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15 Best Projectors Under $500

Are you planning to buy a projector as you are short of space at home? Well today projectors are fully featured to give you a cinema like experience at home. The good news is these portable projectors don’t cost you an arm and a leg anymore.

These days projectors have become a part of everyday life and you can find some best projectors for less than $500. You may wonder if these 15 best home theater projectors under $500 are worth it so the following information may be helpful for you to resolve your concerns.

You might be surprised after checking these projectors under $200, or even these premium-quality best projectors around 1000 dollars.

Epson Home Cinema 880 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector

Epson Home Cinema 880 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector

This renewed Epson home cinema gives you detailed and ultra bright 1080p images and delivers a stunning picture quality. With the advanced 3 LCD technology, this home cinema provides accurate color and maintains outstanding color brightness. The skew sensor automatically corrects the keystone for a square image.

With a dynamic contrast ratio, this budget projector gives rich details in dark scenes. The convenient color mode adjustments allow you to optimize your projector content and the built-in speakers are also nice. Epson provides 2 year limited warranty and free life time technical support. With the ease of set-up, this 3300 lumens projector features all digital HDMI connectivity. The state of art projection on this best home theater under $500 enhances your home theater experience.


AILESSOM 1080P 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 9800LM 450

With 9800 L brightness, this cheap 1080p projector features an outstanding brightness of 85% more and provides high end contrast ratio. This best TV projector under $500 is equipped with 2 HDMI ports and it offers up to 100,000 hrs of lamp life. The giant 450” screen gives an excellent viewing experience. It enables the zoom function to shrink the image size via remote. The fast and stable dual band Wi-Fi allows a smoother transmission with blazing fast speed.

With the built-in dual stereo SRS speakers, AILESSOM delivers a clear and well balanced sound without the need for external speakers. The sealed optical engine on this dust proof projector stops the dust and eliminates the black spots on the images. This best budget projector comes along 1 year return warranty and 3 yr repair along with life time technical support. With 45% brighter images as compared to the others in the market, AILESSOM is one of the best home projectors under $500.

The latest high-tech smart screen function and sealed optical engine function add more to its specs.


ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector

This best home theatre projector under $500 by View Sonic features 3800Lumens of brightness to give you bright images in nearly any environment. With a high contrast ratio, it features super color technology to bring you amazing color accuracy. This projector is equipped with the latest HDMI which connects to any HDMI device perfectly.

This is one of the best budget projectors with stunning beautiful images. It works equally best for business environments, educational purposes and home usage as it features ultra low input latency. With an extended lamp life of up to 15000 hrs, this has a quick power off feature. You can easily connect to any device with the flexible connectivity options on this easy setup projector. Vertical keystone correction feature is also a plus it offers.


Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector Bright 3600 Lumens

Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector Bright 3600 Lumens

Optoma HD146X displays a cinematic picture quality with 3600 Lumens of brightness. The excellent color calibration and more image depth with high contrast ratio make this machine a beast. Working perfect both in dim and bright environments, this unit enables light on viewing too. With an easy installation, you can control this automatic power on/off projector and its connected devices with a single remote. The amazingly high contrast ratio further enhances its image brightness.

This best gaming projector under $500 enables enhanced gaming mode for a blazing fast response time on a big screen. Displaying a full 3D content, this unit is featured with the latest generation game consoles. The enhanced gaming mode on this cheap 1080p projector boosts the response time.


ViewComm iSpace2 Smart WiFi Mini Projector

With a durable built and perfect tilt, this projector features the 360 degree Bluetooth speaker for producing a high intensity audio. This smart Wi-Fi mini projector by viewcomm arrives along an adjustable tripod stand. The best feature of this projector is that you can flawlessly stream and run media apps including like Netflix, YouTube and much more without connecting to any additional devices.

With a superb audio-visual experience and theatre quality sound, this on the go theatre is one of the best home projectors under $500. Equipped with dual frequency, it features stable and speedy wireless connection for a smoother experience. The advanced DLP projection technology aids in creating ultra high quality images with up to 200” of projection. The rechargeable battery on this unit can run up to 4 hrs play time on a single charge.


