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Best Computer Repair Services in Columbia SC (South Carolina)

Although tech appliances have minimized our day-to-day tasks, we can become pretty helpless once they shut down. So, during those hours of dire need, you need someone who can pat you on the back and offer you the assistance you need.

Well, for readers belonging to Columbia, Sc, there’s a fair share of best computer repair services that can deal with your computer-related issues locally.

You can now get an instant problem diagnosis and purchase new equipment without driving miles away from your residence. This list of the best computer repair services in Columbia, Sc, will guide you through the big and trustworthy names in your area.

Mind you, all these repair businesses have garnered a positive reputation among local customers through their well-aware and professional staff as well as ethical dealings. So, there are little to no chances of you becoming a victim of fraud, and you can check them out without a worry. Let’s take a look;

1. Silicon Solutions.

Silicon Solutions

Facing malware issues and need diagnostic services at cheaper rates? Well, fear not because Silicon Solutions’ one of the few trustworthy names well acknowledged for their services towards small businesses.

This company’s been providing services for about 20 years, so various people religiously rely upon their services. The services offered by Silicon Solutions include IT troubleshooting, tech management, computer repair, network setup, etc.

Apart from offering excellent computer repair services, Silicon Solutions also sells remarkable work essentials, including hard drives, printers, monitors, computer cases, DSL routers, cables, RAM, modems, sound cards, speakers, scanners, etc.

So, it’s fair to say that you can have it all under a single roof and at a reasonable price. A wide variety of Columbia customers have always been able to rave about Silicon Solutions’ excellent services and fantastic staff. To seek on-site support, you can contact them on their website or call them on the number given below.

2. Call Mr. Pc.

Call Mr. Pc has a cure for all your hi-tech toys and appliances. As the company’s tagline claims that there’s a solution to each problem, you’ll be able to witness this claim in the final diagnostic results.

Call Mr. Pc’s environment is as welcoming as they claim, and you can easily shop while searching for all your computer related essentials.

Whether you intend on tuning up your computer’s software, backing up precious data, or viruses, replacing laptop screens, Call Mr. PC will always have your back.

The repair services given by this business’s professional team members will not leave you wary until you end up 100% satisfied with their services.

To seek additional information regarding their service charges and other related services, you can drop an email or call them.

3. PC Laser Tech

PC Laser Tech

PC laser tech specializes in both computers and televisions, so their repair services are way beyond most computer repair stores.

You can call in and place an appointment beforehand, so a fixed part of the day gets solely dedicated to your service. Furthermore, for customers residing in West Columbia, there’s a storefront dedicated to your service.

PC laser tech offers the following services; virus removal, computer upgrades, data recovery, sd drive or laptop screen installation, diagnosis, repair, etc.

The customers in Columbia, Sc that somehow cannot entertain the idea of visiting the repair store, the business offers services at your location.

So, now the help you need is only one call away at the basic price range of $45 only. PC laser tech can fix laptop screens at a minimal range of $95 with a good 3-year warranty, so you’ll get bound to become impressed with their services. To set up an appointment or seek guidance, you can call the number given below.

4. Wired Up.

Wired Up.

Wired Up has been offering its reliable services in Columbia, SC, for the past 15 years, and that’s why they stand tall from most newly founded businesses.

Thanks to Wired Up’s customer care strategies and professional staff, you can get any repair done within a limited period. To seek additional information or remote guidance, drop an email at the address down below.

Whether your iPad suffers from water damage or you seem to have damaged your computer’s monitor, just quit fretting and get things fixed right away.

Wired Up offers diagnosis and repair services for any tech-related issue by implementing advanced technology and the latest tools.

Furthermore, you can check out their official website to stay instantly updated upon charges for each fixation and diagnosis.

5. Computer Smarts.

Computer Smarts.

Even as a fairly new repair store that got started back in 2015, Computer Smarts offers the most affordable service rates and reliable services in the area.

This computer repair business has become notable for its quick services and dedicated staff in Columbia and adjacent areas.

You can even follow the wide array of social media handles run by Computer Smarts to stay updated with the latest promos and discount offers.

