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Different Types of Projectors and Their Prices Comparison

If you are looking to buy a projector, you must have a lot of questions in your mind, and I’m here to answer all of them.

Projectors have come a long way. The first projector was used in the 19th century when the first movie was made, and as movies evolved, so did projectors.

As movies are still quite popular and haven’t gotten out of trend same goes for projectors. The old analog projectors are now replaced by new technology. The newest types of projectors give you an amazing experience that costs less and is quite portable.

Everyone is familiar with a projector one way or another. If you are a student, you must have seen it in your classroom. If you work, there is no way that your conference room doesn’t have a projector. If that isn’t the case, you must have a friend or a family member who owns a projector because they have a knack for entertainment, and they want to spend quality time with there friends and family in their home theater.

You don’t need a lot of money or investment to buy a good quality projector. There are projectors in the market that are said to be the cheapest 4k projectors, imagine having the picture quality of 4k and not spending a fortune over it.

It is a dream come true, and the advancement of technology has achieved that for us. When you go for the cheapest 4k projectors, you should keep in mind that they should be used in a dark room so you can take full advantage of the projectors.

Now if your employer has given you the task of buying a projector and you don’t have to worry about money. Then you should keep in mind that the Best Projectors for Business Presentations should have the capability of being used in ambient light because conference rooms or offices are not that dark. Especially for Business Presentation, you should keep this in mind that the projector should have a minimum of 3000 lumens, and you should keep that in mind before finalizing your projects.

Last but not least, handheld or mini projectors. If you are a person that travels a lot and has a lot of presentations and needs a projector, you should definitely opt for a mini projector. When you are traveling, you can’t carry a lot of weight and usually don’t have a lot of space. This kind of projector will get your job done quite easily and make your life a whole lot better. Mini projectors are lightweight, compact, and quite portable.

Types of Projectors

Every product has different categories or types, and as projectors have been with us since the 19th century, It isn’t possible that this technology hasn’t progressed into different types to fulfill everyone’s needs. There are projectors that focus on certain needs of the consumers, so you get exactly what you are looking for and don’t get disappointed.
The following are the types of Projectors.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

This is the kind of projector based on liquid crystals that show images, videos, or other types of data. LCD projectors are quite popular as compared to other alternatives. The projector’s production costs less and provides an outstanding display of colors. It is widely used in business meetings, workshops, and lectures.

It is coming to the advantages of using an LCD projector. This increases the luminosity with less energy consumption. There is no rainbow and dithering experience compared to other types of projectors. Another key feature of LCDs is photo sharpness and focus enhancement.

With all these advantages, there are some drawbacks of LCD projectors. LCD displays have a short lifetime, no dynamic contrast, and may encounter black or dead pixels. For LCD projectors, servicing is necessary as opposed to other projectors. These are bigger than other projectors, so they cause a bit of an inconvenience when it’s time to move them. So, you should keep that in mind while buying your projector.

DLP (Digital Light Processing)

This type of system uses state-of-the-art projection technology in home theater projectors and portable projections as well as video projectors.

DLP projectors use thousands of small mirrors that help in creating a high-quality picture. The tiny mirrors are said to create a complete cinema effect because the projector offers picture quality with a true experience of 1080 pixels.

In general, the DLP system offers a very natural contrast. DLP chips also work quicker than LCDs, which is good news. They are smaller and lighter than other projector types, but that comes with its price.

For high-quality home theatre systems, DLP software can be used. They are also used as office projectors, for a larger audience and basically everything.

Short Throw Projectors

It is said to be the new race of short-distance projectors. When you use this projector, you will have to keep the projector in close proximity to the screen and at the back of the room.

Some advantages of short-throw projectors are that while presenting, the light does not shine in presenters’ eyes. Image obstruction and distraction are far less frequent.

Most of all, a bigger picture from a smaller lumen projector is possible. There is a drawback that the fans can be noisier because they’re used in smaller areas, so you should look for lower DBs while purchasing one of them.

Laser Projectors

As it is quite obvious from the name, this projector uses a laser rather than a lamp to create images on the allocated screen. Laser means the increase of light through stimulated radiation emission. A source of laser light generates a consistent beam of light. It addresses the issue of dispersion seen in lamps and LEDs.

Laser projectors generate an image that is bright because the laser source in the projector incorporates a laser light source. The images are quite well-formed, have higher illumination, and finer clarity that shows clear and smoother images. The only disadvantage of this projector is that it is costly, so keep your budget in mind before finalizing your projector.

Best Projectors under $100

You can get an amazing quality projectors under $100. On our website, we have mentioned 10 projectors that are under $100, so you will have options to choose the projector that fulfills your needs.

Under this category, you can get a highly rated mini projector. It gives you an HD video output. It’s the best for playing Xbox, Play station and other games.

They are capable of producing jaw-dropping images, and they are portable and compact, so you can easily travel with it, and it won’t take a lot of space.

Best Projectors Under $200

We are coming to projectors under $200. The projectors that are mentioned on our website are used for games, movies to the business presentation.

If you wish to enjoy the highest quality picture within a low budget, then give the projectors mentioned on our site a closer look.

You can use projectors to watch movies or playing games, with good quality at affordable and low prices.

Best Projectors Under $500

You can find great projectors under $500, and you can fulfill all your needs. The projectors mentioned on the site have a wide variety of projectors that offer amazing features. The projectors are easy to use, mobility, memory capability, brightness, along with being budget-friendly. The projectors mentioned offer varying capabilities, features, and purposes.

You can get the cheapest 4k projector after checking out the article on our website. The projectors mentioned in the list will give you an amazing experience. The features of the projector include easy setup, so you won’t have trouble handling it. The projectors offer more connectivity options, so that is definitely a plus, and they are made of top-notch build quality.

Projectors under $1000

If you want to upgrade your home theater, you should look into the projectors that are mentioned on our websites. After getting one of those Projectors under $1000, you will clearly see the upgrade.

You can easily get a high-end 1080p projector for being used at home for movies or games. You can get it for presentations for your office.

You can get quality assurance at this price point, the specifications that are provided about the projectors are hard to bear. The projector offers the best performance in image quality testing, with great HD pictures with easy setup.


After reading this article, you won’t need to research projectors anymore. We have done everything we can to provide you with the best projectors and by explaining their types to make your life easier.

If you read our articles carefully, I bet you will end up with the product of your dreams. I have also mentioned the websites under relevant headings to make it easier for you to search and choose the projector you want.

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