Artlii Play3 Projector 5G WiFi Bluetooth 4K

Supporting 340 ANSI, this outdoor movie projector is fully featured and has a high quality audio which is loud enough both indoors and outdoors. The latest 5 G Wi-Fi on this blue tooth projector is three times faster and supports 4K and gives 120% brighter and clear images. With a quick setup, this full HD projector also features Google voice assistant and arrives with many pre-installed apps.

With 5 layers of high refractive glass, Artlii play 3 is a cheap 1080p projector. This best home projector under $500 arrives with pre installed smart android T.V system which allows access to online services perfectly. The keystone function on this unit corrects the image both horizontally and vertically. You can also adjust the image with the zoom function indoors.


ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector 9800L Projector

This long life LED projector by ONOAYO features a huge display of 300”. The powerful Bluetooth on this ONOAYO projector enables smooth connectivity along with wireless screen mirroring.being compact and portable, this Wi-Fi projector delivers an extra ordinary sound.

This Cheap 1080 projector comes in a back pack. With an amazing lamp life of 100,000 hrs, this best budget projector enables a dust proof design. This 4K projection depicts high definition contrast ratio giving you crystal clear and vivid images. The user friendly 4K correction feature and fully sealed optical lens add more to its specs. With 9000 Lumens on board, this is one of the brightest outdoor wireless portable projectors. Being widely compatible to multimedia connections, this portable projector features a high contrast ratio.


LG PF50KA 100” Portable Full HD (1920 x 1080) Projector

LG PF50KA 100” Portable Full HD (1920 x 1080) Projector

LG is known as the world leading brand in the electronic industry. This LG projector arrives with a few surprises. The initial set up is a breeze and it delivers a fantastic picture quality. This full HD LED smart home theatre projector arrives with a lamp life of 30,000 hrs and it features an additional 2.5 hrs of battery life. Though it has a variety of audio connection capabilities, its speaker is on the lighter end.

This battery powered portable projector has the most intuitive on screen menu. It is the only cheap 1080 projector on the market that fits the bill. This sturdy device is equipped with LG smart T.V so you can screen and simply enjoy going wireless. With the built-in digital T.V tuner, you can even connect to local over the air channels.


FANGOR 8500L 5G WiFi 4K Supported Projector

FANGOR 8500L 5G WiFi 4K Supported Projector

FANGOR 8500L is a best home projector under $500 which arrives along a customized carrying case. With a projection size of up to 300”, this cheap 1080p projector arrives with built-In stereos surround speakers which restore every detail of your sound effect.

This advanced projector is fully sealed which avoids entering any dust particles and aids in noise reduction. With a high contrast ratio and native resolution of 1920x1080p, this projector delivers 80% more crystal clear images. The reduction of image distortion and the digital zoom capabilities add more to its specs.

You can adjust its directions remotely as it’s equipped with digital key stone correction. Featuring 8500 L, this full HD projector has simple controls and allows you to synchronize your screen in 2 ways. You can either mirror with the wireless Wi-Fi connection or with USB charger connection. Furthermore, blue tooth speakers can also be connected wirelessly to it.


AAXA P6X 1000 Lumen Battery Projector

This all in one portable projector is the world’s brightest battery powered pico projector with native WXGA HD resolution. The P6X by AAXA technologies is an ultra bright 1000 lumen battery projector. This fifth generation LED projector acts as a power bank for 4 hrs (in ECO mode) as it features a massive battery of 15000 mAh. You can easily charge your smart devices with P6X.

Perfect for both business and home usage, you can enjoy your favorite movie or deliver your presentation wirelessly. Capable of delivering 3000 Lumens with a light source, this high definition projector delivers 1000 LED lumens on screen. This modern business projector is small and portable and is capable of projecting even on battery power for small. It features a solid state light source technology and is powered by 30,000 Osram LEDS for projecting 6x longer lamp life.


ViewSonic M2e 1080p Projector with 1000 LED Lumens

The View Sonic M2e portable LED projector delivers instant entertainment anywhere. This full HD projector by view sonic entertains the audience with a projection size of up to 100”. Working best in dark environments, this best projector under $500 delivers incredibly vivid and color accurate images with 1200 Lumens.

