Best Long Range TV Antennas Indoor & Outdoor Best of 2019

Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

The following are some of the outdoor long range TV antennas that are not only budget friendly but has some new and advanced features to make sure that your purchase is worth the money.

Top 5 Best Long Range TV Antennas For Outdoor

#1 RCA ANT751R Compact Outdoor Yagi

They give a wide range of about 70 miles and are a true competition to other brands.

#2 Antop Outdoor HDTV Antenna

It deals with 3G and 4G signals that enhance the overall quality of your TV reception.

#3 AatalTV 160miles Outdoor Antenna

It is a very simple antenna that comes with clear assembling instructions and installation tips.

#4 1byOne Amplified Outdoor Antenna

The most intriguing thing about this antenna is the added and enhanced features.

#5 ViewTek 360-Degree Outdoor Antenna

It gives a range of up to 150 miles and gives amazing picture quality.


Top 5 Best Long Range TV Antennas For Indoor

#1 ClearStream 2V Indoor HDTV Antenna

It is an antenna with a 60-mile range and comes with a 30 feet cable for easy installation.

#2 Winegard FlatWave FL-5000 Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna

It is a digital indoor HD antenna with a sleek design and even amazing specifications.

#3 Mohu Leaf 30 TV Indoor Antenna

Though it may not have a highly extended range, it has a number of different and unique features.

#4 Vansky Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna

It comes with an amplifier to give an extended range to the antenna.

#5 1byone Indoor TV Antenna

It is the most convenient of them all in terms of money as well as installation.


1. RCA ANT751R Compact Outdoor Yagi

Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna
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  • Cross-phase and multi-element design
  • Enhanced reception technology
  • Supports UHF and VHF channels
  • Comes with a preassembled design
  • It has a secure lock foldout
  • Presence of UHF reflector and snap lock features
  • 75-ohm transformer for outdoor placement

  • Price range is high
  • Wireless remote may stop working after some time

It is an RCA amplified outdoor long range TV antenna 500 miles that lets you watch any network and local TV in complete 1080-p HD quality. It has been manufactured especially to work in tough reception areas where similar products from other brands do not work correctly.


  • Built-in 4G LTE Filter
  • Smartpass Amplifier
  • Long range reception
  • Range 55 to 65 miles
  • Reception Pattern Omnidirectional
  • Polarization Horizontal
  • Power Supply DC 12V

If the range of the antenna is everything for you, then buying this long-range outdoor TV antenna is highly recommended.

Not only it gives excellent picture quality but comes with easy to install accessories which may come handy even if you want to take it with you when you travel.

  • 65-mile reception range from a signal orientation point
  • Omnidirectional reception
  • UV coating and waterproof finish
  • Support VHF and UHF digital signals
  • Includes an AC/DC power adaptor
  • Comes with mast clamp kits and 33 feet coaxial cable

  • Supply to the signal amplifier module may be inconsistent
  • The signal may be weak at times


  • Working Frequency VHF47~240MHz
  • Connector Type F Male/IEC Male
  • Reception Range 150+miles
  • Size 565*280*20mm
  • Impedance 75Ohm
  • 32dBi with mplifier

One of the simplest yet unique long-range outdoor HDTV antennas in the market is AatalTV 160miles Outdoor Amplified TV Antenna.

It comes with easy installation tips which may come handy if you are not a tech person and like things with simple approaches.

  • 50 miles range reception
  • 360-degree omnidirectional reception
  • Comes with an HD antenna amplifier
  • Comes with 12 feet coaxial cable
  • Weather resistant and easy to install

  • Short connection cable
  • Gives fewer channels than an indoor antenna


  • Range: 65 Miles
  • Frequency Range174-230MHz; 470-862MHz
  • Receiving Range VHF/UHF
  • Built-in Amplified Antenna Gain 21-23dB for VHF
  • Impedance 75Ω
  • Power Supply Input AC 110V 60Hz
  • Power Supply Output DC 12V 100mA

It is an excellent quality long range outdoor HD antenna that has a sleek and stylish design and shows exceptional receiving abilities.

With this antenna, you will never have to pay for satellite fees again because you get all the local channels free of cost.

  • Enhanced VHF and YHF reception
  • Comes with a reflection net design
  • Comes pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Low noise amplifier to give strong signal reception
  • Comes with built-in 4G LTE filter
  • Coms with snow-proofing and water-proofing

  • Price range is high
  • Antenna signal vary from your distance with the broadcasting tower


  • Range 150 Miles
  • Support 1080p HDTV
  • Working Frequency VHF 40~300MHz
  • High Performance Amplifier
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Coaxial Cable Length 10M
  • Impedance 75Ohm
  • Connector Type F Male

If you are always fascinated to see something new, you might not be able to get your hands off of this long distance TV antenna.

