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10 Best Cheap Projectors Under $100

If you’re looking for the best projectors under $100, this list is a great place to start. We compiled our favorite picks based on customer reviews and the quality of projector.
We’ve included a variety of different types: from portable models that are perfect for business presentations, to high-quality home theater projectors. So whether you’re in need of an inexpensive way to boost your office’s productivity or just want a reliable device to watch movies with friends at home, we have something for everyone!
Have some good budget? Try these best projectors under $500, or even these premium-quality best projectors under 1000 dollars.

10 Best Projectors Under $100 List

1. Thzy Dr.J 1800 Lumens

Creating a more lifelike and realistic image with accurate colors for its viewers, BenQ HT2050 produces a great motion detail along with a high contrast ratio.

2. Meyoung Tc80 Led Mini

Its users love this modestly priced projector by Epson being its best model for the image quality and deep colors it offers along with giving a full HD content.

3. Upgraded DBPOWER T20

As the name suggests, BenQ HT2150ST, ST standing for short throws here.

4. Visual Great GP80

This bright model by Epson is a perfect choice for a completely dark room.

5. Blusmart LED 9400

This projector by Optoma amazes users with its 3D DLP technology.

6. Hausbell Mini

This projector by Epson having the 3LCD display technology is designed for office use, where you have to give presentations.

7. DB power GP15

This quiet and compact projector by BenQ is another addition to our list of projectors under $500.

8. GooDee Home Cinema

In focus is the pioneer in digital projection, amazes us with its incredible HD projector


Bringing Epson 2040 home means you are carrying a full HD 1080 p screen home.


It provides a bright and high brightness for small and well-lit meeting rooms.

Thzy Dr.J 1800 Lumens

Thzy Dr.J

This projector by THZY DR.J is one of the projectors, giving you a distinctly theatrical feel at home. It can be ideally used for PowerPoint and excel presentations at schools and offices, as this projector provides a massive screen size.

Being able to work with the Amazon fire stick as well as Google chrome book is an impressive feature it offers. The two inbuilt speakers have excellent audio, providing enough sufficient sound needed for a moderate room. Though having standard specifications, this powerful machine enables a very bright projection with the 1800 LUMENS, along with outstanding image details.

For offering the good resolution and clarity, THZY DR.J is using a five layers LCD lens along with supporting a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Being comfortable on the wallet, the vast array of capabilities it offers is truly outstanding. The mini home projector provides a screen size of a maximum of 176 inches.

Being compatible with a wide variety of devices, it supports both apple and android. Weighing 1.9 lbs, this mini projector is extremely portable. For achieving the desired picture quality, its suitable dimensions are a huge bonus. Having versatile ports indeed is a bonus.


Meyoung Tc80 Led Mini

Meyoung Tc80 Led Mini

This highly rated mini projector by MEYOUNG TC80 is top-ranked among the best projector available in 2019. It’s the best for playing Xbox, Play station, and other games to give you an HD video output. Having 1200 lumens brightness, it provides enough illumination even in a dark room.

With a 130 inch widescreen, you get an excellent experience of playing on a huge screen. Being more significant than its competing models, its specifications are more impressive than other good projectors under $200.

Any gaming console can be easily attached to it via HDMI cable. Providing a full throw distance of 1.5-4 meters, it is one of the best home projectors. For easy and quick optical adjustments, two focus rings are sticking out of the enclosure. Supporting active MHL, this projector has an inbuilt media player, so without connecting to an external resource, you are easily enjoying your favorite content.

For enjoying an outdoor movie at night, this big-screen providing 1080p resolution would be a perfect choice. Making the experience more immersive is its LCD technology, providing sharp and vivid images along with high contrast.


Upgraded DBPOWER T20


It is 50 % sharper and brighter than other brands offering similar prices and specs. It is best for people who want a multimedia cinema projector at home. It ensures a great cinematic experience at home with its massive 170 inches screen, providing a throw distance of 5 meters.

The particular MHL function allows it was connecting to your smartphones and playing media directly. Its wide viewing angle, along with the clarity it provides, allows an excellent image focus. With extensive research and progressive development, the company has brought down the fan’s noise level to half compared to competitors. It gives a crystal clear image with 130 inches projection and a throw distance of 2-2.5 meters, as by changing its distance, its image size can be adjusted.

A wireless HDMI adds more to its specs. Weighing 2.1 pounds, this cheap projector is extremely portable. Its 1500 lumen brightness makes it ideal for home entertainment in the dark. Being brighter than the ordinary LED projectors, it works perfect indoor. The built-in speakers provide excellent sound filling your room adequately. Its projection tilt and impressive 50,000 hours extended lamp life are its outstanding features.


