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How to Clean Dirty Earbuds Safely Like a Pro

Earbuds are such a cavalry as they allow us to listen to music ubiquitously. You can find the best smallest earbuds with all the latest technical features in the market. However, earbuds tend to get dirty over time, regardless of the brand you pick.

It is very cardinal to clean our earbuds from time to time to maintain our hygiene. But it’s also an inevitable fact that cleaning your small earbuds can damage them if you are not careful enough.

Let us share some practical tips and tricks to clean your earbuds without actually damaging them.

Cleaning Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds can get dirty and sticky over time if you won’t clean them effectively. All the best smallest earbuds sit in your ear canal, so sebum, sweat, and earwax often gets stuck in them. That’s why it is essential to clean even the smallest wireless earbuds to prolong their life.

You will need the following materials to clean your earbuds or other audio gadgets thoroughly.

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning tools
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Dish Soap

Cleaning Ear Tips

You can start cleaning your best smallest earbuds by removing the silicon ear tips from the earbuds. Once you remove the ear tips, you can clean them using the cleaning tools. The tool will help you clean all the build-up wax from the loops of silicone ear tips. Some of the best smallest earbuds come along with their cleaning tools.

After removing the piled-up wax, you can use the microfiber cloth with dish wash to clean the tips. Microfiber cloth assists in cleaning the smallest wireless earbuds without scratching them.

Cleaning Inner Part of Earbuds

You can clean the inner part of earbuds after successfully separating the silicone ear tip. If you cleanse the ear tip when it’s still attached with the earbuds, it can prick your protective mesh and drivers.

Use a mini brush with soft bristles to clean the inner earbuds. The soft bristles don’t harm the driver or mesh of your earbuds while cleaning them.

You can use the rubbing alcohol at the edges of the earbuds to sanitize them after cleaning them thoroughly.

Cleaning Earbuds Charging Case

If you use the smallest Bluetooth earbuds, then it’s not a bad idea to clean its charging case occasionally. If you won’t clean the charging case, then even your best smallest earbuds will confront difficulty in charging over time.

You can use the brush from your cleaning tools to clean the charging port where the cable connects. You can also apply isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to clean both the charging port and the inner of the case.

By cleaning the case, your earbuds won’t face difficulty in charging, resulting in longer shelf life.

How Often Should You Clean Your Earbuds?

If you use your earbuds often, then the frequency of their cleaning will also increase. However, it is alright to clean your earbuds after a significant time gap if you rarely use them.

For people who use earbuds while doing extensive exercises like running or weightlifting, their earbuds might need instant cleaning. You can clean your earbuds with alcohol wipes or damp cloth after every use to keep them clean.

Cleaning your earbuds is also imperative as it can boost the sound quality in addition to maintaining hygiene.


You can use this method to clean your other audio devices like AirPods and headphones as well. You might accidentally damage the protective mesh or installed drivers of earbuds if you are not careful while cleaning them.

Hence, to maintain your hygiene and your audio device shelf life, cleaning them is a must.

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