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8 Best Electric Snow Blowers in 2020

As winters are around the corner, that means the bundle of snow and the responsibility of cleaning it. We will be needing some powerful electric snow blowers to get rid of snow and that could meet your requirements. They are similar to the small lawnmower and it involves a simple technological process in which a plastic auger is used for pulling off the snow and throwing it off.

Make sure that no living being is around the area when electric snow blowers are switched on. Snowblowers are usually in a lightweight, quiet and eco-friendly. Here we have come up with honest reviews about electric snow blowing machine to help you make a better decision for yourself.

Snow Joe SJ623E

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

Snow Joe Ultra is a well-known best selling electric snowblower. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E can move up to 720 pounds of snow per minute because of its 15-amp motor. Now isn’t it amazing? It has a 4-blade razor that can cut up to 18inch wide by 10-inch deep snow. You can use this snow blower for a more lasting period.

You can adjust it in whichever direction because it has a 180 adjustable discharge chute. This effective electric snow blower has got on board 20- W halogen highlight that will assist you cleaning the paths whether in day or night. This is one of the best electric snow blowers that you can get which is eco-friendly, smart and fast to clean up the mess. It is ETL approved with two years warranty.


Greenworks 2600502

Greenworks Snow Thrower 2600502

Here is the one of the best electric snow blower that can quickly and efficiently clean the 20 inches of snow quickly and you can see your driveway all clean and clear. It is a 13 amp motor that needs a heavy-duty cord to operate it and if the snow exceeds few more feet, you can use 15 amp extension card to get more power.

This electric snow blower is not self-propelled, so you may need to put some energy to throw the snow. It is a light weighted machine, so it is easier to carry around. Be sure to buy a proper extension cord for your new beast. It’s a 13-amp motor, so it requires a heavy-duty cord, and if you want 100 feet or more, you may need to buy the 15-amp extension cord. it is easy to use in a light snow fall.


Snow Joe iON18SBl

Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower is a real deal for cleaning up the snow around the decks, driveways and sidewalks. This effective electric snow blower is powered by Eco sharp technology and its rechargeable50-volt lithium battery can run up to for 50 minutes. You don’t need gas, oil, tune-ups or tangled extension to run this electric snowblower.

You can simply start it with a simple push-button by adjusting its handles to your comfortability. Snow joe iON18SB is a light weighted machine that has 2 rubber blades and it can move up to 495 pounds of snow and clears the driveways by 18 inches by 8 inches. It rotates around 180 in any direction you want and can throw up to 20 feet of snow. It has LED headlights that can quickly clear snow at the night time. It has two years warranty.


EJWOX electric Snow Thrower

EJWOX electric Snow Thrower

If your residential area gets a fair amount of snowfall in winters then this EJWOX electric snow blower is the right choice for you. This electric snow blower is perfect for walkways, steps, decks and other nearby areas. It is a fast 9 amp electric motor that can clear paths by 16 inches wide to 6 inches. It’s 90 degrees adjustable and can throw up to 20 feet of snow. No gas or oil is needed to operate this electric blower. You can carry it effortlessly because of its lightweight and compact design.


Greenworks 2601302 Snow Thrower

Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower With Light Kit 2600202

Power electric snow blower is one of the effective snow blowers that can sweep away 500 pounds of snow in one minute. It has a 13 amp motor that can throw snow 20 feet away. It has adjustable chute of 180 degrees and can throw snow in any direction you want. If you want a light electric snow blower then it is the right choice for you. It only weighs 27lbs and can easily clear deck, sideways or driveway. There is a full warranty and money return policy if this electric snow blower doesn’t work out for you.


Snow Joe SJ627E

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

The SJ627E Throws Snow up electric blower has the capacity that has the most power and widest clearing width. Along with the power of gas and electric, it gives an extraordinary power to clean snow. This 15 amp unit is effective to clean different driveways, walkways, deck and other paths. You can use it very conveniently without worrying about the gas, oil, tune-ups or pull cards.

You can simply start it with a button. It is an all-steel machine that can cut 22 wide by 13 in a deep bundle of snow. It has dual led headlamps that can brighten your way at night. It also comes up with 180 degrees adjustable chute that can easily throw snow in which direction you want. It is a light-weight electric blower that can be moved easily and can move up to 25 ton of snow per hour. It works pretty well and removes up the snow effectively.