Visual Great GP80

Visual Great GP80

Being Amazon’s most top-rated projector, Visual Great GP80 packs expensive projectors’ image and video quality in an affordable and portable package. For users searching for rich color video playbacks, the projector settings allow a dynamic contrast. Boosting an impressive contrast ratio, its technical specs are hard to find among projectors with the same price range.

A Brightness of 1800 lumens makes the images extra bright and easy to see while playing games or watching movies in the daytime. The dual USB slot feature enables plugging in and switching two devices at a time, without changing the cords every time. The inbuilt- speakers are loud enough for a medium room, so investing in outdoor projector speakers isn’t needed.

You can hear the sound while giving presentations at an office or while playing a game in your living room. The add-on remote control feature adds more to its specs as you can connect a remote control to it for operating the functions instead of doing it manually.


Blusmart LED 9400

Blusmart LED 9400

This Blusmart LED projector is the option for people searching for the maximum color depth at the lowest price possible. Bringing the best color recording technology to your videos, this premium product is a pleasure to use. It elevates a new level of portability and performance.

With a high contrast ratio, it produces vibrant colors with deeper blacks. This sharp and miniaturized package delivers the highest Lumens than other products in this price range. The higher the lumens, the brighter are the pictures, so even in the darkest room, it excels the picture and video quality.

This projector heats after using it continuously for 2-3 hours, so you can’t use it for back to back movie as it needs time to cool. Being easily portable with reduced fan noise, it’s best projector for presentations.


Hausbell Mini

Hausbell mini

Hausbell mini projector is no doubt the best portable projector you can get. Being celebrated for both travel and home, its compact dimensions make this portable mini projector fit anywhere. The 220-inch screen provides a clear image. Providing a static contrast ratio of 600:1 and a dynamic contrast of 10,000:1, this projector is best suitable for a darkroom, making you feel in a real cinema.

In this price range, it’s among the brightest projectors at 1500 Lumens. You can easily use it in dim light or even outdoors. Having an attention-grabbing contrast, its colors are sharp too. The in-built speakers will do the job for gaming in a living room, but they aren’t loud enough for outdoor or large offices. With all the bells and whistles, it is still a good projector.

Having an SD card slot and a USB port, it supports VGA, HDMI, and AV. This projector brings vivid impressions and many emotions while playing video games. You can easily connect it with PC, laptop, x-box, or Sony play stations. Supporting the MHL technology adds more to its specs.


DB power GP15

DB power GP15

Providing a short throw distance is among the best designing aspects of DB power projectors. Giving best results at 6.5 feet, it provides clarity of the optimal mix. Guaranteeing an optimum cinematic view experience, it delivers premium picture and brighter colors with 50% more lumens. Having a maximum screen size of only 120 inches, it is slightly small.

Producing vibrant video screenings, it features a high contrast ratio with a brightness rating of 1800 lumens. It’s capable of playback videos of 1080p full resolution along with having an upgraded LCD. The inbuilt-speakers are nice enough to fill the room.

With the stellar LED lamp, your enjoyment is long-lasting. With 3.3-9.8 projection distances, you can choose your adjustable watching size from 32-120 inches. The fan noise is cut down to exactly half by its excellent cooling system.


GooDee Home Cinema

GooDee Video Projector HD

Tenker Q5, along with having a sleek design, offers small dimensions while making its mobility easier. With a distinctive feature of 1500 lumens light output, it provides enough brightness in a lighted space and a dark room. Giving you the illusion of a real cinema in the dark, 800 x 400 resolution will provide the ultimate pleasure of playing games or watching a movie.

Being easy to connect with multiple devices, this LCD projector has multimedia connections for many inputs for sure. Thanks to its various speakers for a bright, beautiful, and loud sound. With a crisp and clear image, it provides an amazing cinematic experience at home.

So being one of the nice projectors, it stacks up well against its competitors. Having an innovative cooling system helps eliminate fan noise and ultimately suppress any distraction while giving presentations, playing games, or watching a movie. Thought to be a mini projector, it offers a vast projection size making it an excellent private home theatre.



Tenker Q5

Tenker Q5 along with having a sleek design offers small dimensions while making its mobility easier. With a distinctive feature of 1500 lumens light output, it provides enough brightness in a lighted space as well as a dark room. Giving you the illusion of a real cinema in the dark, 800 x 400 resolution will provide the ultimate pleasure of playing games or watching a movie.

Being easy to connect with multiple devices, this LCD projector has multimedia connections for many inputs for sure. Thanks to its various speakers for a bright, beautiful and loud sound. With a crisp and clear image, it provides an amazing cinematic experience at home. So being one of the nice projectors, it stacks up well against its competitors.

