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Best Computer Repair Services in Las Vegas

Recent technological inventions can make our daily routines much simpler, but even they are prone to turning faulty. You really can’t rely upon sketchy big names while dealing with expensive apparatus. Hence, there’ll always be a need for a specific place you can rely on during these hours of need.

Wouldn’t it be extremely appropriate if you could find a computer repair shop near your locality? This proposition would definitely save time that you would’ve spent running back and forth. So, look alive because we’ve combined a list of the finest computer repair shops that offer the most affordable deals to customers for the readers belonging to las vegas.

Now, there’s no need to give 100s of bucks to rejuvenate your old computers and mobile phones. So, let’s have a look at some of the best computer repair services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1. . Compudoc Computer Repair.

Compudoc Computer Repair.

This repair shop is one of the oldest running businesses in Vegas and the latent bay area. Furthermore, Vegas Compudoc deals with a wide variety of PC/Laptops belonging to various companies such as; Hp, Dell, Toshiba, Apple, Asus, Acer, etc.

Vegas Compudoc is a widely recognized name among locals residing in Las Vegas, and they recently celebrated their 24th anniversary. So, if your laptop suddenly crashes and you struggle to find a way out, Compudoc Computer Repair will always be there to be a helping hand.

This business offers remarkable diagnosis/repair partnered with their extremely professional team members. For further engagement, drop a message or a call on the number down below.

2. TLC Computer Solutions

TLC Computer Solutions

TLC Computer Solutions has a solution to all your technological needs. This particular business in the valley area repairs items and has the facility of tech-related advisory.

TLC Computer Solutions has a fair share of positive reviews from the locals, and people far off in the distance recognize their name due to their remote residential support facility.

The complete list of services offered by this particular business includes; repairs, upgrades, security protection packages, data recovery, virus removal, etc.

Not only are the staff members vigilant, but the store also solves your computer problems at an affordable cost. So, instead of wasting hundreds of bucks on big names with zero vigilant staff, count on TLC Computer Solutions.

3. SuperTech Computers

SuperTech Computers

Supertech Computers are as super as they claim, and you can test this out yourself by trying the vast array of services they offer.

This particular business offers; PC tune-up, data recovery, spyware handling, software updates, etc. This Las Vegas, Nevada business, has experience of over 25 years, and the good name of the company should be enough to convince you.

There’s an on-site service facility for those who can’t carry their equipment to the shop for an instant solution. In this manner, you’ll be able to keep things under control with SuperTech Computers’ vigilant guidance.

Furthermore, the services given by this store aren’t limited to Pc. They can also deal with laptops, mobiles, and other technological devices. You can schedule an appointment at the number down below and get things fixed as soon as possible!

4. Computer Repair Specialists of Nevada.

Computer Repair Specialists of Nevada

This Nevada store provides you with the IT support you’ll require to run a tech-business successfully. Whether it’s the issue of faulty equipment or you require excellent tech related guidance, drop a call at the number down below, and you’ll have it all.

There’s also a 24 hrs client portal for complaints, suggestions, and much more. Computer Repair Specialists deal with data backup, spyware control, upgrades, laptop repair, server expertise, and much more.

With 18 years worth of experience and well-recognized clients, Computer Repair Specialists of Nevada promise you the corporate success you’ve always dreamt of since the very beginning.

The affordable rates and friendly agents can guide you with human support until you end up completely satisfied with their diagnosis and repair services.

5. Smart Fix.

Smart Fix.

As time is progressing, our tech devices are becoming much more complicated. Hence, it would be best to have someone who has the proper equipment and knowledge on how to deal with these complexities.

Smart Fix can boost your laptop’s productivity with upgrades or software diagnostics. Furthermore, this store is the sole, presently running repair business that handles phone and tablet refurbishments in the area.

Whether your laptop’s screen is broken or on the verge of being broken, Smart Fix’s commendable staff can provide it with the rejuvenation it badly needs.

You can also purchase new devices and sell all your old devices/ equipment at your choice’s ideal rates. So, quit waiting and give Smart Fix a call to book an appointment in the closest slot.

6. Computer Repair For Las Vegas.

Computer Repair for Las Vegas offers free diagnosis, which is a facility lacking by their competitors. The services provided by this store are; Virus Removal, DC jack repair, Laptop/Pc screen repair, Computer Upgrades, Wireless network setup, internet connectivity, Printer setup, password removal, etc.

