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Aftershokz Aeropex Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

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Aftershokz Aeropex Headphones

If you are a headphone lover then you might know most of the amazing facts and figures about basic headphones. You might have heard of bone conduction headphones but you may not know any detail about them.

If you are agreeing with the above statement, then you are in the right place, this article is just for you to read and know about some amazing bone induction headphones.

But wait! Before getting into them, let us tell you about what are the bone conduction headphones and on what mechanism they work.

Other basic headphones follow the principle of transmitting voice via air into the ear and then these sound waves through the air medium pass toward the cochlea and from there the signal is sent to the brain to detect voice.

But in bone conduction headphones, the signal transmitting medium is not air! Yes, it has changed here. Instead of air, these headphones use “bones” as a sound wave transmitting medium. Here we have mentioned some of the best bone conduction headphones for you.

Aftershokz Aeropex Headphones

Aftershokz Aeropex Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Now enjoy bud free music experience, with nothing inside or over your ears to make you tired, with these amazing bone conduction headphones bluetooth made by Aftershokz brand modeled as Aeropex.

They are only available in cosmic black color with an ear form factor. As they are not stuck over your ears so it lets the ears free for other sounds and gives you the ambient experience of music by bone conduction technology.

It has a single button to control multiple tasks. These headphones are available with an amazing 8 hours non-stop battery time with a quick charge. Moreover, they are water-resistant to make your day joyful through rain or sweat. At Amazon, they are found for 159.95 dollars.


Aftershokz Titanium Headphones

Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Unlike other headphones available in the market which are black, they are available in stunning ocean blue color which reflects a luxurious look for the wearer. These are true wireless bone conduction earphones modeled as AS600OB with an in-ear form factor.

It has 6 hours of battery time along with waterproof bone conduction headphones technology. It has a multifunction press to control play, pause, stop, skip, attend calls, or to activate voice assistance.

Furthermore, for crystal clear calls or outstanding audio or music experience it has another amazing feature that is noise-canceling technology.

While opening the box, you’ll get a stylish looking carrying case with the drawstring to carry your lush bone conduction headphones easily.

It is IP55 certified for its waterproof feature to give your headphones a dust-free, sweat-free experience with rain-free runs. Om amazon they are available for 79.95 dollars only.


Vidonn F1 Headphones

Vidonn F1 Sports Bone Conduction Headphones

If someone is looking for super lightweight top bone conduction headphones, then these headphones are the best choice with a weight of just 1.3 ounces.

These headphones by brand Vidonn are available in three colors, gray, blue, and yellow on the inner side while the outer look is the same dark royal gray color. It has modern CSR Bluetooth version 5.0 that makes these headphones quite significant to catch signals from a distance with clear output.

Moreover, it has CVC call noise-canceling power to give you the ultimate calling experience. Vidonn F1 is specially designed for athletes to get to know-how about their surroundings with open ears while enjoying propelling music with sports activities.

Talking about Battery time, it got 6 hours of non-stop surfing with an outstanding experience for users. On Amazon, it is available for 49.90 dollars.


Aftershokz As650sg Headphones

Aftershokz AS650SG Bone Conduction Headphones

Asking about my opinion, then these are the best bone conduction headphones for running I ever got to know about. Along with other features, the most attractive thing for me is the outlook of these headphones that is just OMG! Now, this is the headphone available in all of my favorite colors and I am sure they are my favorite of yours too.

This model is an award-winning model by design in 2017. These AS650SG headphones are available in four stylish colors, including slate grey (the gentle one), forest green (the calm and cool color), midnight blue (for ultimate luxurious look), and canyon red (stylish and elegant, and yes of course my favorite one).

Okay now ceasing the discussion about its beauty, yes the outer look, if we talk about its price then it is available at Amazon for 119.95 dollars. Its connections are wired and have an over-ear form factor. It has 625 applied patents worldwide.


