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Best Computer Repair Services in Colorado Springs

It’s an imminent fact that after a year or two, your tech equipment stops performing the way it used to perform. So, either your desktop system’s speed goes farther down, or you end up physically damaging its integral parts.

A good service session at a repair shop can save you from purchasing new equipment under both situations. Furthermore, with the introduction of threats like spyware and viruses, frequent computer diagnosis has become even more essential.

So, if you might be on a budget and residing in Colorado Springs, we’ve got the real buzz jotted down for you. Here’s a list of some of the best computer repair shops in Colorado. Now, all you’ve got to do is booking an appointment to get to the root of your problem. Let’s take a look;

1. Colorado Springs Computer Repair

Colorado Springs Computer Repair

Are you worried about the expensive rates garnered by computer repairs? Well, fear not, as this local Computer repair business offers some of the most affordable rates, and you can give them a call for a free quote any time.

Taking recent times and tech advancements under consideration, Colorado Springs Computer Repair levels up through every innovation in computer hardware, software, or other accessories.

The professional and certified team at this repair shop offers remote diagnosis services and updates to their customers. In this way, you’d stay updated with what’s going on at the repair center and how the price quotes stand on it. So, call now and exterminate the virus that resides on your computer.

2. PC Brokers

Are you looking for a local tech repair business that won’t be too heavy on the budget yet entirely satisfactory? Well, you clearly might be referring to the PC Brokers.

Through their teamwork and dedicated staff, the PC Brokers have established a good reputation of their own in Colorado. This Computer repair business has been in work since 1989.

Furthermore, this repair business also indulges in sales and purchases, so you can either get your equipment repaired or purchase a new one at an affordable rate.

Some of the services provided at this repair front include; custom-built computer systems, repair, small office and home office support, free diagnostics and estimate, data recovery, networking for home/office, virus and spyware removal, etc.

3. Complete PC Support

Complete PC Support

At Complete PC Support, customers’ satisfaction is always the number one priority. Hence, their team assures faster boosting time, clean tech optimization at the most budget-friendly rates.

This Computer repair center also provides free diagnosis to their customers. So, make fair use of this opportunity by whipping out your old computers and extracting a free problem diagnosis from their storefront.

It’s about time that you do something for that diligent spyware that’s haunting your computer. That’s because Complete PC Support offers Virus Removal Special with a free tune-up at only $69.95! Afterward, your laptop will be totally free of any malicious browser add-ons and extensions. So, give Complete PC Support a call and book an appointment now!

4. Data Tech's Computer Repair Shop

Data Tech's Computer Repair Shop

This Computer repair business residing in Colorado Springs has been offering its expertise for over a decade. This particular repair shop deals with virus removal, internet connection issues, data backup, data transfer, performance improvement, etc.

Customers residing in Colorado prefer Data Tech’s services due to their customer-friendly packages and excellent tech team’s brilliance.

Another aspect that makes this repair shop your first preference is the fact that their team is A+ Certified. Hence, each team member’s professionally trained to diagnose and repair computers properly.

So, you can crash by at the storefront for a free issue diagnosis at any time. Otherwise, hit them up at the contact details down below.

5. APlus Computer Repair

Are you ready to upgrade your computer? It’s about time that your old desktop receives the service it so badly needs. So, let Aplus Computer Repair provide your old computers with the care they need to run faster.

The serviceman at Aplus Computer Repair also provides remote help for special customers. So, if you might be unable to move your equipment to the storefront, their professional staff will still offer their expertise.

Furthermore, this local business also specializes in phone repairs. Some of the services provided at this repair business are; Apple support, business computer services, printer repair, computer set-up, malware removal, etc. So, quit waiting and book your appointment in advance so their tech team could provide you all the time you need.

6. Springs Geek

The dedicated and reliable tech team at Springs Geek can fix just about anything, whether it’s a tech device of any category or brand.

So, this shop is your one-stop for every kind of tech-related repair. Furthermore, Springs Geek has a customer satisfaction rate of 98.9%, which gets considered the highest in Colorado.

The essential thing to note here is that this repair shop doesn’t offer services without an appointment. Hence, don’t crash into the storefront with your equipment if you haven’t taken up a fixed time for the day.

This repair shop also creates customized computers with a two-month standard hardware warranty.

7.Brass Tacks Inc

Brass Tacks Inc

Although some repair shops provide transparent service with fully-fledged guarantees, their return rate can be quite disappointing.

The later your equipment arrives after a repair, the more loss of work you’d encounter. That’s Why Brass Tracks Inc’s topmost priority is their fast return policy.

This tech repair shop utilizes modern scientific methods so that the repair process can be as efficient and thorough as possible.

You can also gain a membership pass to ensure that you receive some of the best rates and services above other regular customers.

Furthermore, apart from repairs, their storefront provides New Pc Consultations and advanced data recovery/transfer services.