This LED projector features auto focus and the horizontal/vertical keystone correction enlightens perfect pictures from any angle. The smart connectivity options on this portable projector enable both Bluetooth and direct streaming. With advanced instant auto focus and auto H/V keystone features, this best projector under $500 deliver a perfectly proportioned picture within seconds. Used best for both business proposals and home entertainments, M2e is cheap 1080p projector delivers big screen entertainment.


ViewSonic M1 Mini+ Ultra Portable LED Projector

View Sonic M1 brings cinema-quality imaging is at your door step. With a sleek design, this miniature device features built-in Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers to bring you the best audio quality on board. The smart stand allows easy placement in different positions and the easy setup and control makes using this projector a breeze. The integrated smart stand enables a 360 degree simple set up.

With a big screen projection of up to 100”,the built-in battery in this best budget projector delivers 6 hours of power on full mode. the View Sonic M1 hookups for comprehensive compatibility with boosting onboard iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome and MacOS .Featuring easy navigation with aptoide UI, this LED projector has an operational life of 30,000 hrs.


ZCGIOBN HD Wifi Bluetooth Projector 1080P 4K Supported

ZCGIOBN HD Wifi Bluetooth Projector 1080P 4K Supported

With a uniform and vivid image, this cheap 1080p projector by ZCGIOBN features a high contrast ratio and restores the true colors for giving you the ultimate home theatre experience. Supporting 4K it brings detailed and clear images on a big screen of up to 200”. Featuring an updated dual band Wi-Fi, it enables wireless smooth video streaming. With a lamp light of approximately 50,000 hrs, this high brightness LED adopts 8000L.

This Seven-layer rare earth glass lens for a better image quality cares for your eyes. The high power deep bass stereo speakers entertain you with professional audio. This android wireless home outdoor projector allows various interfaces and is highly compatible. The dual fan cool system on this best budget projector enables high quality dust proof design with a beautiful appearance.


Dxyiitoo 8000LM 1080P Supported Full HD WiFi Projector

This Dxyiitoo is compact yet so powerful. It arrives in a nice quality padded carrying bag, tripod stand and a remote. The sound on this best budget projector is up to the mark and it requires no additional speakers. Featuring a projection size of up to 250”, this large screen gives you a truly amazing home theater experience with 8000 L.

The top notch contrast ratio on this unit is outstanding. An added advantage offered by this portable projector is the CD player which works well out doors with no Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth speaker gives you wireless connectivity at any time. This best affordable projector is multi functional and easy to carry. Both the air play and screen mirroring functions on this best projector under $500 make it the top favorite of many as you can get connected with a single click.


KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector

KODAK, a global technology company is well known by everyone for its top notch quality. It introduces the elite choice for the on go entertainment with Luma350. This full ultra HD resolution projector delivers an unbelievable picture quality. Being small and portable, this projector uses break through digital light processing technology for delivering stunning color and clarity to its images.

KODAK recreates the visual experience of a theater with Luma 350. This palm sized cinema is the premium choice for DLP projection. Compatible with all smart phone devices, this budget projector gives you the ultimate multimedia experience with Wi-Fi Bluetooth, screen mirroring and all types of connectivity on board. The built-in speaker is powerful enough to eliminate the need for external equipment. Utilizing advanced android and ios interface is one of the powerful features this unit offers.


Expert Buyers Guide

While searching for the projector, there are many key factors you need to consider. In this buyers’ guide, you will get a quick overview of all the key features before buying the best projector under 500 dollars.

Projector Type

Resolution is very important in a projector than it’s on a TV. A better resolution will give a better picture quality. A full 1080 P resolution is ideal for a projector, which creates a detailed and big image with no visible pixels.

The 720 P projectors are a little softer, sometimes giving you looking through a screen door effect. If you are looking for a top-notch home entertainment experience while impressing your clients, you will need a high resolution projector. .

Most of the projectors can only put on set amounts of fixed resolutions. So you need to search for a projector with a wide array of fixed resolution that can work with your needs.


This is the minimum or maximum size of the projector, which can be used for optimal viewing experience. In fact, this is the size of the surface on which you are intending to project and the distance of mounting the projector from the screen.


