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Best Computer Repair Services in Louisville, KY

It’s hard to calculate how many times a single person has to face tech-related dysfunctionalities in their lives. This issue is an unskippable one, whether it’s the broken screen of your laptop or the malware taking over your CPU.

So, instead of driving off long distances, you can work through a quick and instant cure with the help of your local Computer repair service providers. On the other hand, it can be hard to locate a local business that offers you satisfying repair services at affordable rates.

Hence, we have jotted down a list of some of Louisville’s best Computer repair services for all Louisville residents. Whether you run a small workspace or just want to get a mobile screen fixed, there’s something for everyone.

You can locate your nearest service storefront and get the repairs done as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the most trusted Computer repair providers in your area:

1. On-site Louisville Computer Repair Co..


Whether you struggle with finding a good IT company for tech consultation or need a good local repair shop to deal with faulty equipment, this store can be your ideal spot. On-site Louisville Computer Repair Co.’s qualified techs provide an unhurried service to their valued customers and recognize the importance of your time.

So, once your computer/laptop lands in the hands of their professional team, there’s no need for you to fret anymore. This local Louisville repair service offers; hard drive replacement, regular virus-check, tune-up, keyboard and DC Jack removal, OS System upgrades, home-network check, etc.

Furthermore, this trusted business in your locality does server repairs and installations right on time, even under a narrow period. So, please pick up the phone and give them a call at the number down below. You can also follow them on their official social handles to stay updated on timely promo offers.

2. Louisville KY Computer Repair.

Louisville KY Computer Repair

This repair business has made computer diagnosis and repairs easy ever since its opening in 2001. This more than a decade old repair business specializes in quick on-site computer and laptop repair.

Apart from their other affordable services, Louisville Computer Repair provides free diagnosis to their valued customers, assuring the fact that you return to the same store during every tech-related calamity.

This repair business consists of Microsoft certified staff that cuts to the chase and offers fast same-day service. In this way, you can get back on track with your computer once it’s fixed without any breaks.

Some of the services are; virus and spyware removal, data backup, recovery, computer networking, wireless router set-up and security, Free Pickup & Delivery, new & used laptops sale, etc. You can call right now for free diagnosis or additional information on the contact details down below.

3.Uptech Computer

Uptech Computer

Computer Diagnostic services under $30 sound like too good to be true, but Uptech Computer can make all your dreams come true. Uptech Computer’s repair services are not only affordable, but their amazing staff assures that you won’t find any other repair shop worthy of your precious money.

This repair service’s present near Louisville’s Plantside drive, and their highly qualified team can deliver your equipment right on time without any damage.

Furthermore, they can provide services like; Monitor Calibration, Windows Errors, Data Recovery, Cracked iPad and laptop Screen Repair, Data Migration to New PC, New PC Setup, Computer Upgrades, Wireless network installation, Password Removal, etc.

In addition to other amazing things, you don’t even have to book an appointment beforehand.So, once a problem strikes, you can just pick up your computer and crash right into their local store for instant solutions.

4. Repair IT.

Repair IT

Repair IT’s storefront in Louisville caters to a wide range of tech appliances like; laptops, desktops, tech servers, PC, Mac, and much more. You can schedule an appointment through the number down below and seek online assistance from repair IT’s certified staff members.

For those valued customers that might be residing a bit far or are too busy to visit, Repair IT’s remote services are a great solution. In this way, you don’t have to face the extra hassle of moving your computers and driving all the way to the storefront.

Another great initiative that sets this business apart from other repair businesses is their online repair status tracking. With this particular initiative’s help, you can check whether your computer has been fixed or get the exact time stamp on which you must visit the store. Consequently, you won’t have to visit the store repetitively.

5. Mr. Computer Repair Services

Mr. Computer Repair Services

With 15 years of experience and high-tech technologies, Mr. Computer Repair Services can meet all your IT requirements and repair needs. If you end up paying the demanded rates for a computer repair, then the results should be up to the mark as well.

Therefore you need Mr. Computer Repair Services’ tech experts in your life because they actually recognize the value of your time and money. This storefront is fairly old in the area, and Louisville locals rely upon their services for day-to-day tech solutions.

So, whether you have a broken laptop screen or a malfunctioned CPU sitting at your office table, please pick it up and leave the rest to Mr. Computer Repair Services. This business has affordable rates, but their highly friendly staff provides flexible service hours. Furthermore, you can get a chance to avail timely pick-up and drop off services, so hurry up!

6. TechRestore


If your computer, laptop, or tablet seems broken, or you might be failing to diagnose the actual reason behind its disordered performance, no worries! Through TechRestore’s immediate services, you can get a quote diagnosis during any part of the day.

Techstore’s online approach allows you to perform the whole repair sequence while sitting in the comfort of your room; as they pick up the appliance and offer free delivery as well. This repair service has a well-designed approach to each issue, and they perform the necessary repairs under a given time frame to keep you moving.

Furthermore, Tech Restore stays in touch with its valued customers to keep them updated with their damaged laptop status. So, if you want to put your trust in a repair shop, TechRestore is the way to go. Louisville residents, now’s the time to give them a ring and get those old computers fixed!

7. Louisville Tech

Louisville Tech

Louisville tech is a one-stop-shop for all your tech requirements. Located near the mainland’s central section, this service provider has been in the works since 2013. Louisville tech provides free appliance diagnosis to those who fail to understand what’s wrong with their computer.