Not only the mile range of this product is impressive, but it can give you signals even if you are residing in some other state from where your broadcasting tower is very far.

  • Built-in high gain amplifier
  • Built-in low noise
  • Comes with a wireless remote controller
  • Easy to install and comes with proper installation details

  • Can only be mounted 30 feet above the ground
  • Actual mile range may vary due to location

Best Long Range Indoor TV Antenna

Following are some of the indoor TV antennas that allow you to watch all channels and sows free of cost and help you save some good money over-air programming.


  • Range 60 mile
  • Receive free TV from networks
  • Lifetime warranty on parts
  • Reduce Your Monthly TV Bill
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Suggested placement Bedrooms and attic

It is a powerful yet very flexible long range TV antenna that can pull in a variety of different stations very reliably.

The design is able to make a bold statement in the market, and its ability to lock into signals makes it different than its competitors.

  • Bigger and more conspicuous
  • Comes with dipole antenna bars
  • Gives coverage of a 60-mile range
  • Dedicates UHF and VHF multidirectional elements
  • Comes with 30 feet coaxial cable

  • It is relatively expensive than other brands
  • May have to buy cable according to your installation area


  • Range 35 mile range
  • HD dual band VHF and High-UHF TV antenna
  • Multi-directional TV antenna
  • Ultra-thin, 0.6lb weight
  • Digital TV antenna dimensions: 13″ x 12″

This antenna lets you watch live sports, weather/local news and your favorite TV shows for free in HD quality.

This most extended range of digital antenna features precise circuit technology to provide you with absolute signal quality and maximum content available in your area.

  • Comes with an HD dual brand
  • Supports VHF and UHF TV antennas
  • It is ultrathin and is only 0.6 lb. in weight
  • It features multidirectional TV antenna
  • Complimentary email and telephone support
  • One year warranty by the manufactures

  • It does not work on a Non-HD TV
  • Easy to break due to ultrathin body


  • Easy as Plug. Power. Scan
  • Enjoy HD programming
  • 10 ft. high-performance cable
  • Up to 40-mile range
  • Made in the USA
  • Developed from U.S. Military Technology

It is a genuine paper-thin HD longest distance TV antenna in the market that lets you watch HD TV in full 1080p quality for free.

It is derived from an advanced US military technology and is manufactured from the quality components to give an excellent performance.

  • Gives all HD channels without subscribing to a satellite
  • Includes a 10 feet long coaxial cable
  • It can be painted to match the décor of your house
  • Supports VHF and UHF reception

  • Quality of reception depends on the location
  • A limited warranty is given by the manufacturers


  • Range 80 Miles
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Control box with dual TV
  • Built-in low-noise and high gain amplifier
  • Antenna pole mounts
  • Built-in motor 360 degrees

This antenna has been designed to give a solution regarding free channels and broadcast from your free of cost TV entertainment.

Through this item, you can cut the cable and gain access to HD programs such as kids TV, live news, sports channels, and family sitcoms.

  • Antenna amplifiers enhance the range
  • Give maximum signal reception
  • Gives 60-80 mile range
  • It can receive OTA signal channels
  • It supports VHF and UHF signal receptions
  • Through this antenna, 1080p HD signals can be achieved

  • The switch mechanism is not available
  • Sometimes the amplifier may not work


  • Range: 50-85 Miles
  • Suggested placement: Lounge
  • Accessories: Advanced inline amplifier and coaxial cable

This long range indoor TV antenna can help you get rid of monthly satellite subscriptions, and you can easily have access to all the content available in your area. You can now watch TV in 4K Ultra HD quality with the most vivid colors and a fantastic sound.

  • There is an advanced inline amplifier to enhance weak signals
  • It comes with advanced clean peak filter technology for a clearer picture
  • It is a low noise antenna that gives enhanced frequency performance
  • It has a paper thin design
  • The installation is very easy due to its design and slim body

  • Need advanced settings for flat screen TVs
  • May require your TV to retune

Buyers guide

With so many brands and features of TV antennas in the market, it is very difficult to choose the one that is according to your preferences. But if you keep the following key points in your mind when you purchase an antenna, making decisions will be very easy for you.

Your budget

Most of the people have an instinct to buy a cheap and inexpensive TV antenna so they can save some money off of it. This decision can have a terrible influence on the reason why you are buying an antenna in the first place.

If the antenna is cheap, it will directly affect the broadcasting of local channels and will be unable to provide you with a crystal clear video and picture quality.

Currently, there are a lot of brands selling TV antennas which are not the only budget-friendly but also provide you with advanced features and benefits to make their products worth your money.

