Volume Adjustment

Volume adjustment is one of the most important tasks for an extraordinary gaming experience. The volume adjustment always depends upon the requirement of the user. So, for this, you have to do some experiments with the volume option to get the right audio output that suits you perfectly. You can carefully adjust the options in the “Volume Control” panel until you get your desired sound quality. You can change these volume settings later and for that, you have to again go to the “Device Menu” board. Then after the volume adjustment, choose the “Output to Headphones” option and then the “All Audio” stick.

Connect Your Headphones with Bluetooth Dongle Device

Usually, the mode of connection of Bluetooth dongle devices to PlayStation varies from model to model. But usually, for most of the devices, you just have to set your headphones in pairing mode. Turn on your Playstation and insert the Bluetooth dongle device into the USB port of your PS4. Once the LED on your dongle indicates its connection, then you will see your headphone name on the screen. From there select your headphone and choose to connect. Upon a successful connection, you will see a pop up on your screen that you have successfully connected your headphone with PS4. This was all about the connection of your headphone either it is compatible or not with the PlayStation. Now you know well about the process step by step, so what are you waiting for? Go and avail the best out of your game. Good Luck!

Last but not least, if you want your games to sound epic then you must know about the types of headphones that work with PS4 and the best headphone brands for this purpose. Generally, the headphones with the audio jack of 3.5 mm can work very well with PS4 after setting them up with a few tweaks. Although the wired headphones which are not compatible with the PlayStation, and follow the standard of OMPT, can still work you have to connect a converter with them. Talking about the best brands categorized in the “Bluetooth headset ps4” range include HyperX cloud alpha for a wired category, while Sennheiser GSP 370, Playstation Gold, JBL Quantum 800, and SteelSeries Arctis Pro for the category of wireless ps4 Bluetooth headphones.

Pro Tip

To enjoy the ultimate gaming experience on your PS4, you must update the graphic drivers. For this, you can use “Driver Easy” to automatically update your graphic driver without any hustle. Sometimes, headphones cannot be connected to PS4 by using both stages which are above mentioned. To troubleshoot this situation, you have to check your PS4 and your headphones for their connectivity issues if there are any. Otherwise, you are good to go with these solutions to connect your headset to your console.

But wait! We don’t forget the Apple users who have their AirPods. There must be a question in their mind that how AirPods users can connect to the PS4? No doubt AirPods are much lighter as compared to most of the other earbuds and of course detail and ultimate listening experience. Thus Apple users might love to play their favorite game on their PlayStation by using their AirPods. Although, AirPods are not technically mentioned as PS4 compatible earphones. So, for connecting them to your console, you can use our above mentioned second stage to connect with the help of a Bluetooth dongle device.

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