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Audiophile headphones are custom designed from high-quality premium components, thus giving the ultimate experience. Though they are luxurious thus are available at higher prices that make them difficult to afford for mediocre.

They reflect a luxurious look along with excellent performance as they deliver signals with the uppermost possible accuracy. These headphones are categorized as over-ear headphones with either open-back or closed-back headsets.

In other words, these headphones are designed for discerning music lovers. The audiophile headphones have more natural sound delivering quality along with maximum noise canceling feature. These headphones are designed outside with premium quality materials that reflect a luxurious look for the wearer.

We have compiled a list of best budget audiophile headphones for you and have explained their attributes so that you can stay within your budget and select one for you by pre-knowing about their specifications. Get ready to have the ultimate experience in the world of music to blow your mind.

Sony MDRZ1R Signature Headphones

Sony MDRZ1R Signature

These are high resolution, black headphones by Sony. At Amazon, they are available for 1798.00 dollars. They are beautifully packed in royal cloth covered with a stylish and luxurious black box. These headphones weigh 2.97 lbs.

Talking about its dimensions, they acquire 8.56 x 6.22 x 9.28 inches. They are closed from the backside of the earmuffs and capture each and every nuance and note with extreme purity of dynamic sound along with 70mm of HD drivers. T

hese drivers are made with the diaphragm of a unique liquid crystal polymer while the dome is made of magnesium. This engineering of diaphragm and dome dramatically suppresses the spatial resonance that gives unmatchable sound precision and purity.


Pioneer Headphones

These are over-ear designed headphones with a sound-isolation system along with 3.5 mm headphones jacks. These are available for 1489.00 dollars from Amazon.

They are lightweight headphones with a 1.01 lbs weight of 13.50 x 900 x 13.50 inches dimensioned design. Its diaphragm is made of aluminum and is 25u-thick that is ceramic coated to enhance its natural performance for the purpose to deliver dynamic and pure audio to the listener.

The design is handcrafted under the supervision of masters. Each unit of these headphones is assembled by top craftsmen at Japan’s Tohoku Pioneer Plant, which is well known as the birthplace for various top quality iconic speakers.


Sennheiser HD 660 S - Headphone

Sennheiser HD 660 S - Audiophile Headphon

These are open-back headphones with high-resolution power. They are available for 430.00 dollars at Amazon. It can take your music passion to another level of perfection and height.

It provides you with the upper level of resolution audio that brings you closer to the original soundtrack of studio master recording to make you enjoy your favorite track just as the musician intended.

Talking about its connections, they are available with 6.35 mm / 4.4 mm Pentaconn that connect the headphone with a range of devices. These are very lightweight and account for only 0.58 lbs with dimensions of 10.12 x 4.25 x 12.60 inches.


HIFIMAN HE 1000 V2 Headphones

HIFIMAN HE 1000 V2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

These are one of the best entry level audiophile headphones with over-ear form factor and have very stylish and unique colors. At Amazon, they are available for 2999.00 dollars. These open-back headphones are available in silver, gold, and black color.

Furthermore, it provides smooth and crystal clear sound at all frequency ranges due to its Fibonacci patterned grills. These grills produce smooth intended sound properties at all frequencies. It has a patented window shade system that is precisely designed to provide the users with an optimal open-back design.

This engineering model prevents unnecessary sound waves from passing and causes distortion, thus provides clearer sound. It has a hand-checked quality certificate that ensures its sound perfection. It has the world’s first diaphragm in nanometers. The item weighs 1.06 lbs.


STAX Headphones

These are best cheap audiophile headphones with its electrostatic ear speakers that are made in Japan. With an in-ear form factor, they are only available in silver color. They are 12.9 ounces by weight and 11.65 x 10.87 x 6.38 inches in dimensions.

With these headphones, you can keep the sound pure and clear by filtering out any unnecessary noise thanks to its resonance-free casing. The air elimination and resistance can be controlled by its unique acoustic paper filter to get through only crisp and clean frequencies.


Focal Utopia Headphones

These are ergonomically designed over-ear headphones that are designed to comfortably encase the head of any size due to its flexibility. Its earmuffs are made of sheepskin that provides a cushion to your ear to provide that luxury comfort. At Amazon, they cost 3990.00 dollars.