Tayogo Headphones

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones

These best bone conducting headphones are also available in three colors including blue, gray, and red. All of these three colors are attractive and its unique design gives a boost to its demand.

However, they are not expensive like other bone conduction headphones as they are available on Amazon only for 29.99 dollars.

The shocking point is, with this much low price Tayogo gives outstanding features like Bluetooth version of 5.0, flexible comfort, sweatproof design, long-lasting battery with up to 6 hours of surfing time with dynamic range and bass.

It is android and IOS compatible and has multiple buttons to control various functions that make it user friendly and easy to use.


Lindine Wireless Headphones

Talking about another headphone with a low price we can mention Lindine bone conduction headphones. These are available at Amazon for only 34.99 dollars.

It has 6 hours of battery time with noise-canceling power. It has Bluetooth version 5.0 which is the latest one along with a cutting edge waterproof system upgraded to IP56 to give you tension free run in rain or sweating.

It has an extremely comfortable fit with the weight of only 1.2 ounces to make you feel fatigued free throughout the day.

It has multiple buttons to perform various tasks and is lined beneath the sheet to reflect an elegant look from the upper edge.

It has an LED indicator, power on/off button, volume increase or decrease button (song skipping, forwarding, or previous song functions are performed via the same volume button), and USB charging port on the same panel.


Iyy Headphones

It is a very lightweight bone conduction headphones that weigh about 1.16 ounces. It is available in gray and green color, both of these colors are in the cool shade.

It is available for 29.99 dollars on amazon which is a quite low rate in exchange for the awesome features of these headphones.

Talking about the battery, its charging time is less than two hours and upon this, it can give you more than 6 hours of playback time while on standby mode it can spend up to 10 days.

It is equipped with two multi-functioned buttons to attend calls and control music options. Moreover, a 24 hours customer service is also available if you feel any trouble not found in the manual booklet for the solution.


Tizore Headphones

Tizore Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones

These headphones are equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0 that means it can give you the ultimate connectivity experience from 33 feet (without obstacles).

With its open ear design, you can be aware of your surroundings and can avoid any danger nearby, and can enjoy hustle free music. It is available in gray color.

Each side of these bone-conducting headphones is equipped with a 200 mAh lithium battery. Its playtime is 5 hours for only 2 hours of charge.

While on standby, it can spend up to 240 hours. Its lightweight technology is very lightweight i.e. of just 1.2 ounces to give you a lighter and comfortable experience. At Amazon, they are available for just 34.99 dollars.


Zulu Exero Headphones

This microphone is available in gray and black color for 39.99 dollars from amazon. It is considered as one of the lightest bone conduction headphones in this price range weighing only one ounce that means there is no way to burden you thus gives you a felt feather-like light and comfortable experience.

These Zulu headphones can work for a vast array of activities such as listening to music while in yoga sessions or training along with listening to your instructor.

It also has Bluetooth version 5.0, waterproof technology, and a noise cancellation system. It can connect to multiple devices but can work or play music on a single device at a time.


Vidonn Yellow F1 Headphones

Vidonn Yellow F1 Bone Conduction Headphones

You can have these headphones for a more detailed music experience. It has a more powerful 15.3 mm vibration generator that presents clearer sound, analyzes and delivers music by fully enhancing the sound quality with 20-20 kHz frequency and 18-ohm impedance.

It gives you convenient control with inline buttons and a built-in mic to control the phone and music easily. It has a mono functionality button to control pause, stop, skip, play, attend calls, hang up, or activate voice assistance.

While with volume keys you can increase or decrease the volume or can power in/off the device or enter pairing mode. For better and comfortable wear, its backbone is made up of titanium alloy to make it more soft and durable. At Amazon, it is available for 49.90 dollars.


Ansten Headphones

It is available in red color with a beautiful design to give a luxurious look. It has Bluetooth version 5.0 with 33 feet transmission range with 5 hour working time by less than two hours of charge.

It is waterproof and has lightweight to make it comfortable for the user. It is designed to work well with glasses also.