Signal strength

Two kinds of antennas are available in the market, i.e. amplified and non-amplified. Whichever one you decide to purchase will directly be linked with your geographical location.

Amplified versions are costly, but they are guaranteed to solve all broadcasting issues of your TV without a glitch. Non-amplified versions also called as passive versions are a little inexpensive but are preferred by most of the people.

If you live in a neighborhood where your distance with the broadcasting station is around 20 miles, you can go for buying a non-amplified version.

But if this distance is more, i.e. about 50 miles or even further, using a non-amplified antenna will suit you the best. Dwellers who live in suburban and rural areas always invest in an amplified TV antenna so they can get the best reception on their TV as possible.

Availability of channels

Channel availability or in simple words presence of a UHF/VHF channel reception is also critical to consider when buying a long range TV antenna.

Recently, many antennas are being launched that are UHF only and give HD TV picture quality. For some reason, having a UHF only TV antenna is more than enough in some areas.

But if the broadcasting channels are still on VHF, you may have to buy an indoor antenna that can cover both kinds of channels.

Since it is very tricky to buy the indoor TV antenna, make sure you go for the one that has a generous return and exchange policy so you can have your money back in case it is unable to broadcast your favorite channels.

Channel interference

There are two types of channel warnings, i.e. co-channel and adjacent. Co-channel warnings are when two different transmitters are broadcasting the same channel and are interfering with one another.

Even though FCC has made some attempts to avoid this interference, people who love in between these two broadcasts on the same channel may experience issues.

Adjacent channel warnings, on the other hand, will only affect you if you are neat any transmitter. If the transmitter is powerful, it is bound to block out weak channels.

For this purpose, you can go with built-in adjacent channel rejection capabilities so that this issue can be resolved.

Types of cables

The cable that comes along with a TV antenna has a very intense effect on its overall performance. For better placement during set up, it is better to buy a detachable and extended cable.

A lot of people put their antenna near their windows and for that; they may need an extended cable wire to reach the position. Therefore many types of extension cables are available if the included cable does not have the required length.

Once you have decided the location of your antenna, you should look for options that can be used to mount it well. Many models are now coming with adhesive tapes to secure the antenna to a wall or a window, but if the antenna model is large, you may need a hardware mounting to the wall as well.


Is it essential to get a digital converter box with a TV antenna?

If the model of your TV is older than 2007, then it is an excellent chance that it may not be able to catch right broadcasting signals on its own. So you may need a digital converter box which is attuned with your TV set. You can check out the manual given along with your set to check out compatibility.

What to do if the TV reception is too strong?

Around 15-70 dB noise margin is required for any TV to catch good signals but if your screen is showing a black picture even though you live in an active signal area, you might need to reduce the effectiveness of your setup by adding some interference. You can then reduce the TV signals by making sure you are not using an amplified TV antenna or any other amplifying device along with it. If you are using an outdoor antenna, you can try and switch to an indoor one to reduce the intensity of broadcasting signals or better yet, you can use an omnidirectional or multidirectional antenna instead of a directional one. If you have poor receptions, take these steps backward to improve the signals on your TV so you can watch your channels much more clearly.

How can I join two different antennas?

If you want to join two antennas, you need to buy yourself an antenna combiner that is often going by the name of UVSJ. It is UHF and VHF signal combiner that permits you to join in an antenna that gives high VHF receiving with one that offers good UHF receiving. It helps in getting a clear reception to all channels without any drop in overall signal coverage.

What are some ways of installing an antenna?

TV antennas are installed in two different ways, i.e. indoors and outdoors. The outdoor antennas are specially designed to look like a technical gear while indoor ones are made so they can blend in with the décor of your house.

What are active and passive TV antennas?

Active-TV antennas consist of a built-in amplifier to remove the interference in broadcasting signals. But for people who live in states of good reception using an amplifier can name the signs to go too strong. In a result, the TV is unable to process the signals and gives a blackout screen appearance. Passive TV antennas, on the other hand, are the ones without any amplifier attached to them. They are considered to be a better choice for areas that already have a strong broadcasting signal receiving.

Final Verdict

With the above discussion, it can be made very clear that you can save yourself an excessive arrangement of money if you stop using cable or satellite TV and instead depend on your first-hand indoor/outdoor TV antenna to have all the free broadcasting signals that are provided to you every day.

Buying the most accurate antenna for your TV depends on which area you live in and what channels you like to watch and perhaps you may also have to test many antennas to find your seamless fit.

Be guided. There are numerous small form feature projections on the market that assert to cover large distances. In the above details, we have revised some of the best ones here which may tell you how many of them are very good in terms of their performance and features.


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