The services currently offered by Computer Smarts are the latest installation/upgrades, network setup (wired/wireless), spyware/adware removal, data backup, data transfer, custom computer build, and cleanup.

The official website for Computer Smarts only mentions a fair share of services. You can contact a store representative to seek additional information regarding what you want to get done.

6. That Computer Store

Customers from Columbia SC can easily manage things with in-store services; meanwhile, on-site tech support can easily update far off customers.

Furthermore, on-site tech support can also help those who don’t wish to drive far off to seek tech-support. The offered services include data recovery, malware removal, computer tuning, Macs and PC repairment, and complete system reimage.

If you intend on beginning a small business or need tech-related guidance as a nonprofit client, there’s nothing better than That Computer Store’s server monitoring.

Columbia residents don’t have to search much far off for a computer repair store with a fast turn-around rate as well as a friendly atmosphere because That Computer Store provides services in even the most remote circumstances. For further details and queries, you can contact the store via Fax or Phone.

7. Minute Computer

Minute Computer

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8. Bristeeri Technologies

Bristeeri Technologies

After getting started back in 2006, Bristeeri Tech soon became Columbia, Sc’s premier computer repair provider. We all need a quick fix for our computer and tech-related issues, but only when it’s at an affordable rate.

Apart from diagnosis, Bristeeri tech deals with a wide range of issues such as; Cybersecurity, laptop) desktop repair, spyware removal.

This business is a veteran-owned and operated business that can free you from the expensive expenditures demanded by big-box IT services.

The customer reviews should be enough to show you a peek inside Bristeeri tech’s professional ethic; “Outstanding sales and service consistently for several years.

They know what they are doing, and do it so very well.”. To gain VoIP support and guidance, you can drop an email and give a call at the contact details below.

9. Computers Unique LLC

Looking for a single spot that offers all tech-related services? Whether it’s repair, sale, or diagnosis, look no further than Computers Unique LLC.

This local company offers you the advanced services your tech appliances need and offers you a quick diagnosis that could send you right back to working instantly.

As claimed by the business’s tagline, “100% satisfaction guaranteed,” whether you buy or sell any products or want to get your computer fixed.

So, instead of relying on any Craigslist or Facebook sketchy market places, why shouldn’t you rely on your local Computer repair shop to get the best offers.

This business also deals with the buying and selling trade so that you can get your favorite sets at cheaper rates with a 100% guarantee.

Now, excellent tech-related guidance is just one call away, so pick up the phone and drop off your computer!

10. Cell Phone Repair

The professional staff here is extremely knowledgeable about their craft, so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to get precisely what you want.

This business is infamous for its quick turn-around rate, making it the perfect choice for small or remote tech-related endeavors.

There’s nothing better than your trustworthy local business to seek guidance for a newly started IT endeavor. Furthermore, this local store offers instant diagnosis at the most affordable rates so that you can hop on to the recovery process pretty smoothly. So, it’s time to leave big-box money-hungry chains behind and step into your local zone.

11. Rosewood Phone

In today’s fast world, there’s no time to wait, or you’d end up behind. On the other hand, this tech-induced fanaticism has its drawbacks, such as spyware and other tech-induced viruses.

Rosewood Phone has a cure to all your Cybersecurity anomalies if you reside in the Columbia, Sc area. Furthermore, this repair store authorized agents for Page Plus, Simple Mobile, Net10, Telcel, giving it an upper hand over other repair centers. You can check out Rosewood Phone’s Facebook page to stay updated with the discounted offers and drop a call to demand information relevant to their services.


These expert-recommended places guarantee a 100% turn over rate in your newly started IT endeavor and a 100% guarantee for your fixed appliances.

Most of the repair services on this list have an online payment facility, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of taking cash everywhere.

Furthermore, it’s a well-acknowledged fact that not everyone can leave things behind to purchase a hard drive 10 miles away. Hence, the online support and free delivery services will have your back in the times of utmost need.

Check out the contact details mentioned alongside every computer repair endeavor and work your way through the charges. We’re absolutely sure that you’ll be able to land on a business that caters to your needs exactly the way you’ll need.

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