WORX WG650 Electric Snow Thrower

The Worx 18 electric blower is a lifesaver during winters. It is powered by a 13 amp motor that can easily slice through 18 inches wide by 13 inches. It can throw snow up to 30 feet in whichever direction you want. The main purpose of this design was to clear driveways, paths and decks without any efforts and to increase our comfort level.

It has a 180 degrees adjustable chute along with winters gloves and a handlebar. It can easily throw away large bundles of snow by its rubber-tipped steel auger. It performs perfectly well for throwing snow.


Snow Joe iON13SS

Snow Joe iON13SS 40-Volt Cordless Snow Shovel

Snow Joe 1800 power curve electric snow blower removes the snow quickly and efficiently from paths, decks, driveways and walkways. You don’t need any gas, fuel or pull a card to start this machine. It has an ergonomically designed handle by which you can hold the handle comfortability for a longer period. This is a 15 amp electric motor and has patented power that can move snow quickly and efficiently.

This electric blower can clear snow by 18 inches by 12 inches deep. It can sweep away the snow by 30 feet. You can easily carry it anywhere because of its lightweight and has a 160 degrees adjustable chute that can throw snow in any direction you want. It has two years warranty. You can use it productively because of its amazing features.


Which Electric Snow Blower is the Best?

There is a range of varieties to choose the best electric snowblower. It can depend upon many factors, such as, how much snow do you get in a year, how big is your area or you have a garage attached to your house. It also depends upon the quantity of snowfall that you receive in a year.

Other factors may include your needs or whether you need a light or heavy electric snowblower. Here are some of the important factors that must be considered before buying the best electric snow blower:

Electric snow blowers

There are a lot of options to choose from but the most important consideration is your need. Whether you are looking for a heavy or a light snowblower.

A light-weighted electric blower is easy to carry and is compact, whereas, heavy weighted snow blowers are difficult to carry around but they more powerful. It simply depends upon your needs.

Also remember that you don’t need gas, fuel or carbon emissions to make them work fast. They are as powerful as before or even maybe more. You don’t have to compromise on power or convenience

Cordless products

Your decision can also depend upon the areas that need to be cleaned. There are many cordless products are easy to reach places which are small or congested.

You can easily clean snow from your properties or driveways. Whereas, it is difficult to clean small places from heavy snow blowers. They are more appropriate to use in commercial areas.

Are Snowblowers are loud?

Yes, snow blowers are usually loud because of the usage of gas, however, it is not the same case with electric snow blowers. Gas snow blowers were loud because of the gas-guzzling sound.

It is an exhausting and tiring procedure to switch on the gas snow blower. They are not environmental friendly as well, while electric snow blower is environmentally friendly products and gives the same results as gas snow blowers.

Power source

The vast majority of people uses gas engines snow blowers and do performs the best. They are very convenient to clean heavy snow up to 100 feet in your nearby areas. While it is hectic to start it and hard to maintain the gas quantity as well. To avoid all this hustle, electric snow blowers are the best and very easy to use.

It is also important to consider that for which purpose you want to buy a snowblower. Electric snow blower usually wheeled or has tracks. It also depends upon the stages. The first stage requires pushing and pulling the snowblower.

The second and third stage machines are powered by wheels and don’t require pushing and pulling method. Some second and third stages also have tracks that are used for cleaning up the hills and steep areas as it requires boost traction.

It is also important to keep some necessary items to keep the electric blower well-maintained and operational.

Belts: get a belt for yourself. You will be needing it for the first stage and second stage models.
Shear pins: shear pins are important for protecting the second stage models. They use to protect the engine and transmission for breaking up.

Fuel stabilizer/extra batteries: it is important to fill up the snowblower with fuel or change the batteries in spring because when the machine sits idle, gasoline in the tank dries breaks down or thickens. By adding stabilizer to your fuel or changing batteries slows down the process.]


Electric snow blowers are far more effective and environmentally friendly than the petrol-based snow blowers. They are more easy to operate because they are battery operated. They are reliable and easy to operate.

They can run for a longer period and without any default. We have reviewed some amazing and effective snow blowers in the market to meet your needs. It is important to choose an electric blower that meets your standards and requirements.


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