The difference between dark and light in an image is its contrast. It provides deep black levels and shadow details along with bright whites and dark blacks. If the difference is greater, the contrast will be greater too. Make sure to choose a projector with a high contrast range because with a poor contrast ratio, you won’t understand the significance of many videos shot in the dark. The image will be producing grey-looking blacks with more washed-out images. In this price range, 1,000:1 contrast or anything greater is good.


This is the light output of the projector and is equally as important as the contrast ratio. As image brightness decreases with the image size, so the brightness not only determines how bright the image is but also tells the image size. You need to consider the brightness according to your location where you will use the projector because brighter isn’t always better. A very bright setting of your projector will give you headaches. If you want to use your projector in a lit room, then selecting a 3000 + lumens brightness would be perfect, but if you want to use it in darkness or outdoors, even 1000 lumens or dimmer projector can make the view clear.

Throw distance

This describes the distance between the projector and the screen, which will create a clear image. The range of some projectors starts from a few feet, which may end to 15 feet or more in this price range. So you must know the distance requirements while buying a projector.

Color accuracy

For having a natural and more realistic view, color accuracy is very important. Many projectors create reds and yellow, unable to produce fully saturated colors. So you should pick the screen carefully as it affects color accuracy.

Easy setup

Along with the image quality, you would also like to see the features which make the setup easier. So it’s important to search for easy to operate projectors. A useful remote, too, is a very important feature.

Bulb life

The bulb is the projector’s most expensive component. It is also really hard to switch out a bulb. This is why a long bulb life projector is preferred and more expensive. In short, you don’t need to spend money on the new one quickly. A projector with at least 10,000 hours of life expectancy or anything higher would be ideal.


These days you can consider a wide array of connectivity choices while purchasing a projector. The popular connectivity options include HDMI cable (for a better quality picture), Bluetooth (which connects wirelessly), USB (for transferring data from a laptop or a tablet), or VGA (an older setup version for connecting). In short, you must know which setup you want for easy and quick connectivity. Also, make sure that the projector you have selected can handle it.

Lens zoom

If you want to use a portable screen and projector, this is of great concern because you will not always set them at the same distance. This lens zoom option ensures that you don’t need to adjust the distance by moving it. Instead, you can zoom in the video simply with lens zoom. A throw distance of lens zoom 1 or less will make the projector easy to position in the room. With a larger throw ratio, you can’t get a large image as you would like to see.

Lens shift

With this option, you can place the projector more flexibly below or above the screen, making its installation easier.


You should select a projector that can play with certain computer formats because many projectors can’t be used with the modern formats of MAC or PC computers.

Now that you have been through this detailed buyers guide, it will be easy for you to select the best projector from among the list we have mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find replacement lamps or bulbs by clicking lamps on the where to buy navigation on the left of the page. You will find a list of lamp dealers. Then select the brand of your particular projector in the yellow column adjacent to the dealers list.

There are two types of projectors, L.E.D projectors and lamp projectors. L.E.D projectors use less power and last much longer as compared to lamps but they aren’t as bright as lamps. Lamp projectors usually last 1,000-5,000 hrs.

Yes projectors do have sound because they come with built-in speakers. Some speakers have immense sound while others need to be connected with external speakers to give you an outclass audio.

Yes they do produce blue light but that does not directly hit your eyes as you won’t stare straight at the light source. That’s why projectors are less hazardous to eyes as compared to T.Vs.

LCD projectors make learning fun in different ways. Students can interact with their teachers better as teachers can explain different concepts more easily specially the tables and diagrams.


These 15 best home theatre projectors under $500 deliver versatile connectivity options, top notch image quality and brightness, impressive audio and flexible controls along with being portable. Each of them has some important differences to consider.

Though all of them will give you the best bang for your buck but my top pick among them is AILESSOM Wi-Fi Bluetooth projector. It comes along a bundle of features. From huge screen, superior LED brightness, ultra high configuration, exceptional color accuracy, versatile digital connectivity, air play & screen mirroring to high tech smart screen functions and advanced cooling system, this projector is a beast! If you want a projector which can do anything, simply opt for it.

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