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Top 12 Best Headphone Brands In The World

Looking to find Best Headphone Brands? This article summaries our top picks about the best headphone brands available in the market. These days, headphones are turned into the utmost priority for daily life. If you are going outside for a morning walk, you won’t forget to carry your headset with you.

Calling becomes easier, that you don’t have to take your phone to your ears every time while doing your work, you have your headphones, just pick the call while working and no worries at all you have to face it again and again. Latest headphones are available with the most outstanding features such as noise cancellation, crisp sound quality, catching variable sets of frequencies, and many more.

Headphones in the market are now available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. It totally depends upon your choice that either you select headphones with a headband, or earbuds, or wired sets or Bluetooth ones along with various colors. We have picked some of the top companies of headphones for you and described them in detail to give you the optimum knowledge about the special features every company is known well for. Read down below to get the most updated list of good headphones brands to select one for yourself.


Sennheiser Headphones

One of the top quality headphones made by Sennheiser (best headphones company) has anchored their stone into the sale market by their excellent standard matching products with a wide range of variety.

For the past 75 years, Sennheiser has been producing headphones and acquiring each and every modern technology on time to provide their customers with up to date experience. Talking about price, then these headphones fall in a slightly upper edge of pricing but the standard they provide is really worth that.

They bestow the innovation with leading audio technology to bring forth the best listening episode every time. Their ergonomic designs are so comfortable so that can be worn full day to give a more personalized experience to the user. As every company has its own focus point on which it relies by producing its various products.

Sennheiser focuses the most on the sound outcome providing deep bass, derailed treble with natural mids. Some latest models by this company also offer built-in equalizers to dispense outstanding sound quality on user’s terms. With their Active Noise Cancelling technology, users can avail of transparent hearing, at affordable prices with free shipping.


Bose headphones

The American company is named over the name of its founder Amar Bose who invented this venture in 1964. In the early years of its establishment, Bose was renowned for its noise-canceling earphones, but later, they lost the scope because the products were not catching the innovation already had been introduced by other competitors in the market of earphone brands.

Later, this organization came up with the latest headsets competing in the market ideally. They got a more comfortable design for on and over-ear models that are well-padded and provide a perfect fit for every head size.

Along with this comfort, the Bose prides itself for supplying its latest headphones with excellent noise-canceling technology, supplying you with the awesome sound of your favorite musical track, plus you can have a flawless calling experience with zero crash in your sound, all thanks to its top-grade microphone.

The only miss point which is not considered as big is the absence of EQ, thus you don’t have more customized control. But this is not that big of an issue because it has such a widely engineered equalizer that produces a well-balanced sound profile for your hearing.

Most of the Bose over-ear headphones do have some leaky sound issues if they are used at their higher volumes, which can bother your surrounding people. But the in-ear headphones and earbuds don’t leak that much sound.


Sony headphones

If you want to grab a headset from wireless headphones brands then this company has no beatings. They provide the best ever connectivity, especially in their latest models.

Sony acquires the latest Bluetooth technology with perfect engineered connectivity panels wireless gives you an ultimate and an amazing experience without swings in your sound, no matter if there are some obstacles in the way.

It is a well-known company and has set its repute in the market, thus Sony users trust the brand with a higher number because they produce only good quality products without considering the price boundaries, that is one of the reasons that the Sony headphones are a bit pricey.

But if you want to stay on a lower budget then Sony couldn’t be a very good choice, because they have little highly-priced headphones but obviously worth it. Its headphones are surprisingly lightweight and deliver awesomeness in the sound department. They acquire the best cutting the edge noise-canceling technology. Their crowd-pleaser system is their amazing sound output that provides crystal clear calling with a pleasant music listening experience.

Audio Technica

Audio Technica headphones

Audio-Technica is a Japanese audio venture founded in 1962 that reflects their experience in the audio device making era. This company produces affordable yet highly attributed models for musicians and producers.

They have a wide range of prices depending upon their models and their acquiring features. The price range falls between 100 to 2000 dollars, so Audio-Technica gives the choice of budget headphones totally in the hands of the customer to select according to his pockets.

