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Best Computer Repair Services In Baltimore

Although Baltimore is home to multiple computer repair businesses, finding the right one can be awfully annoying for some.

It would be entirely foolish to trust the word of any particular site or rely upon big names without doing your research.

That’s because not every place offers the services you would expect and that can go hand in hand with the charges you’d pay.

So, to make your search for the best computer repair services in Baltimore easier we’ve compiled a list of some of the best in the locality. Now, you’d know who to call for even the most minor or complex repairs on time!

1. Juvix The Tech Guy

Juvix The Tech Guy

A decelerated computer can surely take a toll upon anyone. It isn’t fair to replace something as precious as a PC before trying your best and Juvix can make it all possible for its valued customers.

This local computer repair business also offers major and minor repairs for gaming consoles and cell phones. Juvix repairs/replaces broken screens like they were never broken before.

Furthermore, each service performed at this repair center reutilizes recycled equipment to make the whole process more environment friendly.

2.Restore Computer Repair of Baltimore

Restore Computer Repair of Baltimore

A full-fledged diagnosis under $40 seems like a dream but not anymore thanks to Baltimore’s Restore Computer Repair. From more common repairs like broken screens to more complex ones like data recovery and data evaluation Restore Computer Repair of Baltimore’s excellent team can do it all.

Restore Computer Repairs perform regular tune-ups at the most cost-efficient rates so your old Pc can run as fast as it used to before. Some other cost-effective repair services provided at Restore Computer Repair of Baltimore include; power supply replacements, dc jack soldering, and motherboard repairs.

3. Basic Computers, LC

Even though the return rate for each piece of equipment varies because some systems have more complex issues than others. Yet, the turnaround rate as Basic Computers is among the quickest in Baltimore and latent areas.

Basic Computers LC offers services like data recovery and data evaluation at the most affordable rates. This service center offers customers a chance to choose the service levels (Standard, Priority, Emergency, Remote) of their choice.

Furthermore, each level is different from the other depending upon the number of steps and charges. Dial now to book a quick appointment!

4. LITTLE Shop of Hardware

Ever since the late 80s Baltimore’s Computers have found each cure in Little Shop Of Hardware. This repair business indulges in common repairs as well as the building of customized computers.

The services performed here include; software upgrades, virus/malware removal, data recovery, gaming computer repairs, etc.

Furthermore, this repair business also indulges in the sales of necessary hardware equipment like; keyboards, mice, speakers, paper, USB drives, etc. Make sure you book an appointment before stopping by!

5. Geeks On-Site

Geeks On-Site

Even under a tight deadline Geeks on site is able to provide excellent technical support for customers. You can log on to Geek On Site’s official website anytime during the day and inquire about anything from their 24/7 available agent. For small businesses, their service packages include; outsourced IT support, router/firewall configuration, backup solutions, server installations, etc.

6. Techy


Only operating in Baltimore and Washington DC this repair center provides the most efficient remote services. Don’t have the time to drop by your computer Techy’s only one call away. Consequently, they’ll fetch your laptop from your doorstep and hand-deliver it back to you right on time.

The best part about this repair center is that there’s no need to pay any additional charges until the deed’s done and the customer ends up satisfied. Each step during repair sessions at Techy’s communicated to the customer at the same time hence you’ll always be in the loop!

7. Computer Clinic @ UTX - Hampden, Maryland

Computer Clinic @ UTX - Hampden, Maryland

Maryland’s Computer Clinic stands by its slogan of being only one call away. Whether you need immediate tech assistance at your home or official space Computer Clinic’s willing to stand by you.

Before making any claims the tech team at this company repair center prefers to perform an in-depth diagnosis on your computer to pinpoint the issue.

Later on, the tech staff will pinpoint you in the right direction by prescribing the right treatment. The services at the Computer Clinic’s highly affordable for everyone so now you know someone always has your back.

8. After Hours Computer Repair

Just a single call on the number down below and After Hours Computer Repair’s qualified technicians will be right at your door.

Even if an emergency arises and there’s no time to book an appointment the team at this computer repair business takes the lead.

The licensed technicians at After Hours are highly certified and backed by years of experience in this particular field. So, pick up the phone and book an appointment now!

9. Pctroublesinc


This repair front’s open 7 days a week so you can appoint a technician even on the weekends when you’d be available. Some common services offered at Pctroublesinc include; cracked screen repair, problem diagnosis, Laptop repair, desktop repair, data backup, software setup, and upgrades, etc. Furthermore, each of these services promises guaranteed satisfaction and an on-budget cure to any issue.

10. Geek Digital Geek

Geek Digital Geek

As their business’s tagline states Geek Digital plans on making IT more human. Most of the time, customers stay unaware of what a repair business is actually doing with their equipment.

But Geek Digital is making the whole process more clear for valued clients. Geek Digital’s highly functioning policies and updated methodologies can completely cover your entire network; whether it’s onsite or off-premises.

So, step up the game and trust managing services like Geek Digital to improve your IT systems and regular business-related operations.

11. Chesapeake Systems

Chesapeake Systems

Chesapeake System’s highly committed to making task automation and rich media content distribution easier for local tech endeavors.

Baltimore residents from now on you won’t have to travel miles into the distance just to get your old devices fixed. Every tech anomaly can be dealt with in your local territory thanks to Chesapeake Systems.

This local business provides affordable services to both local businesses and home-based clients. So, what’s the fun in spending lots of bucks on something you can get done more affordably at a local tech front. Just pick up the phone and dial the number down below!

12. DNS Technology Group Inc

DNS Technology Group Inc

With over 20 years of experience in Baltimore’s tech repair market DNS technology’s capable of dealing with any issue. The services provided at DNS technology Group include; PC sales, computer repairs, wireless network design, anti-virus solutions, network-related consultation, hardware replacements, software installations, etc.

Not only is the management at this local repair front highly professional but the service sessions stand tall on their claims of being a premier information technology services provider.

13. Byte Right Support

Byte Right knows what’s the best way to answer all your tech-related queries. This single-stop covers all your technological needs as it carries out both repair services as well as computer sales.

There isn’t a chance you’d run off to another place for business-related tech consultation after trying Byte Right Support.

Furthermore, no matter how huge the task is or how little the time limit is Byte Right’s turnaround will have it all covered in time. Lastly, you can always count on this local repair business’s remote support and on-site support in case of special emergencies.

14. UTX, Inc. - Hampden, Maryland

UTX, Inc. - Hampden, Maryland

UTX is the single most well-regarded Computer clinic in Maryland and the latent area. By employing the latest tools and methodologies the technicians at UTX, Inc ensure you won’t face the same issue ever again.

Whether it’s a gaming PC or a usual one now you know who to rely upon when a problem arises. Furthermore, this particular computer repair business remains infamous for its fair dealings and cost-efficient solutions for every kind of tech anomaly. So, you’re always most welcome to drop by with any adware or network related abnormality.


Each of these repair centers offers affordable services to make repairs as accessible as possible for everyone. For optimal satisfaction, you can compare each of these businesses concerning their service charges and customer ratings on review sites. We hope that this article helped you find the local computer repair business that could answer all your technical queries.

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