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Best Computer Repair Services in Arlington tx

We live in a busy world, totally dependent upon tech inventions and our beloved appliances. That’s why any turbulence in the way of our workflow can inflict significant monetary losses.

To save yourself from such losses, you need someone who’d be able to push you back on the road. Yes, we’re referring to a local computer repair service that could provide you timely repair services and cater to all your IT needs.

Furthermore, we understand that not every repair business can give you a satisfactory service you demand, and there’ll always be a chance of fraud.

That’s why we’ve jotted down this list of some of the best computer repair services in Arlington to guide you while finding the right local service center.

Most of the places on this list provide remote and on-site service, ensuring that all you have to do is pick up your phone and make a call.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most trusted and well-reputable computer repair businesses in Arlington, Tx.

1. Arlington Computer Care

Arlington Computer Care

Arlington Computer Care has a team of experienced computer repair technicians who have been successfully able to keep its good name for over 25 years.

This Computer Repair business specializes in repairing computers belonging to a wide range of brands such as; Compaq, Dell, HP, Acer, eMachines, Toshiba, Sony, IBM & Gateway.

Furthermore, apart from regular repairs, Arlington Computer Care’s team can clean smart devices. The most fantastic aspect of this repair business is that they provide on-site service, and you can get things done at your home or office.

Consequently, you can save some time plus the money you would’ve lost while moving equipment here and there. ACC’s Pickup and delivery service have always been top-notch, according to multiple customer reviews.

You can reach out to Arlington Computer Company’s official representatives on the contact details down below.

2. Champion Cell Phone And Computer Repairs

Champion Cell Phone And Computer Repairs

Champion Computer Repairs is the ideal hub to extract solutions for all your tech-related issues in Arlington. The technicians working for this repair business can repair phones belonging to any leading company, and they also specialize in tablet screen repairs.

So, if your new iPad’s screen ends up getting cracked, you don’t have to buy a new one. Just give Champion Cell Repairs a ring, and you can get a quick solution at affordable prices. Whether you need a new video card or struggle with the speed of your new PC, CCP’s professional tech team will nip the problem in the bud. You can reach out and book an appointment on the number down below.

3. Elite Computer Repair

Elite Computer Repair

There isn’t a single problem you can’t find the solution to at Elite Computer Repair. This repair business offers a free diagnosis for any smart device.

Furthermore, you can head over to their official website and fill a form to extract free quotes on your issue. If you have been struggling to find a repair shop specializing in custom-built PCs, Elite Computer Repair is what you’ve been missing out on.

This repair shop is also pretty stocked-up with a wide variety of computer equipment that you can purchase. So, contact their sales team on the contact details down below to set up a small working space of your own at the most affordable rates.

4. Orli And Sons Computer Repair

Orli And Sons Computer Repair

Here at Orli and sons Computer repair, the excellent team recognizes that every customer’s issue is unique. So, their professional working staff tries their best to cater to each valued customer’s individual needs.

If you want to seek more insight into how the tech team works, you can tour their facility and see the professional staff at work.

This repair business specializes in virus/spyware removal, mobile computer repair & services, PC tune-ups & upgrades, IT consulting, outlook configuration support, Custom gaming computers, etc.

Orli and sons also sell and purchase refurbished computers and other smart devices. You can also purchase new equipment for your small remote business at the cheapest rates from a local shop in Arlington.

5. Computer Repairs and Solutions

If your computer’s been lagging for a while and you’ve got zero hunches regarding the security risks you must be facing, Computer Repairs and Solutions is all you need.

This repair service performs free system analysis that shows precisely where your computer’s security and resources require improvement.

So, once you understand the root cause of the problem, it becomes much easier to calculate that issue’s solution. The special service plan provided at this tech repair shop is an offer not to miss.

This service plan includes service opportunities like; best-rated antivirus 1-year license, two full Tune-ups per year, Operating System Errors, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 upgrades to Windows 10.

No need to book an appointment; Just crash in with your equipment at their Arlington storefront to get things fixed with a 100% guarantee!

6. Ash Computers Repair

Ash Computer Repair’s top priority is their valued customer satisfaction, so be sure that the equipment stays at the storefront until you end up satisfied.

This repair service targets services like; virus/spyware removal, software install/upgrade, security and performance improvement, wireless Networking, Computer tune Up, data recovery, hardware install / upgrade.

Located in the heart of Arlington, TX, this repair center entertains walk-in services. So, as soon as a tech issue occurs, you won’t have to worry about booking appointments in advance.

Just grab your PC and leave the rest to the amazing staff at Ash Computers Repair Center.

7. Computer Doctors

With eight years’ worth of experience, the tech team at Computer Doctors can repair PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, and other smart devices.

Whether it’s the basic task of installing software upgrades or something more complicated like spyware removal, you can get it all done at the most affordable rates.

So, if you live in Arlington or nearby localities from now on, there’s no need to drive miles and miles to get the best repair services.

Computer Doctors can provide mobile repair expertise like; screen replacement, charging port replacement, microphone repair, camera replacement, battery replacement, etc.