You can check out their website to get a brief idea regarding their affordable rates before visiting the store. Unlike most businesses, Computer Repair for vegas doesn’t implode customers with any hidden charges and gimmicks, making their customer service one of the best in the valley area. You can get any average repair done within the first 24 hours and take your computer home the very next day.

7.Fix Zone

Fix Zone

Fix Zone has a 5-star rating on Yelp reviews and extremely well-regarded customer reviews. Hence, this is the place you need if you end up struggling with a faulty laptop/Pc.

Furthermore, there’s a 90-day warranty applied to all their repair services, making it impossible for you to end up disappointed by Fix Zone’s services.

Once you drop your equipment at the store, their fantastic team members ensure that you don’t come running back with the same worries yet again. This store guarantees repair services at the lowest prices in Las Vegas and the closest cities.

8. My Wireless Doctor

The list of digital patients dealt with by My Wireless Doctor ranges up to 40000. If you live in the valley, you’d be bound to stumble upon My Wireless Doctor at least once for your tech-related needs.

Customer reviews always seem to praise their excellent, quick services and friendly staff that manages things in the most decent manner possible. Furthermore, their rates are incredibly affordable and within the average range.

Their services include; hardware related repairs, spyware removal, regular tune-up software upgrades, mobile screen repair or change, and much more.

Lastly, apart from computer-related solutions, this store also deals with mobiles and tablets. Whether it’s a worn-down battery, or a situation involving water damage, My Wireless Doctor will always have your back.

9. Laptop Plus Mobile Service LLC.

The tech experts at Laptop Plus Mobile Service LLC can handle all your tech needs with the fantastic tools and upgraded technologies present at the store.

This repair center has been in business since 1990. The credit of this longevity solely goes to their techno-babble free honest guidance.

Furthermore, their services aren’t limited to mobiles, as the business successfully repairs, maintains, and sells computers and other smart devices.

A few of the services performed by this business are; computer/desktop/laptop repair, LCD replacement, computer windows reload, virus removal, upgrades, HD replacement, etc.

So, if you intend to buy a PC at a reasonable price, look no further than Laptop Plus Mobile Service LLC. There’s a progressive lease facility available on all smart devices for those who could be on a budget.

10. Gadget Experts Computer Solutions.

This repair service has three storefronts in the valley and gives the best in class repair services in Las Vegas. The services provided here stretch to; LCD Replacement, Virus & Malware Removal, Hardware Repair, Upgrades, Data Recovery, Security, Custom Builds, Hard Drive Replacements, etc.

Apart from the simple repairs, this business also offers tech support to small or remote local businesses so they can ace the marketplace they plan to target.

Furthermore, Gadget Experts also perform maintenance services for mobile phones and other smart devices. Give them a call at the number down below, fix an appointment, or get pricing on the required services.

11. Duke Of Computers

Duke Of Computers

Duke of Computers has a pretty substantial loyal customer base of its own. Apart from regular computer repairs, this business also has a fair share of dealings in the selling and buying department.

Furthermore, you can give them a call to extract consultations on your newly-founded tech endeavor. Duke Of Computers gives great importance to your time and money.

Hence, their services are incredibly affordable and satisfactory, so you don’t come running in right back after a week. This company is a computer company you’ll find yourself turning back to for every query regarding tech support. Hence, you can give them a call today for a free estimate regarding the service you require.

12. PC Repair City

This repair business is a family-owned one. Pc Repair City’s modernized system allows you to make consultations and give your important feedback via an online portal. You can also check out their official website to stay updated on the status of your devices’ repair.

In this way, you don’t have to visit the repair center or make calls multiple times. Pc Repair City is a well-recognized name among Las vegas locals due to their spyware removal tactics.

Once your device ends up in the hands of this business, their fantastic tools and upgraded technology will sweep off every hint of the virus from your PC.

Furthermore, Fifa and other video game enthusiasts don’t have to drive miles away for game repair as Pc repair City offers excellent repair and free diagnosis.


Although these repair centers are in Las Vegas, people living nearby can also take advantage of some stores’ remote service support. These repair businesses also offer on-site support, and you can use contact details to extract more information. If you plan on visiting the store, you can check out their service charges from their websites beforehand. Furthermore, all the computer repair services listed above have 5-star ratings on various customer review handles. So, there’ll be no chances of fraud or any other backhanded actions. Make sure you utilize any discounts offered by these businesses by staying updated via their social media handles.

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