8. CompuMarc Repair Shop

This local business deals with the buying, selling, and repairs of different tech equipment. So, instead of purchasing a new computer after your previous one expires, you can always count on CompuMarc.

Apart from purchasing and selling old computers, their dedicated technicians also specialize in building customized computers with a 100% guarantee.

You can contact their storefront any time during the day as they provide services all seven days a week. Furthermore, the services they can provide include; virus removal, password removal, tune-Up, speed-up, Windows reinstallation, equipment refurbishments, information transfer, etc.

So skip driving miles away just to get your printer fixed and choose a local trusted alternative.

9. Hollywood PC Repair

Hollywood PC Repair

Hollywood PC Repair is a well reputable name among local Colorado repair businesses. As shown in most of the Yelp reviews regarding this repair business, their number one weapon is their customer support policies.

The staff at their storefront can be amiable and willing to make adjustments according to your wishes. Once you fix an appointment, you’d be sure by the end of the diagnosis as they provide you with enough service interval.

Furthermore, the company representatives are so sure of their services that they go as far as claiming “customers won’t face charges until the service gets deemed satisfactory.” So, pick up the phone and book your appointment now.

10. Voelker Research

Starting your own working space requires paying attention to various things. Not everything can be according to schedules, and in case any equipment turns faulty, not everything can be under your area of expertise.

This reason is why you need someone to fall back on when a tech problem befalls. Voelker Research is a tech hub that you can count on each time you end up facing a tech-related problem.

Apart from providing satisfactory tech consultations, this corporation also specializes in repairs of various natures. Furthermore, for over 30 years, Voelker Research has been a trusted and authorized Apple reseller in Colorado Springs.

Hence, there’s no place better than Voelker Research if you plan on making an Apple purchase. Customers can drop by anytime or seek remote support by contacting the details down below.

11. SOBE I.T.


Now virus removals and other Computer repairs can be affordable for everyone. Whether you own a gaming computer or run a local tech-related business, there’s no need to fall victim to scams anymore.

You deserve the services you paid for, and SOBE I.T. ensures that your computers receive the attention they so badly need.

This Colorado-based company performs virus removal, tune-ups, hardware repairs, and more at the flat rate of $60. Consequently, you can get things fixed without going totally bankrupt by the end.

Furthermore, SOBE I.T. specializes in; hardware diagnostic/ repairs, software installations, network set-ups, full system reloads, printer installations, on-site training, etc.

12. Compu10 IT Support And Services

Compu10 IT Support And Services

Looking for someone that assures you 24/7 brilliant IT support at reasonable prices? Compu10 support and services might be the perfect contender for this task.

This local business in Colorado Springs specializes in computer repairs and tech solutions, such as; wireless set-up, software installations, hardware and software related queries, problem diagnosis, etc.

Furthermore, their top-notch staff equips some of the most modern tools and methods to ensure your equipment’s time returns.

Compu10’s tech team first ensures that you have accurate diagnostic information regarding the issue before giving you a quote on the price range. This work station lies in the very center of Colorado, so you can always crash by to take a look.

13. Think Green Computers

There’s always a limit to your knowledge of tech expertise, which is why repair businesses should always be the first approach. So why look far ahead and miles away when the solution lies near you.

Colorado Springs’ Think Green Computers offers affordable repair services and quality refurbished computers to their clients.

The services offered here include; virus and spyware removal, network set-up, data backup and recovery, hardware replacement and upgrades, Windows and program tutorials, etc.

This local business is the only registered Microsoft refurbisher in the area, so if your desktop needs a makeover, you know where to go.

Instead of paying the total price for a new computer, you can locally purchase a refurbished one with a 100% hardware guarantee.

Think Green Computers doesn’t charge for their services until the client becomes totally satisfied with their services; hence you don’t have to worry about any scams or loss

14. APC Helper Computer Repairs

APC Helper Computer Repairs

APC helper’s repair center is your one-stop for every single computer-related issue. There isn’t a single problem APC Helper’s dedicated team can’t solve.

Moreover, this computer repair center also provides free diagnosis services for any smart device, whether it’s a tablet or a laptop.

To get a quote on each repair’s price, you can head over to their official website and fill a form. APC helper’s technicians provide remote services to local businesses and homeowners in nearby towns.

Their on-time delivery services can also simplify your day-to-day tasks as you won’t have to drive miles away. Now, quit thinking and contact their team on the contact details down below to discuss service packages.


The local computer repair centers on this list can cater to all your IT needs right on time. As we all know, not every big name can give you a satisfactory service you demand.

Hence, there should always be a local service center you can depend on without worrying about the chances of fraud. The contact details for each repair center’s mentioned alongside for your ease.

So, please feel free to contact them as they’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can shop at these places for hardware with confidence as these repair centers provide genuine items.

Lastly, you can always seek the option of remote tech support if you don’t feel like carrying your heavy equipment.

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