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8 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers For 2021


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Here are different types of leaf blowers but if you are looking for battery powered leaf blower. I have those for you. I will mention 8 Best Battery Powered leaf blower and you can choose the one that fits your price range and the features that you are looking for.

I have gone through a lot of companies that manufacture battery powered leaf blowers and I have compiled a list of 8 Best Battery Powered leaf blower so you won’t have to go on the web and search for leaf blower and get confused and overwhelmed. At the end of the description I will give a detailed buyer guide so it will be easier for you to choose the leaf blower you want.



If you have a typical suburban home and you are currently looking for a battery-powered leaf blower. This is an excellent product for you. It has a wide blow tube so you can cover the maximum area in less time. On top of that, it has a lot of power. The run time on this product is 20 minutes. But you can easily charge it and get back to work.

For people who are looking for a battery-powered leaf blower that isn’t heavy and has the power so it won’t take a lot of time. This leaf blower is for you. With having incredible features, it is light-weight, so you can get rid of debris nice and quickly. It is so light weight that after using it, you will be using it a few times a week rather than twice a year.

A little tip; you can also blow off spider webs, that you can’t seem to get rid of quite quickly. It is a highly recommended product by the customers who have purchased those so if you do decide to buy this you won’t regret it. The blower is very powerful. Even if you put it on the half-speed you can get rid of the debris at the same time it would take another full blower speed.

So it will get your job done in less power and won’t make a lot of noise or raise a huge cloud of dust. It is perfect for everyday use, and you wouldn’t want to use the broom anymore after getting the broom anymore after getting this. And it is pretty much maintenance-free, so you won’t have to worry about that.



Greenworks Pro Blower

If you haven’t ever used battery operator blower because you are afraid that it isn’t as powerful or might have a short run time, that isn’t the case with this product. You can give this leaf blower a chance, and it won’t disappoint you. It provides all the tools with plenty of power and lasts long enough to do most jobs.

If your house that is in the middle of a few acres and the house and yard is surrendered by tress, there will be lots of leaves. You can easily use this blower to clean 240 feet gutter, 1200+ square feet of roof, 1000+ square feet of deck, 1000+ square feet of patio, sidewalks, and carport.

When you use this blower, you will notice that it will move a pile of the day leaves up to about 18 inches high. The battery will last longer if you don’t have a huge yard, but if you have a lot of areas to cover then you might have to recharge it every 13 minutes, and it might annoy you.

But if it doesn’t bother you, this battery-powered blower will be best for you. If it is wet outside and there are oak leaves that have fallen into the water. They are huge and very heavy. You can put the blower at high, and you won’t have to worry about it. This blower will have no problem moving those wet leaves.

It will move a lot of leaves in a big pile. There is a drawback because of the power that the battery is massive. But if you want the power, you have to deal with the weight. No pain, no gain right. When you order this product you won’t have any trouble with shipping. And when you do get the blower you won’t have to assemble anything and it will be good to go. It is always best to fully charge before start using it.




You need to know that this sweeper has maximum capabilities. It is called a sweeper and not a leaf blower, and there is a reason for that. If you are intent on blowing dry grass clippings, leaves or light debris for hard surface such as; garage, driveway sidewalks, etc., if you use this product, you won’t be disappointed.

This is perfect for quick light, clean-ups of debris that is heavy or is on grass you should opt for a different leaf blower. If you have an old leaf blower and you don’t have the budget to replace it, you can buy this blower, but you need to understand what its capabilities are according to the money you are paying.

You can use this primarily after mowing so you can get rid of the clipped grass. It will only take you 10 minutes to get the job done. If you don’t have the strength to use a heavyweight leaf blower, this blower is so lightweight and small that anyone, even an old lady, can easily manage it. It isn’t difficult to operate has a simple On/Off switch.

When you get the product, you can quickly assemble it as the tube slides on and snaps in place. The battery takes 4 hours to recharge fully. There is a light that flashes to indicate whether the blower is getting charged on not and the light becomes steady when it’s done charging. It is a highly recommended product for sweeping light debris.




It is a very powerful, handheld electric blower. You can get your job done quicker. If you want to buy a gas backpack blower because of its power, you should think of buying this instead and save the cost and get exactly what you desire. If you are tired racking and want to finally buy a leaf blower so it takes less time and you can get the job done efficiently and effortlessly, you should buy this product, and it will make your life so much better.

If you got this product and want to check its power and have a trial run. If you have wet leave and sand on the driveway. It won’t take you a lot of time to clean it right up. You can get rid of stubborn leaves it won’t be any problem with its airspeed. This Worx product has enough speed and volume to blow mounds of wet leaves form six feet and dry ones from ten or more.

It is so powerful that you won’t be left unimpressed. But there is a drawback it has a backward force, and you will be switching arms every few minutes. So if you are a beginner and want to buy a blower but you aren’t sure. I have got your back, don’t worry. After researching to buy blowers, you will end up knowing that the speed of the blower isn’t the major factors.

But the most important factor for everyone who has had experience of leaf blowers before is CFM or to put it in simple words; how much air comes out the end. The blower has a thumb controlled wheel upfront for adjustable of output. This is a great product, and you won’t be disappointed after using this.




It is as good as a corded blower, and you won’t have to worry about the cord whirling you up. It has quite a minimal effort required, the construction of the product it’s quite good, and the battery’s installation and removal are quite easy to handle. You might overcharge it and damage the battery so you have to keep in mind that you should charge it for a maximum of 90 mins and not more because it will get damaged.