In this way, you can save some bucks on the diagnosis and spend them on your equipment’s repair. Furthermore, Louisville Tech provides services like; Virus Removal, Clean Install of Windows, Backup & Reload Of Windows, Windows Quick Fix, Basic Data Recovery, Data Transfer, Windows Upgrade, Laptop DC Jack Repair, Laptop LCD Screen Replacement, Laptop Motherboard Replacement, Laptop Keyboard Replacement, etc.

Apart from the usual system repairs, game enthusiasts can also find this service center as the perfect spot for game repairs as Louisville Tech caters to a wide array of smart devices. To find out more about their services and get a direct quote on repairs, contact them at the number down below.

8.Louisville Computer Repair

Louisville Computer Repair

Looking for a place where you can get your old Pc fixed and sell it at the same time? Well, now your search is up because Louisville Computer Repair does it all under one roof. Now you can sell and purchase PC and other tech equipment at the most affordable price range.

This repair business also has a widespread laptop inventory featuring different renowned brands like; Acer, Dell, and Lenovo. So, why spend lots of money on money-hungry repair chains when you can make the most out of your local repair services.

You can book an appointment and deal with the storefront staff for a direct quote regarding the repair. Furthermore, Louisville Computer Repair caters to its customers with the ideal services, so every time you land in a similar situation, you return right back to this sole repair business.

9. Fix Louisville Computer Repair

Fix Louisville Computer Repair

If you don’t trust sketchy repair businesses with your appliances and don’t want to witness your equipment lying around in their stores for days and days, Fix Louisville Computer Repair might be of use to you. Fix Louisville Repair Shop is one of the longest-running computer repair businesses in the area with a long list of satisfied customers.

The only thing standing your way is a single call to book an appointment. Furthermore, don’t bother visiting the storefront without an appointment as they don’t provide any diagnosis or repair services to clients without any appointments.

Apart from their repair services, Fix Louisville offers services like; new PC or Mac set-up installment, Data transfer from old PC/Mac to new PC/Mac, Printer and scanner hookup, smart home system installation, etc. So, it’s time to upgrade your small set-up to an ideal one with Fix Louisville’s advanced tools and tech support.

10. Access Technologies.

Access Technologies

The introduction of spyware, cryptoware, and malware can gradually slow down your computer. This problem must get tackled at the earliest, and Access Technologies tackle spyware like no other. The experts at Access Technologies can successfully locate and remove viruses in your computers and, in turn, protect your data against malware threats.

Louisville residents now there’s no need to drive miles and miles for even the slightest tech malfunctions because Access Technologies can be your local tech doctor for all your tech-related queries. So, please pick up the phone and book an appointment for any Computer repairs or tech support from their professional and certified tech experts.

11. Triple S Computers


This place might be the most affordable yet satisfactory option for Louisville residents. The technicians at Triple S Computers specialize in Malware removal, and by the end of the repair session, you won’t be able to find a trace of malicious software.

This repair business also offers regular Pc Optimization and tune-ups so you can easily get back the original operational speed of your PC. Furthermore, their professional local data recovery services are more affordable than any other repair service in the area. So, save some bucks and turn to Triple S Computers for any tech-related issues.

12. 502 Geeks

502 Geeks

A team of Microsoft certified engineers catering to your tech needs can make all the difference. Hence, 502 Geeks has a well experienced and certified staff to ensure you end up getting what you demanded. The delivery and pick up services provided by this repair business are top-notch.

Consequently, there’s no loss of time and work at your workspace, leading up to any huge money loss. Some of the services provided at 502 Geeks include; small business and home-networking support, Laptop screen repair, password removal, hardware repair, tablet repair, tech consultation, virus and malware removal, etc.

The team members at 502 Geeks’ Louisville storefront are completely dedicated to their customers as they try to ensure that repairs are as easy and hassle-free as possible. To extract a detailed quote on price rates for each kind of repair, you can ring their local storefront and work through the cheapest rates possible.

13.KY Tech

KY Tech

The IT support specialists at KY Tech can visibly get anything done. Whether it’s a minor issue regarding your hard drive or you have forgotten your old computer’s password, KY Tech is the one you can trust. Ky Tech’s exception storefront lies right in Louisville’s center, making it out to be the biggest IT and tech supporting hub on the mainland.

Furthermore, this repair business has been in the works for more than a decade. This reason should be enough to build a slight hint of trust in your heart as there’ll be no chances of you facing any fraud. Some of the services offered by Ky Tech’s Louisville storefront are; Pc and Laptop repair, cloud service management, network storage solution, offsite backup, IT support, Web hosting, Hardware Repair, etc.


This list features some of the most well-reputable repair services in the Louisville area. Not only would their regular customers vouch for their exceptional services, but you can also consult online review directories to get a quote upon each store’s performance for your satisfaction.

Certain storefronts on this list provide completely remote tech support to their customers. So, this service might be of great use for those who want to get their equipment fixed but have zero time to interact with anyone or visit a service center.

Furthermore, most of the repair services provide you an opportunity to extract repair status at any given moment during the day. Although the Computer repair services on this list operate in Louisville, you can drop an email or give them a call to get a quote on any of your tech-related issues.

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