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Best Face Mask for Virus Protection

Covid-19 illness cases are still continuing to climb the charts. Whether we’re talkimg about the death toll or the usual infection, Corona is a much feared factor at the moment. This isn’t the first time that an airborne global pandemic has been able to scare the crap out of people. Even in the past, several epidemics and their sudden growth have been able to take over the world by storm.

So, the only way to seek refuge from these sort of illnesses is “prevention”. As it’s been said, prevention is better than cure. Instead of waiting for the disease to knock at you door, opt for an optimal solution beforehand. Usually masks and gloves are the sole saviours in this case but some people highly doubt whether these masks work at all or not.

Offcourse, just like a specific sort of medication works solely for a specific disease, specific sort of infections can only be stopped by using some particular masks. So the question that arises her is, what’s the best mask for virus protection? It’s pretty obvious you’re not going to use a common surgical mask to get prevention from a virus because that won’t be helpful at all.

Homemade masks and Surgical masks

Homemade masks can be created at home by using a simple piece of cloth and surgical masks are easily available on drug stores. Both of these options provide a small degree of protection againt viruses. They don’t have the tendency to filter small airborne particles and droplets like a specified N95 mask.

Moreover, air can easily escape from the side crevices of a common surgical mask while you’re wearing it. There’s no doubt that these alternatives provide protection upto some extent but they’re not as appropriate as a specifically designed apparatus. Which is why N95 masks are the most excellent source of prevention against viruses like Covid 19.

N95 Respirators

The N95 masks have slightly stricter requirements for pressure drop while inhaling as compared to other masks. Moreover they have the tendency to provide protection against droplets resulting from coughing in a better way as compared to other competitors.

Although the health department places pressure on the fact that the general public can rely upon usual face masks and cloth coverings, you can utilize specifically designed ones for more protection. The N95 respirators are extremely close fit and control/filter upto 95 percent of particles passing through them via air In this way they provide optimal protection against viruses like Covid-19.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) actually backup the usage of N95 masks. These masks provide extremely appropriate fit and they’re specifically designed by using high grade polyester and other synthetic fibers. On the front side, in order to let the air pass through and release there are exhalation valves.

So, there’s no need to worry as this mask is actually approved by researchers. But, the catch here is that these N95 masks are only for halth care workers and they’re not supposed to cater the general public. That’s because a shortage of these masks can actually create a big problem for healthcare workers. Although if you’re in direvt contact with people regularly and have direct access to these masks, they can be utilized under ceratin conditions.

It’s definetely not supposed to be share with any other individual once you’ve used it. Moreover, in case of any sort of damage dispose it off as soon as possible. Everytime a N95 mask is put on, it’s really important to check it’s seal or the mask is upto no good. The person who is utilizing it should be well aware that the seal shoul have the perfect and optimal setting and it shouldn’t be too tight. Furthermore, make sure that you fit test the mask. Loose fit can result in leakage which means that your mask would be upto no use.

Are masks actually helpful?

Human interaction is something that can never be completely avoided even during a global pandemic. You have to go out whether it’s for job related purposes or shopping. You can definitely not sit at home for weeks without any sort of interaction with the general public. An these interaction play a big part in the spread of these sort of diseases. What you actually need is some sort of barrier between you and that virus.

Face masks act as barriers and definetely provide protection upto some extent. Moreover, if you’re unaware of the fact that you’ve actually been infected by the virus, wearing these masks can protect th ones around you from catching the virus. According to the researchers at John Hopkins center of disease prevention, Face masks can actually help protect agaimst various diseases that have th capability to spread through the droplet route. Moreover, Corona and common flu are a great example of these sort of diseases.

Limitations and Priorities

Purchasing a mask and simply wearing it isn’t where the problem completely ends. Acording to researchers, most people including the general public aren’t actually trained on how they’re supposed to utilize these masks. There’s a certain way to position it on your face to seek protection against infected droplets.

Moreover, people fail when it comes to chosing a mask that fits your face. Extremely loose masks will fail to protect you and the tight ones will make you extremely uncomfortable. Although N95 masks are the perfect solution to the problem as they filter extremely small particles only, this can also be a sort of problem. You’ll struggle to breathe if N 95 masks are used for a long period of time so it’s important to take it off seldom and take a break. The situation can be worse for people struggling with issues related to respiratory system.

Currently there is no sort of proper cure available but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take some steps to make sure that you’re preventing this virus from infecting you or your loved ones. Make sure that you’re maintaining safe distance from people and taking care of your hygeine. Don’t forget to utilize masks and gloves when you’re going out. We hope that this article might be enlightening enough for you in this regard.

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