When I researched about the leaf blowers, and I was going through some reviews there was this interesting review gar described the blower as it makes mincemeat out of debris an image of what this blower is capable of. It has good power and is well-designed.

After setting it to low-power, you can easily move dry leaves and on Turbo setting the power is strong and is enough to move wet leaves and even small puddles. It is light weight so you won’t be drained out after using it. But the battery does not last very long on a higher power.

It only lasts 7 to 10 minute at max. If it is enough for what kind of work you want to b,e done then you should look into buying this blower. You can easily opt for this if you don’t want to use the electric blower. It is as powerful and inexpensive compared to that.


Toro PowerPlex 51690

Toro PowerPlex 51690

It isn’t heavy so that it won’t wear your arms out. If you have a huge oak tree so it’s pretty obvious that it must be eating your lawn, the variable speed is great you can get huge patches or do more refined areas around steps and in between plants. It has boost power with speed lock up to 480 CFM to move faster.

It has 20 % more air volume (CFM) than its highest-performing direct competitor. Speed nozzle increases airspeed to 150mbh. Brushless DC motor for more power more run time and longer life than a brushed motor. You can control the speed with the speed trigger: Lower rate = Longest Runtime, Higher Speed=More Power & Less Run time; up to 10 minutes remaining.

The T90 battery provides up to 60 minutes run time from a full charge. It has variable speed trigger, speed lock, turbo boost close together for the one-handed operator on a well-balanced Tool. The Accessories that come with it are Toro Gutter Cleaning Kit, Oscillating Nozzle Kit & has optional accessories that one sold separately: Gutter Cleaning Kit (51667) and oscillating Nozzle Kit (51664).


Greenworks Blower

Greenworks Blower

The leaf blower comes with the Brushless motor provides a tool with longer run-time; it has more and more powerful. This leads to less wear and tear, extending the life-time of the tool. And you won’t have to worry about replacing it soon. The feature of the variable speed offers up to 185 mph to make cleanup of major debris easy and effective.

The blower capabilities that are in-stored in this product provides a versatile use to get your yard work done without the need for multiple tools. It is powerful enough to handle wet and dry leaves. This product is powerful enough to help you clean your yard in no time.



WORX WG546 Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

It has a High capacity air volume with turbine fan technology (340 CFM). It has an efficiently designed two speed that helps you tackle any job. The charging time for this product is 5 hours. It might be a lot for some but not too much for others, so you should keep that in mind before purchasing this product. It is a quite lightweight and ergonomic one-hand operation, and you have any issue handling the leaf blower. When you get this product, you won’t have to worry about assembling it because it is pretty simple.


Buyer Guide

After reviewing all of the Leaf Blowers I realize you might be burdened as to what you should buy but don’t worry i will provide you with a detailed consumer guide that will help you pick out the exceptional Leaf Blowers that is high-quality for you.


You might be looking fora a Leaf blower that can cover a large area in no time or you might be looking for a leaf blower that you won’t need that often.

I have listed different type of Leaf Blowers and you can easily choose which one you want. There are 8 Best Leaf Blower Menthe mentioned above and they have the different price range, they vary from $50 to $250.

So you can choose the best price for you. You can choose from the list but make sure to give the features a thorough look and choose accordingly so you don’t regret buying something not worth your money.


It might not be a huge concern for you but it should be, you need to know what kind of Leaf Blower is most helpful and useful for you. If you end up buying a Leaf Blower that weights a lot and you have difficulty handling it will be of complete waste.

If you want a leaf blower for a smaller area and it doesn’t involve that much cleaning you should look into buying the leaf blower that isn’t heavy but has features to make you happy.

But if you want a leaf blower for acres of yard and have a lot of cleaning up to do, you have to buy the leaf blower that will help you achieve that. You should keep this in mind when you are narrowing down your search for buying a leaf blower.


There are very different types of Leaf Blowers mentioned above and they all come with different power some are a beast to work with but some are better for light work.

If you are looking to buy a leaf blower to clean up a lot of leaves, debris and mess you will need a leaf blower that has a lot of power but if you don’t go through the description of the leaf blowers carefully and end up buying a product that won’t help you it will be a complete and utter disappointment.

Battery life

There are some drawbacks to some of the products they don’t last that long but they have great power and get your job done quite nicely but the battery doesn’t last very long.

If you have no issue with that, you can easily buy that product without being worried but if it worries you, I would recommend that you should look into other products.


I have mentioned a lot of products and there are many different features. Every product is great but you need to know that which product can fulfil your requirements if you are a want a powerful leaf blower and don’t want to compromise on some features and wants a machine that has all the features you require you should buy the Leaf blower that fulfils your needs. But if you want a Leaf Blower just for some light cleaning up and then there are products that are absolutely perfect for you.


Before finalizing your Leaf Blower, you need to look at the minor details because every intricate detail is important. Whenever you buy machinery or whatever you connect a whole lot of excitement and a lot of expectation with that certain product.

For the expectations of the one to be fulfilled, you want to no longer make a choice in haste and honestly hold all the features which you need and examine them to the Leaf Blower you have got narrowed down for exceptional outcomes.

A lot of machinery can be intimating for beginners at first but you don’t have to worry about that because after there are a lot of videos on Youtube that will help guide you if you are stuck with a problem.


I have mentioned all the features all the pros and cons that I concluded through researching. I would not want that effort to go to waste and even after going through the product review you end up with the wrong product.

I would want nothing more but for you to get the perfect replica of the Leaf Blower you had imagined. I’m pretty confident that if you carefully read the pros and cons of the products and read the description carefully, you won’t ever end up with the wrong product. I hope you can narrow down the product that fulfills your requirements and buy it.


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