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9 Best Chainsaws Under $300 in 2020

It sounds almost absurd to spend your hard-earned $500 chainsaw for removing that annoying, creepy tree in the middle of your beautiful backyard. That’s certainly a huge investment for a bare minimum task. But then again, the question arises, are low-priced chainsaws powerful enough to take down heavy trees?

Can you trust them with frequent heavy-duty use? Well, of course, you can! That’s exactly why we have formulated this article. This detailed and comprehensive compilation will help you in finding the best chainsaw under $300, for yourself. No matter you’re an expert looking for a tough, high tech version of this cutting tool or only a beginner looking for a chainsaw to split each of your collected logs into two.

These may not be suited to typical commercial use but offer the best possible performance in a low-budget. To speak the truth, several under-$300 are available in the market, but only the following nine are your best bets! In terms of power, performance, as well as price.


Poulan Pro-967061501 chainsaw

The Dewalt-DCCS6708 has an Ergonomic design with the rear handle and the body constructed in a way that usage becomes super-easy. The lightweight means that you will not exhaust while working for long hours.

Also, the tool-less chain tensioning and bar tightening knob features add to the convenience of usage. The chain brake and low-noise operation make the woodcutting experience safer and better. Moreover, the auto-oil Ling system keeps the chain lubricated, which maintains the efficiency of work.


Husqvarna 420

Husqvarna 24 Inch

Husqvarna has long been a name of reliability in the field of chainsaw production. Similar to previous models, the Husqvarna 420 comes with an innovative design and construction. The installation of X-Torqe technology reduces fuel consumption and emission levels. Thus, making the maintenance cost low and the product itself environment-friendly. Also, the Air Injection system enhances the engine life by removing out the debris before it reaches the air filters.


Tanaka TCS33EDTP

Tanaka TCS33EDTP Chain Saw

For a long, long time, Tanaka has had a reputation for manufacturing some highly impressive chainsaws. TCS33EDTP/12 Top-Handle Chainsaw happens to be one of the masterpieces produced by the company. This innovatively designed chainsaw has a compact, lightweight, yet sturdy body.

With its 1.6HP motor, the chainsaw provides sufficient power for woodwork projects and cutting small to medium-sized trees. For longevity and durability, the company has equipped the motor with chrome-plating. This user-friendly cutting device consumes minimal fuel and features a cushioned hand grip. The thick, serrated rubber handle minimizes vibration and does not cause fatigue. This affordable chainsaw features a 12-inch long bar.



Makita UC4051A Electric Chain Saw

Featuring a 16-inch long bar, Makita-UC4051A is an efficient corded electric chainsaw. With its 1.8 kWh motor, this high-tech cutting tool delivers a chain speed of 2900 RPM. Hence, it provides remarkable power output for beginners as well as professionals. It has a robust and lightweight design with a rubberized grip.

As a result, the chainsaw is easy to handle. The tool-less adjustments further elevate the user-friendly scores of this super-fast electric chainsaw. What’s more, the low-priced Makita chainsaw provides additional safety with its current limiter. It makes sure that an appropriate amount of current gets supplied to the machinery to avoid over-heating and burning out.


Black+Decker 20V Max

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

If you’re looking for an efficiently working and durable chainsaw for small woodwork projects and occasional household jobs, then Black+Decker’s 20V Max LCS1020 is the right chainsaw for you. At a reasonable price, this battery-powered sharp cutting tool provides smooth and fast cuts.

It weighs only 7.2 pounds. You can even lubricate a 10-inch long bar and chain with its improved oiling system. The company has equipped this model with a 20 Volt lithium-ion battery for longer run-time and life.


EGO Power+ CS1600

EGO Power+ CS1600 Chainsaw

EGO Power+CS1600 is a powerful electric chainsaw that one can use for heavy-duty tasks. The chain brake feature prevents accidental injuries and guarantees a safer environment. The tool-less chain tensioning offers convenient chain adjustments.

Also, the lightweight and ergonomic design make working for longer hours convenient. The weather-resistant construction enhances the durability of the chainsaw. However, the chainsaw does not come with batteries and chargers.


Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 40V chainsaw comes packed with phenomenal features. Its 16-inch bar provides swift and cuts and helps you get your job done effortlessly in a matter of minutes. The Greenworks Chainsaw comes equipped with 40V lithium-ion rechargeable battery and hence, has a long time.

It features an electric and brushless motor, and the chainsaw has an easy startup. The comfortable handle provides 70% less vibration. Thus, ensuring the safety of the user.



Remington RM4216 Gas Powered Chainsaw

The latest addition to the Remington chainsaw collection, the Remington-RM4216, has a 16inches bar and 42cc powerful motor. The chainsaw suits homeowners who usually require it for shrub pruning or light woodcutting. The installation of quick startup technology makes the usage of the chainsaw easier.

Also, the anti-vibration feature transfers lesser vibrations to the user’s arms. Thus, preventing health issues like elbow strain. The automatic oiling system keeps the chain lubricated, which augments the woodcutting efficiency.


Poulan Pro-967061501

Poulan Pro-967061501 chainsaw

Poulan Pro-967061501 comes with a gas-powered 2-stroke engine. Its Effortless Pull-start System makes it easy for the user to start the 20-inch chainsaw. The enhanced air-filter system and OxyPower Engine technology ensure less fuel consumption.

It weighs only 17 pounds and has an easy-to-handle body. The 20-inch long bar gives it greater accessibility and reach. You can cut small, light to heavy, dense trees from the super-efficient chainsaw without much effort.


Buyer Guide

Unlike other home maintenance equipment, Chainsaws can be a bit difficult to choose, especially if you are a novice. The complex machinery has several factors to consider ranging from type to advanced features. For your assistance, here is a compilation of the essential features you must look for in the best chainsaw under $300.

Things to Consider Before Buying Chainsaw

Always remember that personal preference and requirement may influence the idealistic option. There is no hard and fast rule to select the best chainsaw under $300. However, it is advisable to consider the below-stated feature when purchasing.

Different Type of Chainsaw

Generally, there are three types of chainsaws, including gas-powered chainsaws, electric Chainsaws, and pole Chainsaws.

The gas-powered and electric Chainsaws get used for frequent, heavy tasks like thick woodcutting and intensive pruning. They have more power potential than pole Chainsaws.

Whereas, the pole Chainsaws are longer with smaller bars. People prefer pole Chainsaws for light home maintenance.

Bar length

The bar length of a chainsaw varies according to the usage. Usually, four categories are 12-14 inches, 14-18 inches, 18-22 inches, and 22-36 inches.

If you want to select the best chainsaw under $300 for general yet infrequent garden maintenance like the pruning of small branches, then 12-14inches bar is ideal.

For a more frequent usage, you can go with 14-18 inches that will allow you to cut fairly thick branches. If you want a chainsaw for frequent thick woodcutting, then 18-22 inches bar is suitable.

However, if your requirement is a heavy-duty task, then it is wiser to go for a bar range between 22-36 inches.


If you want to perform intensive woodcutting, then go for powerful Chainsaws. The unit of gas-powered chainsaws is cubic centimeters (cc), which usually ranges between 23-120cc.

Whereas, for electric chainsaws, the unit is Amps that ranges between 8-15 Amps. The rule is the same for both, if you want a powerful chainsaw, then select one with the most larger number.


Generally, in the case of chainsaws, you will have to hold them as you work. Thus, weight is an important feature to consider. The electric Chainsaws have a lighter construction than gas-powered chainsaws.

Also, you may find most of the Chainsaws between 11 to 15 pounds, which gets considered as lightweight. Perhaps, the best test is to hold the Chainsaws for around ten minutes.

Advanced features

Every chainsaw has a couple of advanced features to ensure a safer and secure woodcutting experience. However, it is wiser to select the best chainsaw under $300, which has the most features. These features may include chain brake, transparent fuel tank, vibration dampener, ergonomic design, and much more.


Before you purchase your best chainsaw under $300, it is advisable to consider the above-stated features and analyze the usefulness of the machine in the light of your needs. Do a bit of research, ask yourself questions, seek suggestions, and then invest in the chainsaw.


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