Best Projector Screen Paint Review

Best Projector Screen Paint Ultra HD Screen Paint of 2019

Best Projector Screen Paint Ultra HD Screen Paint of 2019
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To protect a screen, there are so many available methods that you can use. You can begin by protecting on a plain wall if you decide to get your home projector screen system fixed.

All of the steps of painting a projector are different and are subject to a variety of factors such as price, quality, and perseverance. The quality of the image is therefore completely dependent on the amount of money you have used for it.

Using the projector screen paint is one of the easiest yet cheaper and customizable alternatives that many people have relied on to get multiple advantages.

Projection screen paints have several benefits. They not only permit you to decide how large or small projection screen you require but also let you watch high-quality videos and other media files on a much large screen.

You can also paint the wall in any direction you like and not have to worry about the aspect ratio while working. These advantages along with their cheap price range make the projector screen paint a much better alternative of a regular expensive screen.

There are so many projector screen paints available in the market, but before buying them, there are certain factors that you need to understand to buy a right, reliable and cost worthy product.

All these factors r detailed down below along with the names and additional information regarding the projector paint.

In a Hurry? The Test Winner Product

Screen Paint G005
Why is it better?
  • Absolute Neutral Color Shift
  • 1080p HD
  • Brighter Image
Works Great
looks great!

Top 5 Best Projector Screen Paints

Product Name
Smart Surfaces Projector Paint

They can easily modify any surface into a smooth and high-performance projector screen.

Digital Theater White

One of the most affordable and good quality options to give an impressive and unique home theater experience.

Ultra HD Premium

They are the best option when people demand paints that are good for both professional and consumer screens.

Ultra White 4K

It is a high gain bright screen paint that gives more brightness than a chalk white wall.

Projector Screen Paint G005

Easy to use and can transform any wall, floor or window into a very beautiful HD projection screen.

To Top 10 Table
In a Hurry? Editors choice:
Screen Paint G005

1. Smart Surfaces Projector Paint

best projector paint Review
60 %
White Finish
70 %
Smarter Surfaces
80 %
High Definition
88 %
Projectable Wall
90 %
  • White in color
  • Very natural to look at
  • Gives specific LRV (light reflective value)
  • Gain value is 1.0 at 140 degree angle
  • You can enjoy the best brightness
  • Manufactured with self-levelling compounds
  • Features dry-erase technique
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe to use in indoor environment
  • Emits very low odor
  • Does not absorb ambient lights
  • Reflect any light source back
  • Recommended lightening is reduced ambient

This paint is white, and so it is very natural to look at. Due to this quality, a lot of people are demanding this paint because they know what type of paint to use for projector screen.

The color soothes their eyes and correctly fills out the maximum brightness in the image. It makes you watch any media with the same brightness level with which the creators have made it.

2. Digital Theater White

Digital Theater White
90 %
Looks Great
90 %
Smarter Surfaces
85 %
High Definition
91 %
Projectable Wall
95 %
  • Modify a normal HD video into a complete 4K version
  • Also accommodate images form 6K and 8K
  • Offer the lowest gain among all the paints i.e. 1.4
  • Polarization retention is about 96%
  • Enhances profundity of 3D images
  • Good for home use
  • Amazing for commercial use
  • Coverage area is very low i.e. 140 inches only
  • They are only available in one size can i.e. 24 oz.
  • Cannot be tested beforehand
  • Coverage area is very less

Just like the name suggests, these paints are an elite choice when you are looking for a paint that can transform your room wall into a projector screen.

Their specialty is that under their name, there are so many screens that are being sold in the market.

All of these screens have their characteristics and qualities. But when it comes to quality and great features, a lot of people choose Elite Screens Chroma Flux Screen Paint because they are cheapest yet high-quality paint existing.

3. Ultra HD Premium

ultra 4k black screen paint
80 %
90 %
Happy with the Results
90 %
Works Great!
100 %
98 %
  • Finest quality paint
  • Walls shine fifty percent more
  • Make screen very enjoyable to watch
  • There is no hotspot on the screen
  • There is no reflection of any other object nearby
  • Optiperfect sheen for maximum brightness
  • Extremely wide viewing angle
  • Accurate color rendering
  • Good contrast
  • Water-based paint
  • Only suitable for indoor surfaces
  • Do not match well with the weather conditions outside
  • Doesn’t give images of 6K and 8K
  • It lacks the fineness that other paints may have

A lot of people consider certain factors before buying projection screen paint, and among those factors, brightness and white projector screen paint is their utmost priority.

This is because a projection screen is not a regular screen that is bound to give you an excellent experience, slightly the quality of your media will entirely depend upon the gain of the screen.

4. High Definition 4K

projector screen paint home depot
90 %
88 %
Happy with the Results
95 %
Works Great!
99 %
98 %
  • The highest contrast resolution among all
  • Single gallon is enough to paint a large wall
  • It is VOC (volatile organic compounds) free
  • Very safe to use instead of being a threat
  • Gives a very large surface area
  • Can paint up to 20 inches diagonally on surface
  • Digital images also offer a 19-inch diagonal coverage
  • Very easy to apply as well
  • It gives very little gain which is only about 1.5.
  • Not budget friendly
  • Gets out of stock very quickly

This paint is the only item in this list, which is the best wall paint for projector screen and gives all your problems regarding digital images an HD solution.