The staff at their storefront is highly friendly; hence you can work your way around the service charges too.

8. CNT Computers

This repair business located in Arlington provides repair service as well as home surveillance equipment. CNT Computers have been able to provide quality tech assistance to Arlington residents since 2009.

Now you can get your old equipment fixed and buy security equipment for your house from the same place. This place also offers a 90-day warranty to its customers.

So, during those 90 days, you can make sure whether the repair service was satisfactory or not and report back for a refix.

CNT Computer’s certified professionals also specialize in building custom computers so you can install Computers in your workspace that are per your requirements.

9. Arlington Computer Repair Service

Arlington Computer Repair Service

This repair business has served Arlington residents since 1999 and has a well-deserved place on this top-rated list. Can’t drive off into the distance with your tech appliances? Don’t worry because Arlington Computer Repair Service provides remote assistance to its valued customers.

So, whether you need a tech assistant at your office or can’t move heavy Computer equipment from your home, our drop-off and pickup service will take care of all matters. Furthermore, you can use their promo code WEB10 to get $10 off any repair service or purchase.

This promo code is a limited time offer, so hurry up because time’s running out as we speak. You can schedule an appointment on their official website or give them a call at the number down below.

10. A1 Computers

A1 Computers

Gaming Computers demand extra attention, and they vary from usual Computers. So, if you plan on creating a customized gaming computer of your own A1 Computers should be at the top of your list.

This top-rated repair and selling business deals with PCs and Laptops of various brands and other smart devices. The staff is extremely polite and professional.

So, once you book an appointment, A1 Computers will provide you with the optimal designated time you need to explain your issue or gather a diagnosis from their tech team.

Furthermore, A1 Computers also perform free virus diagnosis and provide free pick up/delivery services to customers with varied needs.

11. Half Price Geeks

Half Price Geeks

Half Price Geeks is one of Arlington’s best computer repair shops and latent localities, thanks to their knowledgeable tech staff and support personnel.

Apart from their state of the art storefront, their technicians have years of work experience. Hence, it doesn’t matter which tech query you have Half Price Geeks will get to the bottom of it and provide support at affordable prices.

Furthermore, if your faulty equipment requires fast on-site services, Half Price Geeks can easily make it up for your convenience.

Half Price Geeks’ tech team specializes in PC/Laptop repair, motherboard repair, data recovery, internet safety and security, custom build system, hard drive installation, wireless configuration, etc.

12. Customized Computer Services

Customized Computer Services

This Computer repair business has been in the works for over 25 years. So, if you end up accidentally wiping out important data from your computer but don’t know how to cope with it, relax.

That’s because Customized Computer Services will bring your data back as nothing happened. Located near Randol Mill, this repair service caters to all kinds of tech-related issues and faulty appliances.

This company’s main goal is to assure that IT support isn’t as frustrating or expensive; it usually is thanks to big IT chains.

Hence, CCSI’s client list ends up always highly satisfied with their charges and on-time repairs. The services provided at this IT hub cover things like; servers and network infrastructure, workstation installation, Pc, and mobile devices repairs.

So, it’s fair to say once you enter this storefront, you’d only return home with a smile on your face and satisfaction in your heart.

Hence, pick up the one phone right away and book an appointment for that computer rusting away in your basement.

13. . Revelation Techs

Revelation Techs

The no BS policy at Revelation Techs can save you the time and money you might’ve wasted on huge repair chains. Their professional staff runs a quick diagnosis and cuts to the chase with a fore-frontals dealing with each valued customer.

The certified technicians at Revelation tech repair products from leading companies such as; Microsoft, Dell, HP, Sony, Compaq, and Toshiba.

Furthermore, the most fantastic thing about this repair business is that their trained technicians provide in-house services.

So, all you have to do is pick up a phone and call them to your location for an immediate solution. They aim to help their customers and small businesses to get the most of their technology.

Lastly, don’t forget to make fair use out of their free consultation policy!

14. . Hardin Computer

Hardin Computer

Hardin Computer has a long history of being the most top-notch place in Arlington for Computer related maladies. With over 40 years of experience, the staff at Hardin Computer has a fair share of loyal local customers that depend on their service.

This local repair service is known for services like; iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, Beats, Pc, and Laptop repairs. Hardin Computers requires 5-7 business days for Computer repairs, but in the end, this wait will be so worth the while. So, there’s no need to buy a new computer when you can get the old one fixed at affordable rates.

The staff at this repair service only provides a price quote after running a faulty equipment diagnosis. So, make sure you drop your computers at the storefront and wait for their call. For further inquiries, check out the contact details down below.


Before dropping off any of your valued workspace equipment at a store, you must ensure that it has positive reviews. That’s because depending upon big names can offer to push you towards grave dangers and frauds.

That’s why this list features some of the most well-reputable repair businesses in Arlington that only gather positive customer reviews on all social media handles.

The tech experts at these Arlington Computer repair services were able to pass our rigorous 50-Point Inspection method. So, hopefully, your money won’t end up going to waste, and you’d only get the satisfactory service you deserve.

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