It comes with an unbreakable backbone with 360-degree rotation capacity. Its standby time for one charge is up to 7 days which is quite low. It is available on Amazon for 35.99 dollars.


Aftershokz Headphones

Aftershokz OpenComm Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Bone Conduction Headphones

This headphone is ranked number 1 in the new release selling bone conduction headphones at amazon and is available for 159.95 dollars.

It weighs 1.06 ounces along with an adjustable DSP noise-canceling boom microphone that emits out the background noise in a rushy environment when settled near the mouth.

With this headphone, you can avail bud-free listening experience with nothing in or over your ear. Now is the amazing function we are gonna mention of these headphones, and that is battery time.

These headphones can give you sixteen hours of continuous talk time for just a single charge. It has a multifunctional button, it is lightweight and gives a secure titanium fit.

It is manufactured with 7th generation engineering techniques and is a patented bone-conducting microphone.


Lonfine R10 Headphones

LonFine R10 Air Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

These are stylish headphones in black color but the earpiece is available in different four colors including elegant gold, cool blue, rose pink and silver gray.

On Amazon, these are available for 49.90 dollars. Its dual-mic work efficiently with noise-canceling technology to minimize surrounding unnecessary voices to give the ultimate calling experience.

During long-term wear, its open ear technology allows you to get into the environment ensuring your ear to be completely bare for necessary sounds as in training or sessions. It has 6 hours battery time with 10 days at the standby option.



Which bone conduction headphone is best for good battery time preferences?

Almost all headphones give 5 to 6 hours of battery time. If you give preference to battery time or playback time while purchasing a microphone, then Aftershokz OpenComm Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Bone Conduction Headphones are for you! They give stunning 16 hours of playback time with a short charge time.

From where you can find a user manual for a specific headphone?

For every bone conduction headphones, there is a user guide or user manual placed inside the box from where you can learn how to use them or to find answers to troubleshoot your problems with the headset. Moreover, for any other assistance or for any question you couldn’t find the answer to that in the given manual, then you can call their customer support center which is available for 24 by 7 for your support. Keep in mind that this customer support service is not provided by every supplier.

Is it legal or safe to use bone conduction headphones while driving?

As bone conduction headphones don’t cover your ears and ultimately don’t block the other surrounding environmental sounds thus they are safe to use and legal for driving because you can hear horns or rush of traffic while wearing these headphones.

Is there any bad effect of bone conduction headphones?

In general-purpose, they are safe to use if employed for a moderate time. They were first tested in 1970 when audiologists researched developed hearing aid devices. As you heard that excess of everything is bad, thus the excess use of bone conduction headphones is also bad as they use to transmit signals to the cochlea, thus the excess use can lead to cochlear damage.

Can other people hear what you hear by bone conduction headphones?

Air conduction headphones spread sound through the air so others can hear as signals transmit through air and air is everywhere. But the bone conduction headphones send signals through bones, thus if used in moderate volume then it can not spread the voice everywhere and people near you couldn’t listen to it. But if the volume is at 100% then there are some chances for other people nearby to have some hearing.


The alarming technology named “bone conduction” came into the market and spindled the earphone era. Through this technology, not only normal persons but deaf users can also enjoy sounds like music, laughter sounds, or even the sound of the baby.

Moreover, with this bone conduction technology, as the sound is conducted through the bones to the cochlea, you can prevent yourself from ear impairment and can enjoy unlimited calling or music without using your ears.

For all of these above-mentioned headphones, it is very hard to decide which one is best over the other one because everyone has his weightage for each quality.

While among all of the above-mentioned bone conduction headphones, my favorite ones are of Aftershokz with model number AS650SG. Although they are a little costly (119.95 dollars from amazon) but are worth the price.

Very beautiful and elegant design with enchanting colors came with outstanding quality. Now you have enough information about bone conduction headphones, this time you are ready to go and buy your own. Enjoy!


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