These microphones have 5.95 lbs weight with 5.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 inches dimensions. These headphones are equipped with fully open back earmuffs with M shaped domes made of beryllium aligned with full-range speakers. It has transducer frequency responses within 5 Hz to 50kHz plus range without any passive filter.

With these lightweight headphones, you’ll completely forget that you have worn them. What you remember is that you are listening to your favorite music track live in the studio.


Monolith Headphones

These open-backed, over-ear headphones have a padded headband with a 106 mm planar driver. It has plush and removable ear pads and is available in black color.

These are lightweight headphones with 4.10 lbs and ultra-fine diaphragm. Talking about physical size, it got dimensions of 12.30 x 12.10 x 5.50 inches. Thes3 headphones are thicker but give a clear voice.

Moreover, they possess excellent noise canceling features to make the stand high among all competitors. According to customer reviews, they are extremely comfortable and totally worth the price.


Sennheiser HD 8pp S Audiophile Headphones

These are wired headphones available in black color with an ear form factor. It has a high definition driver of 300 ohms. They are made in Germany by their state of the art technology having audiophile sound quality.

For lifelike, spacious soundstage ear cups are openly designed from the back. From these well-vented earmuffs, you can experience naturally expanded sound. It is available on Amazon for 1349.00 dollars.

Moreover, for incredible details and extensive output, it processes 56 mm of ring radiator transducers. Earmuffs are made of extremely soft pads that damp vibration Chassis luxuriously with long-term comfort. It is loaded inside with a 40 mm voice coil that ensures its highest standard consistency of sound.


Sennheiser High Headphone

Sennheiser High Definition 820 Audiophile Headphone

With an over-ear form factor, these audiophile reference headphones came with 2 years of warranty. It has 2.20 lbs weight with 15.91 x 13.62 x 5.98 inches dimensions.

It has the ability to respond 6 to 48,000 Hz of the frequency range. Furthermore, it has 300 ohms of impedance with up to 0.02% THD.

Its sensitivity at 1kHz, 1V is 103 dB with a detachable cable of 3 meters. Talking about accessories, they have two cables, one is with a 6.3 mm stereo plug while the second one has a 4.4 mm pentaconn plug, a storage box, and a USB manual.


Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser HD 650 Professional Headphones

These headphones have an acoustic silk design that gives outclassed damping for the entire frequency range. It also reduces THD to 0.05 percent.

It has hand-picked drivers, intermodulation, and minimum harmonic distortion with highly optimized magnetic equipment. Moreover, it has 10 dB of improved frequency response. It has lightweight coils made of aluminum that give a fast transient response. It is blessed with high-efficiency neodymium magnets along with 118 inches external cable.

It has 9.1 ounces weight with 12.4 x 10 x 4.33 inches of dimensions.


Audeze Lcd-4 Headphone

Audeze LCD-4 Ebony Wood Ring Headphone

These black and gray stylish headphones are available at Amazon for 3995.00 dollars. Now experience spacious sound with incredibly open-back ear cups. These are over-ear wired headphones with XLR headphones jack. These are lightweight headphones with 1.02 lbs of weight.

These are the most advanced headphones by Audeze that features unique planar magnetic engineering providing starling dynamic sound. Neodymium magnets along with fazor elements and ultra thin-film diaphragm are housed in soft and comfortable ear pads providing you the ultimate listening experience. The technology is related to most of the audacity devices employed in NASA which ensures its guaranteed perfection.


Audeze Headphones

Audeze LCD-2 Suspension Headphones

These headphones bring innovation in design with a suspension headband. By material, they are made of nylon and weigh 2.95 pounds with an over-ear form factor. The earmuffs are arranged with double side magnetic materials inside them to provide a uniform driving power near the diaphragm to cut off any distortion to nearly zero percent.

Their ear cups are made of a unique closed-back design which adds cream to the cake. This close back system provides a complete seal from the external noisy environment and provides you the only premium experience of your favorite track just as you are sitting in the music studio. Furthermore, it has intensely powerful controlled and deep bass with extreme accuracy and delicacy with the weight of only 2.95 lbs.


Fostex Headphones

Fostex TH900mk2 Premium Audiophile Headphones

Now if you are looking for stylish looking audiophile headphones then there Fostex Premium Audiophile Headphones are the right choice. Unlike other headphones, they have a unique blend of red and black color.

The headset is black while the upper covering of ear cups is made of red-colored material. It weighs 6 pounds and is available for 1600.73 dollars on Amazon.