If we en light the main significant feature of this company then it all comes in the word “durable”. The headphones featured by this enterprise are reviewed as the most durable ones by the customers. Their noise-canceling technology is amazing with some headphones but as compared to that of the latest models proposed by Bose, they go slightly downstage.

These headphones are being commonly used by musical companies and appreciated this mode well for their tremendous sound output and durability. Moreover, Audio-Technica provides the headphones with long-lasting battery timing that allows them to go for long-term use to produce awesome music in the company.


JBL headphones

If you are looking for the cream of the top-performing headphones and you are a lover of Bombastic listening then it delivers the legendary audio sound that you crave for. They look really nice and feel even better.

On top of above all significance, there is a very good customized control for the tons of features JBL provides its users. Some of the wireless earbuds by JBL provides duo mode for an immersive listening experience with JBL signature sound.

For a more comfortable fit, they provide the earbuds with various interchangeable ear cups. All the features related to the sound or volume control works pretty well and the call barring function doesn’t just hang out while operating giving you the uppermost control with even wireless sets as well.

If you are wanting a noise cancelation department review, then yes JBL got good points in this function. They are not in the average affordable range because the price is a bit high but totally worth it.

Their wireless series are designed to make you live free from wires and are blessed with mono mode, which means that you may remain aware of your environment while calling. Touch series has a very precise intuitive touchpad for sound control with a clear voice microphone.


Beats headphones

This brand is known for its sound quality, so if you have a fine choice about listening and love to listen to hip hop then go for them. This company engineered some latest models which pick every beat and deliver it so smoothly to your ears that leads you to another world of amusement.

Furthermore, the equalizers work very well with the headphones of Beats, as per reviewers, which gives a pleasant blend of ups and downs in the musical sounds. The noise-canceling system also works well but we can’t mention this feature in the top listed noise-canceling headphone companies.

This is because Beats headphones are not very best in their noise-canceling mode and don’t emit surrounding sounds as efficiently as Bose QuietComfort headphones do. They are extremely lightweight and are easy to carry around. They feel good with the very comfortable material to which they are made. Moreover, they deliver a snug fit while workouts and provide the best beat experience.

Discussing the price, Beats headphones are some more expensive than Airports but their battery works very well and spends a long time so the elevated price is worth it. Moreover, most of their designs are so compact that they are very portable to carry with you anywhere.


Jaybird headphones

Jaybird is well known for making sports-friendly headphones as they are more resistant to earth and are very versatile for daily use. The designs of all Jaybird headphones are so precise and sleek that cover less space and look tremendously elegant.

The only negative point for these headphones is that they are produced in variety, which means if your personality is versatile and you want more and more choices to select one masterpiece for you then this company is not for you. It has produced fewer models but each one is a masterpiece on its own.

Its in-ear pieces have gained peaked popularity. Their headphones are so durable that they can resist shocks, falls, sweat, or even rainfalls. That’s why this brand is called a sports-friendly brand. But if you are not a sports person but are working as a labor, body trainer, or doing hard physical work then you can choose this brand, and trust me they will prove themselves to be much more durable than your expectations.

Talking about noise-canceling, they don’t provide the efficacy in this feature and also give vacuum seal to the ear which is unpleasant to some users.


Jabra headphones

This global brand illustrates the slogan “Engineered for you” which reflects their ultimate care and passion for their customers. The products made by this brand are specially designed to make your life easier with a better sound experience. They claim to know well about the medical audio technology of the human ear.

This makes them one of the best headphone manufacturers for people who care about their hearing status. These headphones are well-known for emitting disruptive noise and giving you the best and clearer sound. Along with tons of innovative features, Jabra provides you with a set of ultimate microphones to catch only your voice without getting in any external shrubby noise which ultimately provides the best calling experience.

This is only one company in the world that combines the professionals of technical engineers, consumers, and medical professionals under one roof to generate the masterpieces. Concluding, the Jabra brand is considered to be the most updated company that provides the consumers with the innovative technology they demand. They have a wide range of products for specific use as well, such as for Skype, Apple, sports, noise reduction range, and audiophile ones.