A lot of people like digital pictures and take benefits from a wide range of products they have to offer.

These people want to purchase all the essential screen painting items as well from their reliable resources.

5. Projector Screen Paint G005

Projector Screen Paint Review
70 %
80 %
Works Great
95 %
looks great!
97 %
92 %
  • Does not bound to the surface of a projector screen
  • Can be painted on any ceiling or window
  • Can be painted on any wall or any flat surface
  • Overall look of the paint is beautiful
  • Can be converted in a theater room to watch movies
  • Gain is around 1.5
  • DIY mount type
  • Absolute neutral color shift
  • Supports up to 4k HD resolution
  • Features a digital screen paint
  • The most expensive screen paint
  • Sometimes requires special settings to paint
  • Needs a primer
  • Needs site work done before painting

If you want to paint your house wall to use it as a projector screen, then going big in a limited budget is the thing to do.

With this paint, you are not limited to a few options because it is the right paint for the home theater screen. It not only lets you have the look of your type but gives HD result and that too with less work.

Buyers guide

Before you can finally decide what paint to use for a projector screen and what factors you must keep in mind, take a look at the detailed instructions down below to clear out all the queries in your mind.

Type of the paint

Before you can select the type of paint that you want for your projection screen, you must know what paint is formulated from. One thing that everyone must keep in mind is that most of these paints are made out of water-based formulas. Because of this factor, these paints are easy to apply and are also efficient when it’s time to clean up.

The paints which are made from water-based formulas are also more durable in terms of their external appearance. On the other hand, many oil-based paints are also available in the market, and though they survive long, they may degrade over time. There are two options to choose water-based paints from, i.e. latex or acrylic.

Acrylic paints are very much in demand by the customers because they contain less amount of vinyl in them and are often sold with the addition of certain additives that make them more durable and resilient towards harsh conditions.

These paints are a little more expansive than the latex ones which are primarily made out of vinyl. It is because vinyl is cheaper to buy and is less harmful to the environment than acrylic paints.


Resolution is of more importance depending on the type of projector you want to put in your house. If your projection can display media in 1080p quality, you do not need expensive or good quality projector paint.

But, if your projector can feature 4K resolution or ultra HD images, then buying the paint for projector wall is a must for you. 6K and 8K are emerging these days very fast so it is always a good idea to buy a projector paint that can surpass your basic requirements.


It is the reflectivity of the projector screen paint and is an essential issue design on the type of media that you want to play on your projector. Gain also impact the ambient light significantly and can quickly work as a double-edged sword in this matter.

For a lot of people, a paint whose benefit can coordinate with their projectors very well is a must. Compact projectors are easy to use, but they emit very less light, but it can easily be countered through a high gain projector screen paint that can reflect good light from home theatre screen paint to the viewers and make the images appear brighter.


What is the definition of projector screen paint?

Projector screen paint is a great alternative for people who cannot afford a special projector screen but still want to enjoy high-quality media in their house. A lot of people mostly paint walls to watch HD or even 4K videos without spending any extra amount of money. These paints are different from the paints that we normally use to paint our house and contain some special features that help them display high-quality videos on a wall.

How to determine the paint for the projector?

There are so many factors that contribute to the quality of projector screen paint. Before purchasing any paint, you must learn which paint gives you the highest quality picture, excellent resolution, and gain, give the brightest picture of them all, affordable, easy to use and covers a large surface area. If any paint fulfills your requirements in all of these sectors, then you should buy that one.

Which materials are used in making a projector screen?

The screen of a projector is supposed to be very light and opaque in terms of its looks. These screens are generally used in or curtains to block the sunlight from coming inside. These screens are made out of polyester and cotton material due to which it’s one side gives the appearance of woven cotton while the other one feels just like a coated plastic. A lot of people save themselves from the cost of buying a projector screen. They instead buy these materials standard form a local store and then prepare one for their use.

What color is suitable for a projector screen?

For the projector screen, grey and white are the most appropriate options. Both of these colors are known to absorb only a little amount of light in them so it may become straightforward for a person to watch videos in HD quality with some light blinking over the screen. White screens are also acceptable by some customers, but they have to make sure that the video is not too bright; otherwise, the video may go through clarity and quality issues.

Final Verdict

These are the wide-ranging particulars about what paint to use for projector wall. If we use simple words, if you are looking for a display with the highest excellence, you should always go for the best one in the market because they have prime coverage area with the broadest range of gain as well.

So you can have a screen according to your requirements. But of course, it will cost you more than others commercially. If the price is your chief concern, then go on supplementary alternatives and purchase a screen that fits your requirements very well.

Eventually, the top projector screen paint will be the one that can gratify your projection screen requirements while still opting within your financial plan since the price varieties between different qualities of projector screen paint can be substantial.

If your projector structure needs the most excellent projector screen paint, then you cannot be mistaken with the brand of the paint as well as various other factors which have been already described in the above section such as surface area, gain, and quality of the picture.

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