Having an innovative cooling system, it helps getting rid of fan noise and ultimately suppressing any distraction while giving presentations, playing games or watching a movie. Thought to be a mini projector, it offers a vast projection size making it an excellent private home theatre.




This Top vision projector offers 50% more brightness and a display size of 176 inches. The built-in integrated Hifi speakers produce a full spectrum and impressive sound. This high-quality sound is perfect for impressing the audience, either an outdoor or an indoor party. With impressive image adjustability, this advanced projector has a tempered glass lens giving remarkable thermal stability.

The efficient and advanced heat management system provides excellent thermal stability resisting high temperatures with efficiency. Its 2400 lumens brightness entertains you with a fully brighter image at home. This full high definition mini projector allows the best projection with a distance of 3 meters.

Having a powerful capability of noise suppression, it reduces noise to a noticeable level. Being a phone projector, it synchronizes the smartphone screen and works perfectly with android phones and i-phones.


Buyer Guide

Following considerations need to be made before buying a projector.


First of all, you need to be clear about the purpose of buying a projector, as this is the primary driving factor for buying a projector. Do you want to use it at home to play games or watching movies? Or you want to use it at your school to give presentations and showing slides? All the other factors are based on the purpose of buying the projector.


Do you want to hang it stationary, or you want to carry it around with you? If you’re going to hang it, a heavyweight projector won’t be an issue, but if you’re going to take it around, its weight and size matter a lot.


The number of pixels of a photo or video is its resolution. The more the number of pixels, the better will be the quality of the image/video. For watching movies, I would recommend a projector with a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080.


The unit of measuring the brightness of the projector is its LUMENS. You need to know where you want to use the projector. You want to use it either in a dark room or in sunlight or bright room light.

For using a projector in a dark place, you need a minimum of 1000 LUMENS, but for a bright environment, a projector having a capacity of around 3000 LUMENS would be enough.


Contrast refers to the distance between the darkest and brightest areas in a picture. The shadow detailing can be viewed along with the stable black levels. Having a high contrast ratio adds more sense of depth and dimension to the film. Thus while purchasing a home theatre projector, you need to consider its contrast ratio.


These days DLP projectors have won the market as they are more cheap, compact, and worth the pennies. While LCD projectors, on the other hand, are bulky and big. Being costlier, they are having better brightness and quality than the compact DLP projectors. So it all depends on your budget and portability.


The latest projectors these days support USB drives, so you don’t need to use a computer for it; you can directly play it through your USB. Some projectors have VGA ports for connecting to a PC, but for showing images or giving a presentation, a projector having HMDI support is more recommended.

Throw Distance

The distance between the projector and screen is the throw distance. Having an approximate idea of the throw distance is essential. If your room is small, your monitor and projector’s distance is less, so you need a projector throwing a bigger image on the screen.


For attaining the best result out of your projector, you need a projection screen. If the projection screen isn’t available, you can project on a white wall too.

Screen size

Compared to a TV, projectors are offering a big screen size to the money ratio along with a delighting experience. With a home theatre projector, we can scrutinize the smallest details on the screen.

Lamp life

This means the life of your projector’s lamp. This is an important thing to consider while buying a projector because once the lamp life finishes, the lamp needs to be replaced, and purchasing a new lamp is costly.


If you are more into watching 3D movies or playing 3D games, this feature is for you. Some of the projectors are 3d enabled, but they are a bit costly too.


Are you thinking to attach sound equipment to your projector, or you are going to rely on its built-in speaker. This is also a significant thing to know because if you want to use the same in-built speaker, it needs to be clear and loud.


A projector has fans for cooling inside it. These fans are sometimes really loud. So you need to consider it before buying it.

Lens Zoom

By utilizing the function of the lens zoom, you can control the placement of screen size. Thus the image size is adjusted through this feature instead of dragging the projector farther or closer manually to the screen.

Keystone correction and Lens shift

The keystone correction feature digitally adjusts the images to the wall. For changing the angle of the lens mechanically, for shifting down, up, or sideways, this lens shift feature is used.

Final verdict

Being a modern multimedia tool, the projector is accessible to everyone these days and started to explode popularity. The high-end projectors flooding the market have many advantages, especially for the consumers on a budget. Watching Netflix on a small TV or laptop won’t give you the same feel as watching a great cinematic adventure, unfolding on a big screen.

Nowadays, you don’t need to break the bank to play a video game or enjoy a football game on a big screen at home. Technology has become more affordable and portable, especially concerning the home theatre gear.

Now people think that projectors are a considerably better and captivating way to see their favorite content than the traditional televisions that don’t cut it anymore. There is a tremendous advancement in projector technology in recent years as matching the resolution and screen size of top line televisions.

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