Skullcandy headphones

Skullcandy is an American company founded in 2003, that markets earphones, headphones, audio backpacks, hands-free devices, MP3 players along many other products. It is one of the widest range product making companies whose products are being used by aspiring filmmakers at Leeds hand band members.

Discussing the variations and designs, this company has achieved a milestone in the field. It produces a number of types of designs and its headphones are available in so many colors that any company, which made them the most versatile company in terms of colors.

This company understands music and provides headphones that provide good listening with deep cuts. They claim that they don’t want you to just listen to music, instead, they want you to feel it. They made various sets in different categories, like open-back, closed-back headphones with a wide variety of headbands.

The most positive point by which this company has a lot of customers is its low price, which made these headphones to become affordable for almost every class of people. So if you are a music lover and want to get the best out of it then this company is a blessing for you, as it gives the ultimate listening experience at lower prices.

Here is a question, why do they offer so low prices? The answer stays in their outer material, which is a little plastic and some down standard as compared to that of Bose and Jabra. Moreover, at louder volumes, their sound doesn’t come out so clear.


SteelSeries headphones

SteelSeries is renowned for its gaming headphones. They provide specially designed gaming series of the best headphone companies among which Xbox series and PlayStation 5 series are at the top with wired and wireless sets. With these headsets, you can avail of next-generation compatibility with connected devices.

SteelSeries earphones give Boombastic sounds and have a special feature of zero delays in sound synchronization. By this, you can have your gameplay and battle sounds at the same time which provides you with the ultimate gaming experience that you dream of. These headphones are extremely lightweight and comfortable so that you can play your game as much as you want without getting your ears tired.

They don’t provide various colors combinations, the most produced headphones by SteelSeries are in black color, while ARTIS 7P and ARTIS 3 comes in white color, all other headphones are available in black color. About price range, they are in a moderate price range to be easily affordable by gamers.


Logitech is a well-known company because of its diversified availability because it provides its products in almost every country. This is an American-Swiss venture from 1981, that is recognized for the manufacturing of computer appliances and software.

They provide good sound but not as good as the headphones of Jabra and Sony provides. They have an excellent mic pickup system that catches perfect sound without missing any note. Talking about the price then it would not be wrong if we award the Logitech headphones the very low-cost headphones with worthy qualities.

They are very lightweight headphones and the outer material is good as compared to that of Skullcandy (based on various reviews). Moreover, these headphones are not very comfortable and are not recommended for very long time usage. But if you want to use them daily for almost 3 to 4 hours then these are best.


HyperX headphones

HyperX Founded in 2002, this company is categorized in the gaming headphones producing industry. Moreover, it also produces computer peripherals as well, so that they claim to know the connection of headphones to the devices very well. They provide cloud stinger, cloud, cloud revolver, cloud alpha, cloud orbit along with various accessories.

They produce wired as well as wireless headphones with beautiful designs. Furthermore, they have known for their comfortable fit and are suitable for pro gamers. You wouldn’t feel tired while wearing them for a long time.

HyperX doesn’t provide a wide variety of big headphones, instead, they offered only 12 headset models, all with Boombastic sounds and a good listening feel. The noise-canceling systems also don’t work very well as compared to that of Sennheiser ones although the mic voice catching function works really well. They are durable and tough duty headphones and can handle a slight harsh usage.


All companies work really well in their mission to provide the ultimate listening experience to their users. Now it all depends upon your choice of which quality you give more weight for your hearing, either you wanna select the best noise-canceling headphones then Sennheiser headphones is a good choice.

But if you want to go out of the world and the extremely perfect listening road then Jabra headphones would be a good choice. But if you want the best noise-canceling and comfort in one set then Bose’s latest models would work perfectly.

If you have a low budget and yet want to get an excellent listening experience then you must go for Skullcandy headphones. If you want to buy a headphone for your gaming passion then HyperX is a good choice to go with.

Now we have provided the list of 12 top headphones manufacturing brands so that you can use this top headphones brand list the next time you go shopping for a new headset for your joy.

We have precisely described every aspect by focusing the light on the major functions for which the company is known well. With all of these highlighted features and the honest pros and cons of the above-mentioned companies here, you must feel sure to grab a perfect match for your music passion, gaming love, or calling monitoring.

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