It provides a wide dynamic range with 1.5-Tesla magnetic flux along a neodymium magnetic circuit. It comes with ear pads housed in an eggshell membrane with a 7N graded cable made of oxygen-free copper.


Focal Headphones

These closed-back headphones are made of unique cognac color. They come in a very stylish case of 9.8 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches dimensions in cognac color that is again enclosed in a hardcore box which makes them an exceptionally adorable gift when received.

At Amazon, they are available for 2990.00 dollars. They are circumaural headphones with 35 ohms of impedance. Their loudspeaker accounts for 1.6 inches M shaped dome made of pure beryllium. Moreover, they have 106 dB of extreme sensitivity towards noise per mW a 1kHz.

For outer edge comfort, their earmuffs are padded with 20 mm memory foam housed in premium grain leather. These headphones account for incredible dynamics with luxury design and this all weighs 5.95 pounds.


Beyerdynamic Headphones

BeyerDynamic T1 High-End Tesla 3rd Generation Headphones

3.36 pound weighed these over-ear audiophile headphones are uniquely designed comfortable headphones with detachable cord. At Amazon, they are available for 999.00 dollars. They have a maximum SPL of 124 dB while a nominal SPL of 100 dB.

Nominal impedance is 32 ohms with a 5 to 50,000 Hz frequency response. Thus, its sound output is so sensitive that it emits out each and every even finest detail of your favorite musical track at the high or low-frequency range without disturbing the tonal balance.

It has dynamic transducers with less than 0.05 percent of harmonic distortion. Earmuffs are designed with unique geometric assembly to let outer air pass through and let the system be well ventilated.


Hifiman Headphones

HIFIMAN HE400i Audiophile Headphones

These headphones are the latest designed earpieces with a 3.5 mm detachable cord. They are available at Amazon for 169.00 dollars.

They have 35 ohms impedance with 93 dB efficiency with a weight of 13.05 oz. These open ear headphones have an over-ear form factor. It can be connected through a wire to your laptop or mobile.



What is the best audiophile headphone in relation to sound quality?

Sony MDRZ1R Signature Headphones are the best audiophile headphones in relation to sound output quality. They are equipped with high-class technology as their drivers are made of unique liquid crystal polymer diaphragm and dome is synthesized of magnesium which gives the amazing sound output. They are available for 1798 dollars from Amazon.

Do audiophile headphones worth the price they demand?

You can understand more precisely the quality vs payment ratio of the headphones if you are a tremendous music lover or give preference to a high-quality listening experience. Yes! Most of the audiophile headphones worth the price, by sound quality, they demand.

What does it mean by impedance in the world of headphones?

The headphones have specific electric current resistance made by the amplifier, this is called impedance, and its unit is Ohm.

Which one is the best quality inexpensive audiophile headphone?

HIFIMAN HE400i Audiophile Headphones are the best inexpensive audiophile headphones that only cost 169 dollars from Amazon. These are the latest designed earsets with a 3.5 mm cord. They acquire 35 ohms impedance with outstanding sound output in this price range.

Does diaphragm thickness play a role in sound output quality for headphones?

Yes, the diagram thickness matters in sound quality, as narrow as its thickness would be the clearest and high definition sound will be experienced. Generally, headphones carry 8 to 600 impedance but it depends mainly on the company and the model of that audiophile headphone.

What is the world’s first-nanometer diaphragm thickness audiophile headphone?

HIFIMAN HE 1000 V2 Planar Magnetic Headphones. They claim to be the world’s first audiophile headphones having diaphragm thickness in nanometers.


If you want comfy and clever headphones with outstanding sound quality, then you must go for the audiophile series of headphones. They provide a perfect blend of noise-free, smooth voice by catching every crisp of frequency to meet the best sound of your music.

The only down point for them is their connectivity, as they are capable of wired connections. Though this wired connection provides more clear sound, it binds you to a place if you are using a PC, and if attached to a mobile, you have to carry a hanging cord that is a little attractive.

There are different ranges of audiophile headphones available in the market according to the price. Each one has weightage towards any favorite feature, say, for example, some have an extra-fine diaphragm, while some focus on the extreme noise-canceling feature, some are extremely lightweight while some have boom bass feature weightage. We have selected the above mentioned affordable audiophile headphones for you to get the premium by looking at the mentioned features while staying within the budget.


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